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Fontana di Trevi: it’s absolutely beautiful. Yes, there are thousands of tourists there, but try to forget them and see the beauty of it. Go there early in the morning… maybe you are lucky and have a minute or two alone with it. And don’t forget to visit the Fontana at night, it’s magical.

My favorite place in Rome: Campo dei Fiori. The flowers, the vegetables, the spices… the atmosphere, the smell, the colors… It’s absolutely Italian, exuberant and lively. And I think spices are a great present to take home, so buy some.

Fancy a nice walk? Go along the Tiber to Trastevere. This area is the epitome of Rome. And also a great place to eat, wander the small streets, stop for a macchiatone and watch the time go by. I highly recommend Piazza di Santa Maria in Trastevere and the church that gives it his name. The medieval Christian mosaics on its façade are spectacular.
Other possibilities for a nice walk are the Piazza Navona and its surrounding area and the streets just in front of the Spanish steps. If you love glamour, that is the place to be. Incredible shops! My favorites: Sergio Rossi for amazing shoes and Cesari for the most luxurious lingerie. My mom used to buy her nightdresses there when she was in her twenties, it’s a classic in Rome.

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