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The slow-paced weekend guide to Cortina d’Ampezzo

Cortina d’Ampezzo is one of those postcard perfect little villages that comes in to your mind whenever you think about Christmas, Winter wonderlands or romcoms that take place in charming mountain retreats. But actually Cortina d’Ampezzo is better than all that because it’s real:  the chalets, the light green pointed bell tower, the twisting mountain roads surrounded by green meadows and dense woods, those impressive, magnificent mountains that border the landscape… We live the whole year waiting for that first crisp, pine scented, invigorating deep breath that we take the moment we arrive.   HOW TO GET THERE Cortina is located a two hour car ride away from Venice Airport. Remember to book your seat on the right side of the plane to see the majestic Venice from your window. If a thick matted wool like fog doesn’t interfere with your landing, that is. Once in Venice, you can take the Cortina Express or de ATVO regional buses. Both have a very convenient stop at Venice airport. You can always rent a car (the roads are …


Postcards from Rome

It’s been a month since we visited Rome but it feels like a year. September has been hectic to say the least but we finally get to share some pictures of our very own Roman Holidays. Maybe we inspire you to plan a getaway to the wonderful Eternal City? Its beautiful ochre façades will sure be the best background for the golden Autumn sun.     We spent a short weekend in Rome with friends, so it was more about enjoying our time together than exploring the city. That’s why we took it slowly…. but we did squeeze in some sightseeing, aperitivi and dolce vita in our schedule. Rome, with it’s hoards of tourists and its impressive history is better if you take a detour and look for the hidden cobblestone alleys, wake up early and go for late night gelato runs.     The highlights of our weekend were the quiet early morning breakfasts in the tiny café located just under our apartment, the views from the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica, the very refreshing aperitivo at …


5 tips to visit St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome

We’ve talked about our approach to sightseeing before and while we don’t stress over visiting all the sights any more, there are a few places in the world that we simply cannot miss, even if we have visited them a few times before. St. Peter’s Basilica is one of them. We could be in Rome with friends, with family, rain or shine… but we always find a bit of time to visit this breathtaking, sumptuous building. It can be overwhelming, it can be terribly crowded and it can certainly feel soulless. But it is one of the most beautiful things built by men. So here you have a few tips to make the most of your visit: 1 – Get up early. It opens its doors at 7 o’clock, so be there as early as you can. It’s the best way to avoid the crowds and the faded morning light not only makes the atmosphere magical, but also creates fascinating effects over the marble.   2 – Cover yourself: this tip is ridiculous or at least …


Classic bruschetta

Inspired by our trip to Rome, we wanted to share with you this easy recipe of a classic Italian bruschetta. With a few ingredients and a griddle pan you can create a fantastic Italian meal in less than ten minutes. Better than pizza? 


5 hours in Venice: from Santa Lucía to San Giorgio

I have to visit Venice at least once a year. It’s in my veins. I need it like my morning coffee fix. So even if it’s only for a few hours, I have to breathe that Venetian salty air that my great-grandmother used to claim was the best of the world. So during my last trip to Italy, between walks in the fields of Vicenza and road trips in Trentino, I managed to spend 5 hours in Venice. Only 5 hours. It wasn’t enought but I made the most of what I had.


Trentino road trip

A couple of weks ago I made a short trip to Italy to visit my family. I stayed in a small but lovely village next to Vicenza for four days only, but I was lucky enough to squeeze a couple of charming day trips. One day we decided to escape from the high temperatures and drive up to the Trentino mountains.


Focaccia Veneziana

We’re having quite a nice Summer, with high temperatures and just a few Summer showers. In fact, we are enjoying the best Summer since we moved to Germany. But a couple of weeks ago our Sunday was just like November. Dark, rainy and cold. So I decided that the best way to cope with such a terrible day was trying a new recipe from my new cookbook. There is something so comforting in the scent of freshly baked goods… It improves the most terrible atmosphere. And this rum infused fragant Focaccia was exactly what the doctor ordered.

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The best food we’ve ever eaten abroad

  Eat and travel. The biggest pleasures in life! I’m sure that if you are reading this blog you agree with us. Maybe, like us, you live for those glorious moments in life when you discover a lovely restaurant in a gorgeous setting, you taste a new flavour for the first time… Sometimes the food is outstanding, others it’s the moment, the company and the location. So before leaving for our next trip this Thursday,  we’ve decided to reminisce about the best food we’ve ever eaten abroad: