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Non Fiction

Is there anything better than a good book that you can’t put down? Maybe, but books are pretty amazing, even more during these Winter dark, cold afternoons. Add a pair of fluffy socks, a cosy blanket and something to nibble and you have the perfect plan. However, we’ve noticed a different pattern in our reading habits lately. We barely read fiction nowadays. Our favourite book from 2016 was this one and although its content can feel like science fiction sometimes (the things humans do for power…) it was completely the opposite.  And that’s the trend that our bedside tables have been witnessing for the last few months: nonfiction. Maybe the reason is that the world is so surreal lately, that we have been looking for truth and wisdom rather than fantasize with stories or tales. Whether it is a biography or a history book, we feel that we’ve been learning a lot and we certainly had a great time doing so. Non Fiction is fun!  These are some of the books we’ve loved lately and a couple …


Our favourite magazines

If there is something that you will always see in our home is a bunch of magazines spread all over. We are subscribed to a bunch of them and we always buy loads in airports, train stations or local stores. They are our faithful companions during flights, Saturday afternoons at home and, of course, vacations. Our love for magazines started a long ago. I think I’ve been subscribed to Elle (Spanish edition) for more than 15 years. While it’s not my first choice anymore when I grab a copy from one of our several magazine racks, I just can’t unsubscribe… I’m emotionally attached to it! Though my first obsession was Ragazza, a Spanish publication that filled my high school and first University years with the most fashionable trends and not so healthy diet advice. Those were the times when the concept politically incorrect didn’t exist, supermodels run the world and lycra and chockers constrained our bodies. By the way, I can’t believe chockers are back in fashion. Dazed and Confused was a magazine that we used …