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Sorry for the lack of posts! We’ve been travelling and relaxing, I won’t lie to you :-) Last Monday we visited DESPACIO, the spa in the EME hotel, in Seville. It was just what we needed. After a loooooong trip on Friday and a crazy weekend it was exactly what we needed.

It’s a very small Spa comparing with others that we have visited but it’s wonderful. We enjoyed the EME THERMAL pack: 60 minutes in heaven followed by a 15 minutes massage and body scrub with Natura Bisse products.

We started with the Turkish bath. It’s a steam sauna that provides many good effects on the organism: it removes toxins, improves breathing and helps to reduce stress levels. We combined it with short visits to the ice fontain. Brrr, so cold but so refreshing and invigorating!!

Then we spent more than 30 minutes in the hammam bath. It was amazing… It’s a swimming pool with warm water and different water streams. Heaven. After that, we enjoyed a 15 minutes massage and body scrub. To be honest, it was less than 15 minutes and we were a little disappointed but we were so relaxed that we couldn’t complain. Just couldn’t, no bad energy, just smiles… the Natura Bisse body scrub that they used smelled so good that I wanted to eat it!!! Before leaving, they offered us a nice tea, that we enjoyed here:

It was a really nice experience… We’ll be back!!!

Images via EME catedral hotel


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