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Embellished pony tail

24 Sep


Lately I’ve been seeing some nice messy pony tails embellished with cute bows. I don’t know if that can be considered a trend, a coincidence or just a nonsense, but I find it pretty charming. Or maybe childish, I’m still not sure about it. What do you think?
In case you like it, here you have a DIY and, well, Alexa is wearing it so maybe we should give it a try?

PS: My hair inspo in this Pinterest board.
Image credits: 1and 2.

New trend?

24 Oct

So we’ve seen lots and lots of statement necklaces lately and it seems that this Fall the statement earrings are going to be quite popular but… what do you think about brooches?

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We need this! Lékué: Kit Macaron

12 Jul

Macarons are a must lately. Everyone seems to love them… I do too! Partly because I have a major case of sweet tooth, and partly because I have zero personality and fell for every trend, I don’t care if it’s fashion, decor, food… Yep. That’s me.

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