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Yesterday we spent the day in Hamburg with some friends. I have to admit that the first time I visisted it I didn’t like it at all, but it has somehow grown on me and everythime I go there I discover new places. So now I can say I really like it. Here you have some pictures I took with my BB:

First we went for a walk through the new areas of the river port. I’d love to have an appartment with those views.

Then we ate lunch in one of my favorite places in Hamburg: Ti Breizh

Afterwards we went to the Altonaer Balkon to enjoy an amazing view of the port. It is a wonderful place, I love it. I don’t know why but watching those huge boats flow so slowly, staring at all that massive machinery completely in silence and feeling the wind messing with my hair, empties my mind and makes me feel at peace… From there you can take a walk along the river and when you get tired, you can just hop on a ferry and go back to the city center. And that is what we did.

Before heading back home, we stopped for a drink at Hard Rock Cafe. I had never been in one of those restaurants before. The music was extremely loud, but the chocolate milk shake was awesome!


  1. Nice! I’m a fellow wanderer and will keep Hamburg in my list of potentials to visit. Great to stumble upon your blog, and looking forward to seeing more of your travels!

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