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Beauty basics

Even though we love discovering new beauty products, there are a bunch of items that we’ve been using for years. We are extremely loyal to them and while we love watching You Tube videos or Instagram mini-tutorials about fascinating, new beauty launches, the truth is that we always go back to our basics. In fact, we bet that every woman has her beauty basics, those no one talks about, those products that aren’t fancy but give her that special scent that identifies her, that beautiful shine in her hair or the softness of her skin. Those little things that make us… us. In my case, that’s the Irresistibly Smooth Nivea body lotion, the light blue one as I always call it. It has changed its name and packing during the last few years but the lotions is always the same: lighter than the original Nivea body lotion and softer, with a warmer scent. In fact, that’s the scent most people identifies me with. It’s great for dry skin and its non greasy formula makes it fantastic …

Tips for beautiful, healthy indoor plants

Our house is full of plants. I never get tired of  them and I’m always thinking about new ways of introducing new green touches to decorate our home. As my mum always says: plants make any space better. I can’t agree more: they add life, bring a little bit of nature indoors and clean the air. Besides, taking care of them is utterly relaxing and going to the flower market is my favourite Saturday morning activity. Yep, I’m a granny. #loudandproud! While outdoor plants don’t survive more than a fortnight in our balcony (I blame the weather and the pollution),  I think we are pretty good with houseplants. Here you have our tips for taking care of your plants and our suggestions about which plants to buy if you want to create your very own indoor garden. Let’s start with the plants that you can buy if you want something undemanding and easy to grow, which we all want because there are so many complicated things in life already. Zamioculcas, Calatheas or Peace Lilies are fantastic: …

The comeback

Travelling is fantastic. Whether it’s a long holiday or just a weekend away, those days with no responsibilities other than discovering new places recharge us and make us happy. We are always planning future trips, it gives us something to look forward to. Specially during these terrible Winter days. The problem is that we always find harder and harder to come back.