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10 essencial wardrobe pieces for a relaxed weekend in Ibiza

11 Jun

Ibiza_styleAfter our holidays in Ibiza we’ve learnt two things about its famous laid-back style. One: people don’t dress in Ibiza, they dress up. As in disguise. And two: you only need a few pieces to look amazing.

We were shocked about how people dressed the part: tunics, flowers and thousands of accessories (apparently Woodstock was taking place on the beach), total white looks (beach wedding much? Linen stravaganza?) or neon tees and ultra short shorts with a famous logo (bonus points for club merchandising).  We  doubt those people wear those styles back at home. They were simply dressing up. They were in Ibiza, so that meant they have to look like it.

Well, we obviously adapt our style to the places we go. But there is a line that you should not cross. Even more, when all you need is some basic pieces to look fantastic. That, your sunkissed skin and a nice cocktail in your hand while staring at the bluest sea. So the next time we escape to Ibiza, this is all we will put in our suitcase:

1. A little white dress: the essence of the island. Transition from days at the beach, to nights at the beach. Yes, that’s all you are going to do. Stay at the beach, all day long. Because time flies and you will forget your sophisticated outfits the second night in Ibiza.

2. Denim shorts: they are perfect for the beach, mornings at the market and little boat trips.

3. A comfy cardigan: for that sea breeze that makes nights colder.

4. A neutral pair of sandals: they go with everything and they will stay beautiful after crossing those sand paths that will take you to the most beautiful little coves.

5. Sunglasses: obviously.

6. An statement bag: Even though baskets are the most popular bags in the island, this fantastic and colourful bag would be our only concession to the pseudo-hippie style. It’s beautiful, it’s bold and it’s huge. It’s perfect.

7. A nice top to match those denim shorts.

8. A cute bikini: even though you will learn to love nudism. Wait, what?

9. Jelly shoes: some of Ibiza’s most amazing beaches are full of rocks.  So if you don’t want to get hurt or step out of the water like a drunken clown you will need some of these. Believe us, we learnt the hard way. Besides, they will make you feel like a child again. And childhood, as well as Ibiza, is all about freedom, right?

10. And we’ve saved the most important thing for the last: a beach wrap. Ibiza is all about chilling out. And you won’t be able to do it without this sheer, light, multifunctional piece. Choose stripes or prints but always, always, choose soft colours.


In my suitcase: Toms

3 Jul

The count down has started. In about two weeks we will be leaving for our Summer holidays in Spain. That means that we have to prepare our big big big suitcases… and leave some room for the things we want to bring back with us ;) This involves what can be called a hard engineer work and a great capacity to analyze and synthesize, which truth to be told, I don’t have.  In my suitcase series are back!
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In my suitcase: a nice dress

14 Dec


I’m leaving on Sunday, so this is the end of In my suitcase series – Chistmas edition. And the best way to finish these series is with a nice holiday dress, don’t you think? It’s the perfect cherry on top! This is a dress that I received just today. I have to admit that Chriselle gave me the idea. I saw it on her blog and I bought it immediately. It’s girly, super warm and has lovely festive vibe without being too Christmassy.

You can buy it (on sale!) here.

Other items in my suitcase, if you’d like to see:
The perfect PJs
Chistmas jumpers
Gorgeous earrings
And a warm tartan scarf

In my suitcase: cosy Christmas jumper

30 Nov


I can’t imagine a Christmas suitcase without huge cosy Christmas jumpers. They are nice and comfortable and you just wonder if you could always live in them, but then you remember your beautiful blazers and tops and know that Christmas jumpers are perfect but just for Christmas. It’s just like staying with your parents at Christmas, great but just for Christmas, right? Anyway, this one in the picture is from Lot78, but I couldn’t pick up only one, so here you have my selection.

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In my suitcase: earrings

23 Nov

We spend Christmas basically on pijamas or bundled up in huge sweaters, jeans and boots, but sometimes you just want to add a little sparkle in you life… And these earrings are beautiful, aren’t they? Not that I will wear these earrings with my pjs… Well, who knows? Maybe that would be a trend one day. Wait! It’s already a trend: pajama pants and statement earrings were huge this year, right?

Anyway, these earrings would look amazing with a simple LBD for a fancy night out with friends. They would be nice too paired with a nice blouse and a pair of great cut pants for a more casual look, a family dinner maybe?

You can buy them

In my suitcase: warm tartan scarf

16 Nov

Christmas holidays are around the corner (yay!). What does this mean? That “In my suitcase” Christmas edition is here! (double yay!)

First thing I’m going to take with me? This lovely tartan scarf from Zara. I just can’t picture Christmas without tartan and warm cosy attire so this piece is a win-win!

You can buy it here

In my suitcase: A great tee

10 Jul

Here we are again, preparing my suitcase for Summer! I know, I know… most of you are already in Summer, but I’m still in last years’ Autumn. This is the North of Germany!

When it comes to t-shirts, I’m all for plain, basic, boyish/sometime rockerish style. I don’t like too much colour or printed fabrics… I like my tees simple and comfy.

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In my suitcase: shorts

29 Jun

So, we already have the perfect white dress and the perfect sandals… Let’s add another key item in our Summer suitcase: the perfect shorts.
Lately I’ve noticed that lots of bloggers wear Romwe clothes. I’ve never visited this web, so I thought it would be nice to look for my shorts there and see what they’ve got.

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In my suitcase: Flat sandals

12 Jun

I’m still working on my perfect Summer suitcase. Last week it was all about the perfect white dress, check it here, and today I’m looking for the perfect flat sandals.
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In my suitcase: The white dress

5 Jun

In less than two months I will be on vacation! I’m planning a whole month of friends, family, beaches and joy. And, well, I thought I better start planning what I’m going to wear… Just one suitcase is not that much for a whole month of adventures! So today I’m starting a new series: In my suitcase. I hope you like it!

The first thing that comes into my mind when I think Summer is a white dress. (And ice cream, of course). So the first thing that I want to put in my suitcase is a nice and flattering white dress. In the first collage you can see three pieces that caught my eye when visiting Mytheresa. All of them look great but also comfortable, don’t they?

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