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Classic bruschetta

Inspired by our trip to Rome, we wanted to share with you this easy recipe of a classic Italian bruschetta. With a few ingredients and a griddle pan you can create a fantastic Italian meal in less than ten minutes. Better than pizza? 

Breakfast muffins

We love a good breakfast but we try to keep things as healthy as possible on a daily basis (if only to have a nice pudding after dinner. You know, for balance.) These wheat bran, date and banana muffins are great to start your day on a sweet note but with lots of nutrients and a good conscience.

The tall ship races, Cádiz

Cádiz might be the only city yet to be discovered by tourists in Spain, so it still maintains the special atmosphere, decadent charm and profound happiness of a place that knows its beauty relays on simplicity and understated magnificence: stunning sunsets by the sea, simple meals based on fresh fish and long warm nights. 

One more salad before Summer ends

Is there anything better than a fresh salad in Summer? Now that we are saying goodbye to easy lunches al fresco, family gatherings and quiet afternoons in our balcony, we feel it’s the right moment to share another recipe for a quick, easy salad that could be perfect during these last days of sunshine.

Beauty oils, travel edition

Our first experience with oils goes back to four years ago, when we first used the famous Midnight Recovery Concentrate by Kiehls (check the post about it in baby Slow Pace 2012 here). Just like every other girl, we were afraid of greasy T-zones but soon we discovered that oil not only did not leave any grease trace but also made our skins feel nourished and super soft. Since then, we’ve been using and testing a few oils from different brands. However just a few have secured a place in our beauty bags and just three of them are coming with us in our Summer trips. Since hair suffers so much on the beach, we are taking these cute travel size bottles of the all time classic of oils: Moroccan Oil (in the light version) and the more affordable but still very nice L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil. We alternate both of them, finding the Moroccan Oil perfect to condition our hair after washing it and the L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil better to spray constantly on the beach. Both of …

Summer bronze

It’s that time of the year again… when our pale skins stand out in a sea of dewy, tan faces. The Snow White look is not exactly the best to rock in Summer. So in order to hide our sad, almost green white skin tones we reach for our trustworthy bronzers: the ones that we use in the search of that caramel, golden Beyoncé bronze… or  at least help us have a healthier and summer-ish look. 

Summer aperitivo

Summer is here! We don’t know for how long, but we are so very happy to welcome high temperatures and sunny days! Last weekend we organized a little aperitivo in our terrace to celebrate, just because. As much as we love chips, we are trying to eat better, so we usually avoid processed snacks and try to create our own. Here you have our three favourite, ridiculously easy recipes to prepare your very own little Summer party. Plus a cocktail, of course.