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Mercado Lonja del Barranco, Seville

29 Jun

Barranco_Market_Sevilla_9Seville has joined the trend and can finally brag about its own gourmet market. Mercado Lonja del Barranco opened its doors last year to offer a modern take on traditional tapas and other typical specialties, becoming a highlight in Sevillle’s gastronomic scene. Located inside a World Heritage Historical Site and next to the famous Puente de Triana, this gleaming new space has conquered all kinds of public: those locals who look for a cool casual dinner with friends and those tourists who look for the best jamón in town. Continue reading

A weekend in Seville: weddings, sunsets and ice creams

26 Jun

Sevilla_Wedding_3Last weekend  we attended the most wonderful wedding. Our dear friends Isabel & Jesús got married in the stunning Sevillian townhall and celebrated a glamorous party afterwards where we ate and danced until almost the break of the day. We will remember that day for the rest of our lives. It was truly emotional and fun.  We helped them a little bit with the wedding preparations, I did a one minute speech during the ceremony (Without crying! Yay!) and we enjoyed their wedding as much as we did ours. Of course, the following day we were barely coach potatoes, but at some point we managed to make ourselves presentable and went out to dinner, payed a visit to our favorite ice cream shop and had a wonderful night walk through the beautiful romantic streets of Seville. This is a more personal post, not something we usually show you here, but maybe you want to have a look at these pictures and read about the funniest weekend we’ve had in a very long time?
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Moodboard: Girona

23 Jun

Moodboard_GironaIs it ok to decide your next holidays based on ice cream? I asked myself that question last week on Instagram. And the answer was: absolutely! We would love to travel to Girona just to visit Rocambolesc – the wonderful ice cream parlor created by Jordi Roca-, and try one (or ten) of their amazing creations. We know you can find Rocambolesc in Madrid too but wouldn’t it be nice to eat our ice creams while strolling around the medieval old town in Girona?

We can’t stop thinking about the incredibly bright blue waters of Costa Brava and this countryside hotel… But, again, the main reason to visit Girona would be these cones!!! Have you ever planned a trip based on food?

Atelier September, Copenhagen

22 Jun

Atelier_September_4This could be the best discovery we’ve made so far thanks to Instagram. Oddly enough, this popular and massively instagrammed cafe in Copenhagen offers no wi-fi. It represents to perfection that back to the roots trend that is steadily spreading across the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. Natural produce, minimal concepts and basic preparations. Of course, we wanted to give it a try. Continue reading

Off to Seville!!!

18 Jun

easter_seville_2015_8We are beyond excited! When you read this we will be flying to our second home, Seville! We have a great long weekend ahead packed with celebrations, great food and friends.  And in order to share our love for this bright, lively, beautiful city with you, here you have some posts that you may have missed:

The secrets to Seville’s Holy Week

– A cosy Japanese restaurant in the hippest neighbourhood of Seville

Two moodboards to feed your wanderlust

The most sophisticated restaurant in Seville, where we celebrate our traditional Christmas dinner with friends

Tips to survive Feria de abril and (almost) look and act like a local

Best breakfast in Seville

Charming corners

– Our most pinned picture happens to be the take on Seville’s new architecture (Follow us on Pinterest here)

– And, of course, the ultimate list to eat like and with locals in Seville.

Have a great weekend!

5 things to do during long layovers

11 Jun


Next week we’ll be flying to Seville. We are really excited because we’ll be attending a fabulous wedding, we’ll be visiting friends and family, we’ll enjoy 35ºC and we’ll be eating tons of jamón and drinking litres of gazpacho. But we’ll have a 5 hours layover in our flight back. Aiuto! It was either that or adding a couple of connecting flights to our route. So 5 hours in Munich airport it is! Today we thought we could share with you our main hobbies to survive long layovers and maybe you could tell us yours?

 1. Duty free attacks: as a confessed beauty addict, duty free shops are paradise on Earth to me. I could easily spend the five hours in Munich browsing and swatching my way through the counters.

 2. Foreign magazines stravaganza: we love buying foreign magazines and spending hours reading and commenting all the articles and gorgeous pictures. Our favorites are Conde Nast Traveller (we’re subscribed to the UK edition, the best one in our opinion), Forbes and Elle.

 3. Chocolate and coffee tasting: Combine the huge chocolate packages in the airport shops with the endless possibilities of (usually terrible) airport coffee and you’ll get some pretty decent treats. M&M’s affogato or Toblerone capuccino, for example.

 4. Trying perfumes until you get dizzy. This could be dangerous when mixed with turbulences in your next flight, but it’s really fun.

5. Watching (almost) a full season of a TV series. I think this time we’ll be going for House of Cards… But I’d love to watch How to get away with murder again. Have you watched it? Isn’t it great? Oh, we’re so looking forward to season two!

What about you? Any tips or tricks to suvive #airportboredom?

Southbank Centre market, London

9 Jun

Southbank_market_4We would love to tell you that we had planned a visit to this little market because we know all the best food markets in London, but the truth is that we stumbled upon its lovely colourful stalls during a random walk. But aren’t these surprising findings the best moments while travelling? Continue reading


5 Jun

Granada_8Granada_5We actually can’t figure out why the crew of Game of Thrones has not fell in love with Granada and invent a whole new kingdom to simply praise its beauty. Granada is a mysterious, unique, historical meeting point of civilizacions. The architecture is undeniable Arabian, the vegetation goes from Mediterranean to Tropical and the kitchens burst with the best Spanish flavours. Granada has made thousands of people fall in love, but it will always remain unknown. Continue reading

Geist, Copenhagen

1 Jun

Geist_8You might be surprised to read this but that picture is not an avantgard painting. That is the most beautiful lobster tartare: look at that texture, those colours! Well, we think this picture represents Geist perfectly, our favourite restaurant in Copenhagen: Geist is surprising and innovative, full of personality and unexpected combinations. Continue reading

SP34 hotel, Copenhagen

29 May


Any visit to Copenhagen should be focus on design, excellent food and long walks or bike rides. The city has a smart casual code, is friendly yet sophisticated, open but walkable… it’s simply one of those places that makes you fall in love and think about how real life would be living there. But since travel is phantasizing, you should look for an accommodation that gives you that illusion, that makes you feel like a local in the know, that exudes the personality of the city where it’s located.  Hotel SP34 provides that experience. It will make you believe that you are one of those young, tall, smart, total black outfit wearers, cool bike Danish riders.
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