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Block heels

15 Jul

Block_Heels_1I have a lot to thank Alexa Chung for. She has rescued the classic black eye liner, which happens to be one of the few makeup looks that fits my small eyes, from the 50’s makeup section and she has shown that flats and block heels can be fashionable too. And that’s fantastic because those are almost the only heels I wear. I’m lazy and I tend to put comfort first, so I always gravitate to this kind of heels. Thank you, Alexa, for bringing them back. I bought the ones in the picture in one of my favourite shops in Vicenza, Lazzari. They are handmade in Italy, in Florence to be exact, and they are the perfect basic: they look gorgeous with black or little white dresses and they dress up your jeans and stripe tees beautifully. You can get a very similar pair here and they are on sale! Continue reading

The sandals

8 Apr

whistles-aralia-toepost-sandal-tan_06whistles-aralia-toepost-sandal-tan_032 degrees this morning. I mean… 2 degrees! We just can’t stand it anymore. We want sun and over 20 degrees temperatures. Is that too much to ask? Since we moved to Germany I think we have been able to wear sandals twice. Twice in four years! Obviously, that doesn’t stop us from browsing our favourite websites and shops in search for the perfect pair. Is there anything happier than two feet with bright toenails inside a pretty pair of sandals? No, there isn’t.

We love mixing bright nail polishes with neutral leather sandals and, in order to rock that look, we need this minimalistic but really nice pair of sandals by Whistles. Don’t you love them? We think they can look perfect with just about any outfit. You can dress them up with a nice little black dress or you can simple wear them with shorts (we are talking denim here, of course) and a tee.

Well, we will be visiting London soon so a stop in a Whistles branch is guaranteed… Even though we won’t be able to wear them frequently, at least we will be prepared for Summer (last year was a Friday, sigh!).

The impossible shoe

7 Jan

AW13_FLORISA_SC_BLA_BLACK_SUEDEaSo I’ve been looking for the perfect wearable pointy mid heel black shoe for a very long time. I decided that the sales would be the perfect moment to finally purchase this gorgeous basic.  We all know that timeless basics are THE pieces to buy on sale, no? But I was wrong. Terribly wrong. You see, I have tiny feet. I know that in some cultures that is beautiful, but since I don’t live in Japan nor travel there to get me a pair of shoes (I wish!) I’m forced to wear child shoes most of the time. I love flats, so… well, not bad in that department. But what happens when I want to buy something that a 36 year old woman would wear to work? I find nothing. And what happens if I try to find it on sale? I always get this: “With those feet you should buy your shoes at the very beginning of the season” (Add a patronizing smile  and that kind of pity look only a sales assistant can give). Well, as a member of a minority with a limited amount of rights in numerous countries in the world, I do not like that kind of answer.  Now I can’t have my shoes with a reduced price like every other girl????? But this time I was feeling hopeful. I saw exactly what I wanted in one of the Wardrobe icons Issues. The discreet but still gorgeous Florisa shoe by L.K. Bennett. I did my research and found out that L. K. Bennett does EU 35 or UK 3. During my last trip to London I tried to find them (not on sale!) and I didn’t. Well, I thought, bad luck. Let’s wait until the sales are here and I will track them down. Guess what? No luck. Desaparecidos. I got in touch with the L. K. Bennett customer service and they answered really quickly (great customer service by the way) telling me that they don’t produce that shoe in my size and have no plans to do it. Basically, they destroyed my hopes. Sigh.

So, I’m still searching. Because as much as I want, sadly there’s no way I can change my feet. No plastic surgeon has that covered. Anyway… Goodbye Florisa. Sad face.

We need this! Bionda Castana

10 Dec

Bionda_Castana_ShoesEven though we always wear flats, we love a good high heel. Since I saw a girl exhibit her heels on her bookcase like a little beautiful sculputure I’ve always thought that could be a good use for high heels. Walking? Not so much. Well, these shoes are bookcase exhibition material. And they are sexy, really sexy. Those cuts, the dainty lace, the super high heels… Bionda Castana creates sexy yet elegant luxury shoes. And now we wish we could have a pair looking beautiful among our books. Oh, and they have just launched a custom made service. That could be a pretty amazing Christmas gift, don’t you think?

PS.: A delicious pair of flats.

Shophia Webster for JCrew

7 May


JCrew has presented its new collaboration with the British designer Sophia Webster and we just love it. We love it because it’s JCrew and you all know we have a soft spot for JCrew. And we love it because after seeing those terrible ugly shoes everywhere, it’s refreshing to come across a selection of girly, beautiful shoes.

Our favourite ones are Pippa and Poppy (we love the names too, by the way). Nicole has the cutest print, though. And the polka dots of Anneka and Penelope are adorable and sexy at the same time.

