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Those little things

27 Mar

viaje 4
When we travel we love doing this that we think locals would do. We know we are tourists, don’t get me wrong. We have no problem with that word. We’re not travellers, though we wish we were! We have a lovely life to escape from and go back to. We spend days daydreaming about leaving to new destinations, but then we really enjoy being at home. It’s just that we love mingling with the locals and pretending that we live in the places we visit. In the end, travelling is fantasizing, no? Here’s a list of those little things that we love doing while travelling to fool ourselves and pretend we actually are locals:

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Venice, where else?

25 Mar


Venice is my favourite place in the world. If I had to choose one place to stay forever, Venice will be the chosen one. Its architecture, its history, its food and its undeniable charm made me fall in love with this city when I was a kid. Since then, I’ve tried to visit Venice at least once a year. The Venice I love, my Venice, is placed in the Castello area. The Venice I love is full of empty tiny streets to enjoy long walks, lively squares to savour a Spritz and a nice conversation, boats that sell the best fruit and nights that are as enigmatic as silent. But there is another Venice: the opulent, decadent, exclusive and even obscene. That Venice surrounds the Gran Canal, that Venice is epitomize by those palazzi where lavish parties have taken place during years. I’ve always been so curious about it, I won’t lie. And this hotel seems the best place to discover it.

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mmm… Monday! Burger all’amatriciana

24 Mar


This weekend we decided to try a recipe from one of the last cookbooks we bought: The book of burger. We love gourmet burgers and this book has more of 200 recipes! This time we went Italian and prepared a wonderful burger with delicious roasted tomatoes that was simply amazing.
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Italy… always!

20 Mar


So we are thinking about taking a few days off in May/June and prepare a nice trip. But where should we head to? New York is tempting… But we want sun and sea and sand and magazines and books and cocktails. We want a vacation. We need a vacation. Do we finally splurge on an all-inclusive Pacific resort? Well, the thing is that even though I still have to visit lots and lots of places, my heart always tells me to go to Italy. And if you continue reading you will discover a hotel that epitomizes almost everything that holidays in Italy mean to me.
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We need this! Paul Ka

5 Mar

Imagine a collection where French charm meets A Roman holiday. That is what Paul Ka has prepared for this season. A lovely mixture of 60s French riviera and Dolce far niente. Obviously I adore it.
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Avoid pink: Perugia

14 Feb

Last instalment of our Valentine’s mini series. Today we suggest you a nice little trip to Perugia, a city that will transport you to another times. Home of our beloved Baci, the chocolates with love messages, Perugia couldn’t be a better destination for a getaway with your significant other.
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Need a special plan for a special night this month?

3 Oct


Every year, in October, the Verdi Festival celebrates the Maestro born in Roncole di Busseto, in the province of Parma, at the Regio Theatre of Parma and in Verdi’s lands. This year’s edition is special, it celebrates the 200th anniversary of Verdi’s birth. And, well, since I have a soft spot for Verdi, I think a trip to Parma could be the best plan for October. A great opera followed by a late dinner at Trattoria ai due platani (try their pumpkin ravioli! And ice cream for pudding!) is the best Saturday night I can think of!

Tickets and more information about the opera programm here.

Trattoria ai due platani: Via Budellungo 104

Image via Jamie Magazine.

Wandering through the streets of Vicenza

17 Sep

vicenza_2Earth tones, soft pinks and creamy yellows… those are the colours of Vicenza. Here you have some impressions of this little town.
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My Venice

10 Sep


Venice is my place. The place that makes me feel at home, although it’s not my real home. The place were I feel good, pretty and full of energy. The place that makes me want to cry tears of joy when I arrive and the place I wish I didn’t have to leave. The place that I daydream of, the place where I could spend the rest of my life, where I know I will be happy.
Today I wanted to share with you some pictures of my Venice. The details hidden behind the tourists, the little squares where I spent my childhood holidays, the peace that just Venice can give, the mistery, the loneliness… but also the joy, the bridges that I’ve crossed so many times, running when I was a kid and walking really slowly the last time I was there with my grandfather. Venice is the best place in the world. It’s my best place in the world.

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mmm… Monday! Risotto ai funghi porcini

9 Sep

Autumn may be still a few weeks away, but it has already hit our kitchen. We try to include as much seasonal products as possible in our menus in order to have the best flavors, so we were quite excited to use the first mushrooms of the season. Yesterday we prepared an amazing risotto ai funghi. The recipe is quite simple and admits lots of variations so we can’t recommend it enough!
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