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20 Nov


Last week a reader asked me on the comment section why I can’t go to Thailand. Well, if someone reads this blog and asks me a question, I’m happy to oblige. So here you have the story…

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Where to travel in 2016

13 Nov

The other day I stumbled upon an article on The Telegraph about the hot destinations for 2016. Already? But we still have a lot of time until Christmas. Wait a minute! Christmas is around the corner! And with Christmas comes the urge to review all the things we’ve done and all the things we want to do next year. Travelwise, our year has been completely different from what we planned. Look at this article we posted on December 2015… We never travelled to Mallorca or Rome, but we did manage to visit Stockholm. Only in March, not in Summer. And we did visit Berlín and Seville but this year we won’t be able to visit London in Christmas.

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Swimming in Madrid

14 Aug

Hotel_Emperador_Madrid_Swimming Pool_11Today it’s pouring. We woke up to one of those warm humid late Summer mornings that remind you of Autumn. As I walked to the office I saw a few people sipping their coffee all wrapped up in light blankets looking through their windows and staring at the grey sky. Definitely a lazy morning that feels like a farewell to Summer. But with the taste of ice cream still in our palate, with our skin a little bit tanned and with the fresh memories of our holidays in our minds, we publish today these pictures of one of the most amazing swimming pools in Madrid. Because we are looking forward to Autumn, but we already miss the sun, the long days and the bare feet. Continue reading

Moodboard: Norway

30 Jul


We love long Summer days. The air smells better, that mix of barbacue and fresh grass, people are happier, they look prettier and a simple cold drink in a terrace can make you feel alive and exultant. While the most traditional Summer destinations are placed in the warmest climates, we have been thinking about spending a few days in a milder latitude. What about a different Summer in Norway? Maybe in 2016… The Lofoten islands have been on our bucket lists for a while, but visiting the Stave churches or exploring the Fjords sound just as appealing. Oslo is one of the European capitals that we still have to discover. With a few beaches and islands near enough to arrange some pretty interesting day trips, it looks like Oslo has it all. However, Finnmark, home of the Sami, could be quite an exotic destination.

Have you ever visited Norway? Would you recommend it for a different Summer?


22 Jul


We are finally heading home for our holidays. Madrid, Cádiz, Seville, Verona and Vicenza are in our travel route. We will be spending time with our families and friends trying to make the most of the next two weeks. We have scheduled a few posts for you because we want to relax. We also want to…

  • Visit the Vogue like a painting exhibition at Thyssen Bornemisza Museum
  • Eat our weight in ice cream at Rocambolesc
  • Play with our nephews on the beach
  • Aperitivi al fresco
  • Have our morning coffe overlooking ancient churches in tiny Italian villages
  • Spend a day at the pool with our most glamorous friend
  • Have lunch in my mum’s garden
  • Go to the fish market in Cádiz
  • Read, write and take lots of photographs

Of course you can follow our adventures via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Expect lots of food pictures, sunny landscapes and the occasional #fromwhereIstand! If you have any tips about the aforementioned cities please let us know!

PS: Illustration by Grace Lee. You can buy it here.

The best food we’ve ever eaten abroad

20 Jul

via refinery 29

Eat and travel. The biggest pleasures in life! I’m sure that if you are reading this blog you agree with us. Maybe, like us, you live for those glorious moments in life when you discover a lovely restaurant in a gorgeous setting, you taste a new flavour for the first time… Sometimes the food is outstanding, others it’s the moment, the company and the location. So before leaving for our next trip this Thursday,  we’ve decided to reminisce about the best food we’ve ever eaten abroad: Continue reading

Neighbourhood, Copenhagen

16 Jul


Copenhagen is full of fantastic places to have breakfast. And God knows we love a good breakfast! This is our last discovery to spend a lazy morning with great food, gorgeous fellow foodies and cool background music. Continue reading

Siesta: the truth and nothing but the truth

10 Jul

via my paradissiWe’ve been living in Germany for almost five years and we’ve heard all kinds of unfounded miths and stereotypes about our country, Spain. But if there is one that makes me want to scream, that’s the common belief that in Spain we stop working every day to take a nap. I’ve even heard it from well-travelled people. Well, DISCLAIMER: there is no such thing as daily siesta. And I’m here to shed light on this issue.
In the North of Europe people usually have hearty breakfasts early in the morning. However, the lunch break is something quick, just enough time to eat a sandwich or a salad, mostly on the go. This 10 to 20 minutes break usually takes place from 11,30 to 13,30. Then you keep on working and go home at a decent hour and have a consistent dinner between 6 and 8 p.m. Great. There you have a schedule. Perfect.
But! In Spain breakfasts are something lighter, maybe a coffee and a couple of biscuits. Add a freshly squeezed orange juice if you are feeling fancy. But that’s all. And then we work until 2 p.m. (with a short pause to grab a bite in between. That’s when pinchos happen!). And when the time comes we stop working. Yes. But we eat, we don’t sleep!!! There are companies that have lunch breaks from 2 to 3 p.m., others from 2 to 4 p.m. That’s when you think we are sleeping, but only because you have already eaten and maybe you think that everyone else in the world follows your schedule. False!!! We are eating a lunch menu (two courses and dessert. And a café con hielo if it’s Summer) in a nice restaurant with our coworkers, we are eating something quick and going to Pilates or spending an hour in Zara buying things that we don’t really need. Then we get back to work until 6 or 7 p.m. and finally we have dinner betweeen 9 and 11 p.m. See? A different schedule! That’s all!
If you travel to Spain, mostly in Summer, and you don’t see a soul on the streets between 2 and 4 p.m., please don’t think people are sleeping. People are having lunch or minding their own business somewhere with air condition: the office, the gym, the shops… It’s not siesta. It’s too hot to be fooling around and you are a tourist, who is the only person that would be wandering around at 3 p.m. on a Summer day!
Sleeping a nice 20 minutes siesta after a great lunch is the best thing in the world. But we just do it on weekends and during holidays. And you should do it too. Specially if you can hear the cicadas outside, if there is a wonderful beach waiting for you and you just decide to close your eyes for a litte minute and relax. Bonus points if La vuelta is on TV!

Any false ideas about your country that you hate? Please share them in the comment section!

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Moodboard: Malta

7 Jul

Moodboard_Malta_1So we have the nice weather, we have the swimsuit… now we need the destination. And after a not very nice experience this weekend in the North Sea, we’ve decided to focus again in the Mediterranean Sea. Let’s be honest: it’s the best place in the world. The weather, the landscapes, the food… Each country has such a huge cultural background that is almost imposible not to fall in love with the Mediterranean diversity and charm. Fantasizing about new destinations we came across some gorgeous images of Malta. How come have we never thought about this small country surrounded by the sea? Continue reading

Seville’s top five

3 Jul

sevilla_1No, we are not going to talk about the top five museums, top five landmarks or top five churches. We could do it… but you know we are all about pure hedonistic fun.  So here you have out top five picks to enjoy life at its best in Seville:

1. The Ginger experience at Aire de Sevilla, one of the best spas in town.

2. Two scoops of ice cream at La Fiorentina. Mix the acidic vinegar ice cream with the sweetness of the strawberry ice cream. Or go for the sinful, rich chocolate ice cream and pair it with the heavenly light Vatican Cream. Look for the contrasts. And if in doubt, try the refreshing mint sorbet.

3. Hipster tapas at Alameda. Because this area has undergone one of the most significant renovations in the city, because there’s no way you can leave without trying Solomillo al Whisky and because you’ll see the best tattoos in Seville.  Plus the coolest bycicles. If you want to brag in Instagram, this is your place.

4. A few old fashion cocktails at Bar Americano. The most decadent and elegant bar in Seville.

5. A plate of thin, shiny slices of Jamón de Jabugo at Mercado Lonja del Barranco. Because… Jamón de Jabugo.

Have a lovely weekend!

PS: That image is one of pur moodboards. If you are suffering from a severe Wanderlust case, do not look our Moodboard category ;)



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