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Vienna is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been. It has a wonderful imperial past and an incredible contemporary art scene. Music is everywhere and it has the best patisseries. We didn’t have too much time, just three days, but we make the most of it… or at least we tried!!

First day: Kärtner Strasse, Staatsoper, Stephanplatz with Vienna’s famous cathedral, lunch in Figlmüller. Delicious and huge Schnitzel!!!! No photos, though, sorry!

After lunch Graben, Kohlmarkt and, of course, the wonderful Hofburg to feel like Empress Elisabeth for a while. Townhall, Burgtheater, Parliament and dinner at Rebhuhn

Second day: Schönbrunn palace. Just beautiful! We even rent a Fiaker, that is, a two horse carriage, to make a little tour through the gardens. I know… It’s a bit cheesy, but it was really nice to crawl under the blankets, enjoy the views and just let the driver decide where to go.

Third day: we visited the Musikverein. That was a dream of mine… Every year I used to watch on television the New Years Concert with my grandfather, so I really wanted to visit this concert hall. Finally we visited the Belvedere palace with its wonderful Klimt collection. Before going back to our hotel we make a quick visit to the Museumsquatier.

I’ve saved the best for last! Vienna has lots of famous cafes: Central, Demmler, Sacher… We went to all of them! They were marvellous, no doubt. But I have to admit that we ate the best cakes at Gerstner My favorite: Dobos Torte! Much better that Sacher, believe me.


  1. vienna is a beautiful city :)
    seems like you had a great time there


  2. Wow! Amazing photos! I really like your blog, hopefully you could stop by my personal style blog again sometime too :) :)

  3. omg, the cake looks sooooo good.

    Sounds like you had a great trip. It looks beautiful. I can’t wait to visit there. =)

  4. DEFINITELY!! I have always wanted to visit, funnily enough, a friend sent us some cake from this really famous hotel in vienna, it was a sacher-torte with apricot filling and it came in this wooden box, was so perfect! x

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