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We need this! Hoss Intropia

12 Nov

h2We are struggling here. We don’t want to start talking about Christmas yet, but look what arrived to our mailbox today: The new collection of Hoss Intropia, perfect for a casual, relaxed but really fancy Christmas. Continue reading

We need This! Madewell et Sézane

5 Nov

mad2We hate Madewell because it only ships to USA, Canada and Japan. We feel abandoned. But we realy love their clothes. Specially this season. They have collaborated with the French brand Sèzane to create a beautiful collection inspired by Paris street life, with a touch of sexy tomboy attitude and the right amount of casual American vibes. The result is an understated mix between Paris and New York.
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We need this! Emerson Fry Fall/ Winter 2014

24 Sep

emerson5Emerson Fry has been on our radar for a couple of years. They make wearable, beautiful collections that create by themselves the perfect wardrobe for the working woman. And let me emphasize the word woman. Their pieces are timeless, elegant and they claim to have the best USA quality.  The cuts and the subtle details make their looks perfectly polished. Here you have our favorite looks, if you’d like to see… Continue reading

We need this! Basics & classics

19 Feb


We all want Spring to be around the corner (check our Instagram and you’ll see a suspicious amount of flower pictures), but the truth is that we still have a couple of months of Winter left. At least in the North of Europe, where we live. That’s why I’m still thinking about adding a couple of nice and timeless pieces to my Winter wardrobe.
I love trends, but I just can’t help but leaning towards basic and classic pieces. This Winter I’ve been looking for a nice camel coat and some comfortable pointy pumps to add a little bit of sobriety and temperance to my closet. They are perfect for work, they can be dressed up or down and they make you look like a million dollars.

1. Masculine camel coat by Joseph. Over the shoulders tren anyone?

2. Cashmere boyfriend sweater by JCrew. It just goes with everything.

3. The most beautiful camel coat by Max Mara. I’m in love!

4. Cute Kitten heel pumps by Zara.

5. Leo print pointy pumps by JCrew. Perfection

6. Black pumps by Gianvito Rossi. The epitome of the investment piece.

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Music always helps

15 Jan

Only Wednesday? Oh my! This week is neverending and super tough! We are struggling both work-wise (going back to work after more than two weeks of holidays is always a nightmare) and health-wise. The flu has hitted our little home, snif! But we have to get better because next weeks we are flying to London!

With this situation leaving home every morning is not easy. That is why I try to get motivated with music. It always helps, right? These are my top 3 let’s-kick-ass-(but-politely)-and-have-the-best-time-possible songs of the moment.

Happy by Pharrell Williams
Move in the right direction by Gossip
Roar by Katy Perry

None of them is the kind of song that makes you feel like Beyonce while walking to work, but they are positive and, well, basically happy songs! So if you are having a hard time lately, you should listen to them!

Any other let’s-kick-ass-(but-politely)-and-have-the-best-time-possible songs I should be aware of?

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Image via Dump a day.

We need this! Peuterey parka

15 Jan

peuterey_rumor_furEven though German weather is not being that bad this Winter, it’s still cold. Quite cold. And since we know that terrible temperatures and snow storms will get here eventually, we can’t help but look for warmer coats. I saw this parka a few months ago and I have been thinking about it… I know parkas aren’t the best solutions for terribly cold weather, but I think this one can be the exception. It’s slim cut, wooden cloth and fur trim make it perfect to keep us warm during this season.
It’s called the Rumor Fur by Peuterey and you can buy it here.

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Six places to welcome 2014

18 Dec


I have a cousin who loves Winter sports. He used to spend the first day of the year hitting the slopes in the Pyrenees. I remember that our grandpa always admired him for that. No party, no hangover. Just a nice night of sleep and a fresh start for the New Year all healthy and surrounded by nature. I find it great, don’t you? Not my thing, though ;) But for those of you who are adventurous and sporty, here you have six gorgeous places to welcome 2014 that will be perfect for you. Continue reading

Hotel Matthiol, Zermatt

12 Dec

Aussenbild - 2 neu
When I saw this picture on Pinnterest a couple of weeks ago I almost cry. That is exactly the place I dream about in Christmas! A wooden chalet with inviting lights in the middle of the mountains. Isn’t it picture perfect?
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We need this! The soft and warm furry coat

4 Dec


I love furry coats but they are not made for me. I’m too small and too curvy to look good on them. But they are so sof and warm and… soft! I need one! I want one! This cute number is from Hoss Intropia and it couldn’t be lovelier. It’s a bit pricey, but the quality of this brands’ items is always outstanding. I think this could be the one for me. And as their slogan says… When the weather outside is frightful, wrap up in a coat that’s delightful! ;)

PS: this one would do the trick too…

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Weekend Style Icons: Danielle

8 Nov


Hello there! How is your week going? We are exhausted… and I’ll be working long hours today and Saturday night! Sigh! Anyway! For all of you who will be enjoying free time, long Autumn walks and brunch with friends this weekend, here you have your weekly dose of casual inspiration. Today I’m super excited because I just LOVE the style of Danielle, our style icon this weekend. Her blog WEWOREWHAT is a compilation of simply stunning looks. We’ve put together a pretty cool selection of them. Disclaimer: picture overload!
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