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Sunday lunch

Sometimes we need to spend a Sunday morning in the kitchen and prepare a special Sunday lunch. We always picture it like this relaxing experience, with Instagram appropriate moments, a lovely scent in the air, our favourite music in the background… But the truth is that we always stress about missing some important step of the recipe we are preparing, we never take an Instagram picture, let alone an IG Story, and we have to stop the music because like my nonna used to say: che confusione!  So, real life hits and the process is not as smooth as we imagined. But the result is always worth it! Last Sunday was one of those Sundays. It was freezing outside, so we decided to cosy up at home and roll up our pyjamas sleeves to cook something comforting: a lighter take on a British Sunday roast. To be honest, we cheated from the beginning because we had bought an excellent roast beef in a local fancy supermarket the day before, so all we prepared were the …


Non Fiction

Is there anything better than a good book that you can’t put down? Maybe, but books are pretty amazing, even more during these Winter dark, cold afternoons. Add a pair of fluffy socks, a cosy blanket and something to nibble and you have the perfect plan. However, we’ve noticed a different pattern in our reading habits lately. We barely read fiction nowadays. Our favourite book from 2016 was this one and although its content can feel like science fiction sometimes (the things humans do for power…) it was completely the opposite.  And that’s the trend that our bedside tables have been witnessing for the last few months: nonfiction. Maybe the reason is that the world is so surreal lately, that we have been looking for truth and wisdom rather than fantasize with stories or tales. Whether it is a biography or a history book, we feel that we’ve been learning a lot and we certainly had a great time doing so. Non Fiction is fun!  These are some of the books we’ve loved lately and a couple …


Slow roasted pork shoulder

During these last few years we’ve published all sorts of recipes here. However, they all had three things in common: seasonal produce, easy steps and more or less 30 minutes of preparation. Well, in this case we are breaking one of these rules and going crazy with the preparation time: you’ll need  8 to 10 hours. But hey, it’s absolutely worth it! We found this recipe in the last cookbook we’ve bought: A new way to Dinner. It may sound familiar because our latest recipe was a Brussels Sprouts Salad from this book too. Well, if we like something, we use it! And this proves that it is a great book and you should buy it. Anyway, we prepared this amazing slow roasted pork soulder a couples of weekends ago and even though it broke one of our rules, the truth is that you just leave it in the oven so it basically cooks by itself and it’s ridiculously easy.  Besides, the result did make up for the long hours in the oven.  We had …



As we get older there is a colour that not only has inevitably appeared in our hair but also has become the star of our wardrobe: grey. In fact, we have noticed that lately all of our purchases have this colour in common. Grey is cosy, modern, understated and the best friend of navy, black and white. That’s why grey should be in your wardrobe too. Looking for a camel coat last season we went across this beautiful wrap coat in Zara. I’ve used this almost as much as this bag, so it has been promoted to one of our best buys. I use it for working meetings with more formal attire but also on weekends with jeans and my beloved Stan Smiths. Sadly, it’s no longer available. Of course, Max Mara does the best grey (and camel) wrap coats (exhibit A und exhibit B) but you can also find some more affordable options like this one from Reiss, this beautiful JCrew trench wool coat, this tomboy-ish Mango number (on sale!) or this cocoon shaped …


Brussels sprouts salad

Does any one else get excited about brussels sprouts season? I know, I know, they don’t smell particularly good but I love them: roasted with a mustard dressing are absolutely delicious and now, with this ridiculously easy recipe, we get to eat them raw. The trick to have a better, easier digestion is to slice them very thinly. We found this recipe in A New Way to Dinner, the lovely book written by the co-founders of Food52, a site that you should check if you love food and cooking. We bought the book looking for help since we struggle when it comes to organizing, prepping and cooking our dinners. And that’s what the book is about! We also love the fact that it’s divided by seasons and we love eating seasonal produce. Judging by this scrumptious salad that you can put together in no time, our dinners will get better from now on. But onto the recipe! You will need (serves 2): 250 g. brussels sprouts, very thinly sliced 1 handful of baby spinach Shaved …


The slow-paced weekend guide to Cortina d’Ampezzo

Cortina d’Ampezzo is one of those postcard perfect little villages that comes in to your mind whenever you think about Christmas, Winter wonderlands or romcoms that take place in charming mountain retreats. But actually Cortina d’Ampezzo is better than all that because it’s real:  the chalets, the light green pointed bell tower, the twisting mountain roads surrounded by green meadows and dense woods, those impressive, magnificent mountains that border the landscape… We live the whole year waiting for that first crisp, pine scented, invigorating deep breath that we take the moment we arrive.   HOW TO GET THERE Cortina is located a two hour car ride away from Venice Airport. Remember to book your seat on the right side of the plane to see the majestic Venice from your window. If a thick matted wool like fog doesn’t interfere with your landing, that is. Once in Venice, you can take the Cortina Express or de ATVO regional buses. Both have a very convenient stop at Venice airport. You can always rent a car (the roads are …


Winter uniform

How do you dress for Winter? No, I’m not talking about lovely layering, adorable beanies and ankles au naturel kind of Winter. I’m talking about real Winter: when frozen wind burns (yes, like the sun would do) your cheeks, when your neck and back hurt because you are permanently shrinking and cringing, when the mere thought of going out makes you shiver, when your nose hurts every time you breathe and your breath turns into small drops that inevitably pour into your scarf and quickly turn into little dots of frost that decorate said scarf and make your breathing hurt your nose even more. That dreadful vicious circle… We’ve been suffering those Winters since 2011. And therefore we’ve developed a method, a uniform:  knit + trousers + coat + boots. Always. Every day. Of course, under all that we wear thermal tees and socks. And on top of all that we wear a good hat and a warm scarf. Our favourite knits are from COS. You don’t want very big sweaters, otherwise you’d feel very …


Parmesan and caramelised onion tart

This is our take on a recipe that we found in this book. Oddly enough the recipe was uncompleted in the book (we assumed there was a printing error) but we saw this mistake as an opportunity to adapt the recipe and make a few changes. The result is a rich, creamy, salty tart that is, however, surprisingly light.


Hiking in Cortina

Good morning from Copenhagen! We’re having a few relaxing days in this city that we love. But before adding some new pieces to our slow-paced Copenhagen guide, we wanted to share the last installment of our Cortina d’Ampezzo series (Check the previous articles here).