They woul look lovely with boyfriend jeans an a basic tee, but I can see them with a little black dress too. They are the perfect statement shoes to dress up any basic outfit.  If you want them you’d better hurry up! They are almost sold out!

What do you think? Aren’t they beautiful?

SJP beautiful shoes

18 Mar


We love flats. We hardly wear heels. That’s a fact. But we love heels… It’s just that we are lazy dressers. Nevertheless, we could change that for these shoes. These shoes are pretty. As simple as that. Pretty, pretty, pretty. And that’s a breath of fresh air among all those ugly flatforms, chunky boots, Adilettes and Bikkenstocks. SJP has created a stunning collection for those girls that, like me, miss Carrie. These shoes stand out, dress up the most basic outfit and, apparently, they are kind of comfortable. I love the colours, so bright, and the elegant shapes. Besides she has also designed a wonderful pair of flat sandals that I just love!

Only available at Nordstrom

PS: My friend T. sent me this video a couple of days ago. Have you seen it? Isn’t she lovely? And the house! Oh, the house!

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Silver feet

25 Feb

The past weekend was amazing weather-wise. On Saturday we could visit the farmers market without our umbrellas and we even took a really long walk in the woods on Sunday morning. We know this is just an illusion of  Spring ( that will arrive… eventually), but we can’t help but dreaming about warmer nights, longer days and sipping drinks al fresco. And for that you need new shoes. Everybody knows that.
This season we would love to wear metallic silver shoes. They go with absolutely everything and they add a nice sparkle even to your more casual outfits.

1. Leather pumps by Zara. These are extra uncomfortable. I’m sure about that. But they would be the perfect addition to your working wardrobe this Spring.

2, 3 & 4. JCrew  always gets it right. Even more in the shoe department. I love these three pairs. I couldn’t choose just one. Maybe number 3?

5. Cute shoes for cute dresses by Asos. I think Alexa Chung would love these.

6.  And how cool are these loafers?

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Valentino Pre-Fall 2014

21 Jan

Ok, let’s be honest, this is more a “we dream about this!”, than a “we need this!”, though we love it so much that you can say that we really need it. Anyway! I’m talking about the Valentino’s Pre-Fall 2014 collection. Everything in these pictures is so wearable, so lovely, so comfy yet luxurious… We love it/need it/ daydream about it!
More images after the jump!
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12 Nov

Grey is P.’s favourite colour so she’s super happy that it is so fashionable this season. Grey can be combined with lots of colours but she specially loves mixing it with navy, chocolate and, obviously, black. This season, however, it seems mandatory to pair the softest shades of grey with pastels. Well, I don’t think that is going to happen. P’s wardrobe has an interesting lack of soft colours. Well, colours in general. Maybe a touch of green and mustard, but that’s all. Anyway… grey combines perfectly with those too!

1. The basic. A fantastic cashmere sweater. This is the kind of piece you should invest some money on.
2. This lovely dress from Sandro will be a great adition to anyone’s wardrobe. You can dress it up with pumps and a pretty coat, or dress it down with flats and a biker jacket.
3. If I could, I would buy this hat. This perfect fedora will make every outfit look like a million dollar.
4. This oversize coat by Isabel Marant x H&M is simple, functional and you could use it every day. If I had to choose one piece of that famous colection, that would be it.
5. If grey is not your cup of tea, you can always save it only for accessories. This bag could be the ideal grey for beginners.
6. We love these trousers. I just can imagine a thousand beautiful work outfits with them.
7. Guerlain eye shadows for fun nights out. If your eyes are green or blue that shimmery grey will look spectacular on you.
8. My personal favourite. Grey leo? Yes, please. Scarf by The Kooples.
9. Unisa is a fantastic Spanish brand that I love because they have the best quality, beautiful designs and, most importantly,they have my number!! Tiny shoes! Yay! These booties are amazing. And I’m sure they are comfortable too. I have a very similar ones in black and I can run with them on!

PS: Pink is in too!

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New shoes

19 Sep

flatsGreat news! It seems that this season flats are trendy! So for us, lazy dressers, congratulations are in order! We have put together a nice selection of flats for you. You can use it as an inspiration, maybe?
1. Wear yellow slippers to bright up your Autumn outfits.
2. Bold and charming. Blue ballerinas by Repetto.
3. Nothing better than velvet for an elegant yet comfy night out. Or to dress up an office look. These are designed by Ferragamo.
4. For the perfect LBD look, rockstud noir ballerinas. Valentino, of course.
5. You need these shoes. Really. Classic Tod’s leather loafers. You can wear it with almost everything.
But wait! There is more!
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