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A scent for Christmas

On Monday we shared with you one of our favourite Christmas’ scents: spicy, buttery, dip in white chocolate cookies fresh from the oven (recipe here!). Today, following with the Christmas aromas theme, we wanted to introduce you to a wonderful cologne that could be a great present for Christmas. Jo Malone is one of our favourite brands: we love its philosophy (the scents are made to be mixed with each other) and the fragances are always unconventional. Besides, it’s very easy to find the one for you: they have different categories (citrus, floral, spicy…) so that you can quickly and easily gravitate to the bouquet that you prefer. This one on the picture is our absolute favourite: Nectarine Blossom and Honey. I think this is our third bottle! It’s the right amount of fruity, not overly sweet and a tad spicy. Just perfect. Even one of our best friends couldn’t resist and bought one during her last visit! But we also love the Wood Sage and Sea Salt cologne, a quintesessential Wintery scent.  It smells like cosy afternoons by …

Blue Mediterraneo – Acqua di Parma

I’m quite picky when it comes to fragances. I like fresh, soft and clean aromas but I find it very difficult to discover a new parfume that I really love. Sometimes I love the idea that certain parfumes transmit in their campaigns, but at the end I’m dissappointed with the fragance itself. Does this happen to you too? I’ve been using this cologne for the past two years and I love its fruity and fresh scent but I’ve been cheating with some tomboy fragances, though. Recently I’ve discovered two new fragances that I totally adore, both from the Blue Mediterraneo line by Acqua di Parma. One of them evokes the island of Panarea and the other one is inspired by the land of Calabria. These scents are fresh and fruity with floral accents and have surprising combinations of Italian aromas. Just my cup of tea!