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The slow-paced weekend guides

During the last few months we’ve been updating our slow-paced weekend guides. These guides want to be your go-to resource when planning your next European weekend getaway. Here you won’t find museums, sights or your average tourist routes. In these slow-paced guides we just share with you our favourite places to eat, drink a nice cup of coffee and go for a carefree walk. Our goal is to encourage an alternative way of travel: we want you to admire the architecture by exploring all the side streets, we want you to stop and have a nice drink in that cute café and pretend you are a local, we want you to indulge in a lovely meal without stressing about what’s next on your to do list. We also include a few hotels recommendations, because for us choosing the right accommodation is key to enjoy our trips. We uncover the most charming boutique hotels where you will find a unique hospitality, a sense of place and a extremely comfortable bed to enjoy room service because… why …

Our favorite European neighbourhoods

We are lucky enough to have visited some of the most wonderful European cities more than once. The truth is that when one place fascinates us we can’t help but coming back to discover more about it. That’s how we have found our favorite areas in cities like London, Copenhagen, Paris and Venice. The reasons why we prefer these neighbourhoods are diverse: it could be a local vibe, a different atmosphere, a big concentration of nice restaurants or shops or a unique charm that simply appeals to us. Castello, Venice This is probably my favorite place in the world. The most authentic sestier of Venice, where you can get lost in the tiniest streets and practically see no one, contemplate in silence the wonderful canals and enjoy the little bit of real life that is still fighting the hordes of tourists in Venice. Here you can find our favorite accommodation in Venice, Residenze Cortenova, and one of our favorite restaurants as well, La Oliva Nera. Even though this area is not as impressive as others, it feels …

The Howard Hotel

When we thought about visiting Edinburgh we had a very clear idea about how our accommodation should be: cosy, traditional and it had to involve tartan somehow. Because as much as we love design, when we travel we want to soak up the local vibes, traditions and hospitality. Whether it is an ancient palace in the Algarve coast or a renovated old building in Madrid, we love hotels that give you a sense of place.   And we found The Howard, a luxury boutique hotel located in Edinburgh’s New Town. It’s classic, elegant and remarkably traditional. However, the atmosphere is absolutely relaxed and the service is genuinely kind. You can say that staying at The Howard is like visiting your dear great aunt’s house: you feel welcome, you want to curl up with a nice book under a blanket, wear soft socks and nibble some biscuits, but the atmosphere feels so special and different from your own house… because probably your great aunt has only cashmere blankets and serves biscuits imported from Holland. Homey but …

Portuguese lemonade: exploring the countryside

You know what they say: when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And that’s what we did in our recent trip to Algarve. We flight to the South of Portugal looking for a sunny, lazy holiday but we found terrible thunderstorms and cold temperatures. Upset at first, we decided to look for alternative plans and ended up exploring the absolutely breathtaking Portuguese countryside.  

Moodboard: Soho Farmhouse

Sometimes we choose our next destination because we feel the urge to stay at one particular hotel. We read a review or an article about it in our favourite travel magazine or blog and fell in love with the interiors, the spa or the breakfast buffet. And then we book our trip.

The comeback

Travelling is fantastic. Whether it’s a long holiday or just a weekend away, those days with no responsibilities other than discovering new places recharge us and make us happy. We are always planning future trips, it gives us something to look forward to. Specially during these terrible Winter days. The problem is that we always find harder and harder to come back.