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Sunday lunch

Sometimes we need to spend a Sunday morning in the kitchen and prepare a special Sunday lunch. We always picture it like this relaxing experience, with Instagram appropriate moments, a lovely scent in the air, our favourite music in the background… But the truth is that we always stress about missing some important step of the recipe we are preparing, we never take an Instagram picture, let alone an IG Story, and we have to stop the music because like my nonna used to say: che confusione!  So, real life hits and the process is not as smooth as we imagined. But the result is always worth it! Last Sunday was one of those Sundays. It was freezing outside, so we decided to cosy up at home and roll up our pyjamas sleeves to cook something comforting: a lighter take on a British Sunday roast. To be honest, we cheated from the beginning because we had bought an excellent roast beef in a local fancy supermarket the day before, so all we prepared were the …


Top gourmet moments 2016

This year we’ve had pretty amazing meals: we’ve gone back to our favourite restaurants, like Geist in Copenhagen or Vista in Portimao, we’ve discovered new places, like The Dogs in Edinburgh and we’ve cooked some remarkable recipes that are now on repeat in our kitchen. We love food so we can’t finish the year without a compilation of our favourite gourmet moments. We started the year with the unbelievably good black kale with fried egg and sorrel at Geist, in Copenhagen. If you need a reason to visit Copenhagen in Winter, there you have it.   We discovered a great pizza place in London, Homeslice. Maybe our favourite pizza in London?  Perfect to share with friends and located in the heart of Neil’s Yard. The whole menu at Vista restaurant deserves a visit to Portimao. Oh, and the cauliflower cream of the room service at Belavista Hotel (home to the Vista restaurant) is one of the best dishes we’ve ever eaten! In July we devoured the best paella in the world at La Pepica, in …


Mushrooms with spinachs and cream cheese

This recipe is perfect for a nice, healthy Autumn breakfast but it can double as a light lunch or even a side dish.  In any case, it’s marvellously light and delicious. Mushrooms are in season now so it’s a nice way of taking advantage of nature’s resources. However, I warn you: once cooked, the mushrooms don’t look as pretty as pictured above. They look quite ugly, actually. But they are finger-licking good!   You will need: A few mushrooms, peeled and stalks removed Spinach leaves 150 to 200 g cream cheese (we love using garlic cream cheese but you can add any flavour you like) Parmesan cheese, grated Black pepper and olive oil. 1 egg per person (optional) This recipe can’t be easier: Preheat the grill to high. Place the mushrooms on a baking tray, drizzle with olive oil and season with black pepper. We don’t add salt because the cheese is already salty and we try to avoid salt as much as we can, but if you want to add salt, this is the …


The Dogs, Edinburgh

When we travel we plan our days around the places where we want to eat. Yes, that’s how we roll. We investigate the best lunch spots and then we plan the routes according to that. Priorities. While planning our trip to Edinburgh there was a restaurant that we knew we had to try. The Dogs, located in Hannover street, which was convenintly close to our hotel, The Howard Hotel. We have read a killer review of this small restaurant in one of our foodie/traveller bibles: Where chef eat. Small menu based on Scottish and British ingredients? Easy vibe? Cosy decor? We booked a table, of course. The Dogs is located in Edinburgh’s New Town and it’s almost hidden in the first floor of a building. Once you enter you are welcomed by an unusual mix of a classic style with quirky touches. And two dogs, obviously.  They have two small dining rooms and we were lucky to have a small table by the window in the main, bright one. And then we felt it again: …


Caramelised leek tart

These last days have been the perfect mix between visits to the flower market, afternoons sipping coffee and eating cake and long walks enjoying the faded, warm Autumn sun. Autumn is my favourite time of the year and, therefore, I tend to eat my favourite food. One of these recipes that I always prepare when I have people over, when I have to bring something to a party or when we want something really comforting to eat, let’s say after a long walk on a Sunday, is this caramelised leek tart. Actually I don’t know why it hasn’t made an appearance in this blog until today, but better late than never. Everyone loves it and they always ask me for the recipe, so here it is.I make the pastry myself, but you can buy it at the supermarket. Don’t be hard on yourself. It’s ok to cheat. But in case you want to prepare the pastry, you’ll need: 225 g plain flour 140 g butter A pinch of salt 1 egg 2 tbsp cold water …


Cooking hacks

Sometimes it seems that we always eat the same things over and over again. So we like to add a few different touches every now and then to spice things up a little bit. It could be something we’ve learnt from our trips, a mistake that turned out to be a delicious surprise or a new twist we’ve read in a cookbook. 


Druid St. Market

Every time we visit London we discover a new food market. This time, we went for a stroll around Druid St. Market, in Bermondsey. Very difficult to find, this little market is still a work in progress but we believe it has a lot of potential. Chaotic, small and loud. The cool factor seems not to be the most important aspect in this little food market (open Saturdays from 10 to 16 hours). Having fun, grabbing some amazing burgers, trying delicious pastries and craft beers is what matters the most. It’s a place to visit with a group of friends, but beware: it’s quite narrow so it gets terribly crowded.The shops are located under the arches on Druid Street and they have an industrial unit vibe. However, we found that precisely the disorganized atmosphere is what makes it so special. Food, antiques and one of the best truffles we’ve eaten share this space creating a creative and interesting mishmash.We didn’t stay for long, as we’ve mentioned it was way too crowded, but we sure made …


Coconut chocolate bars

The combination of coconut and dark chocolate is one of our favourites. It’s quite strong but it’s oh so delicious! We were determined to develop our very own coconut and dark chocolate bars but we couldn’t get them right. I think it has taken more than a year to make this recipe perfect, but finally, here it is: our homemade Bounty bars! 



Who doesn’t love Greek food? It’s simple, full of delicious flavours and as healthy as Mediterranean diet gets. Today we bring you our take on melitzanosalata, the delicious aubergine dip that can and will cheer up your dinners. It’s ridiculously easy to prepare, honestly, we don’t know if this counts as a recipe!


Spanish menu

As an expat, you miss your country. And, usually, food is what you miss the most. Oh, well, there is family too. And friends. But it’s mostly the food. So more often than not, we cook traditional recipes to feel at home. Today’s menu can’t get more traditional or more Spanish. Tortilla de patatas is the most famous tapa or pincho in Spain.