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You have thousands of options to have a nice meal in Rome. Please, forget that you can only eat pasta or pizza! But obviously, you can have wonderful pasta and pizza here!!! Here you have some suggestions to enjoy food:

Da Baffetto: the most famous place in Rome to eat pizza. It’s always, I insist: always, full of people and it’s very likely that you have to wait outside up to 20 minutes to be seated. Be there by 19 hours. Eat your pizza and go! There will be so many people waiting that you won’t have time to sit after your meal and relax for too long. But the taste of the pizza is worth it. My faves: pizza with rocket and speck and tiramisu for dessert. Yes, sometimes I eat dessert after pizza: full indulgence! Via del Governo Vecchio 114.

La Montecarlo: this pizzeria is really closed to Da Baffetto, and although it is not that famous, the pizza is every bit as good as Da Baffetto’s! The menu has other nice dishes, try the vegetable antipasti, for instance. Vicolo Savelli 13.

Ice cream: I’m not going to talk about the best place to buy or eat icecream, but a flavor: zuppa inglese. It’s very difficult to find, but it’s my absolutely favorite in the world. If you find it, try it! And thank me later ;-)

Otello alla Concordia: this is a beautiful restaurant. They serve authentic Roman food. For starters I really like their parma ham with melon. Delicious, simple and outstanding! Try to avoid pasta and be a little adventurous. This is a nice place for a romantic dinner. The first time I had dinner at this restaurant there was a small party in the patio with lots of beautiful people drinking champagne. The whole image was gorgeous! Via della Croce 81 (very closed to Piazza di Spagna)

Al Fontanone: this is absolutely my favorite place to eat in Rome. Placed in Trastevere, this tiny trattoria has excellent Roman food. Don’t expect a fancy place… it’s just nice, quiet and you will think that you are inside a film. I don’t give you options here: you should totally order Melanzane al Pamigiano for starters and Scaloppine al Marsala afterwards. In Italy, the main dishes come always with a contorno, a small plate of vegetables which taste complements the main dish. My favorite contorno for Scaloppine al Marsala is Patatine. You would think that those are just fried potatoes… no, they aren’t! My grandma used to prepare them too and they are heavenly. At night they serve pizza at their inner patio. It’s simply charming. Piazza Trilussa 46.

Panini: if you are not that hungry but you feel like eating something yummy, you can just eat a panino. There are thousands of places where you can buy a very nice panino, but I recommend you go to a small bakery in Via Lungo Argentina. I don’t really know if this bakery has a name, I’ve never seen a sign with a name on it… but you will find it easily. Via Lungo Argentina goes from Corso Vittorio Emmanuele II to Pantheon. The bakery would be on the sidewalk on the right. Um… I don’t know if I make myself clear, but as soon as you see the window, you will know!!


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