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In my suitcase: the festive clutch

6 Dec


Last week we started our holiday suitcase with a velvet blazer and today we are choosing a festive clutch that can be our best friend during the holiday season. Essential for parties and special dinners it can also dress up a more casual outfit.

1. This Lanvin clutch can be a great investment piece. Its print will add the best twist to the most serious attire.
2. Sweet and rock-ish. This delightful clutch would be perfect for the youngest ladies in the house. Those first Christmas parties…
3. Zara always has something for you. This baroque clutch would be the perfect way to light up a total black look.
4. A modern classic. Alexander Wang Tri-Fold texture-leather clutch which happens to be on sale. 55% off!
5. Another black clutch that can be wear as a crossbody bag too. The golden chain ornament makes it festive but not overly so.
6. We’ve already talked about this clutch on our Facebook page. Isn’t it lovely?
7. And finally, the most festive of all the clutches: a gold extravaganza by Zac Posen. You can find it now at The Outnet with a 50% off!!

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In my suitcase: the velvet blazer

29 Nov

Velvet Blazers

This month is going to be all about series! Apart from our Xmas series, we will be adding a weekly post about those items that we think should be in your suitcase this holidays.

Lets start with an old classic: the velvet blazer. This piece will dress up a simple jeans and white shirt look, it can be the perfect way to warm up your party outfits and adds a lovely masculine touch that makes every girl look cooler. It’s like the grown up fancy sister of the leather jacket!

1. Black velvet and black satin equals elegant and super sexy party look. Pair it with a pencil skirt or sharply cut pants.

2. If you are looking for comfort and a boho party look try this blazer together with an embroidered vintage top and harem pants. Add a lovely strappy sandal to achieve that festive look.

3. This is the basic version. Perfect with jeans, shirt and a pair of loafers. Great for family lunches and Christmas shopping sprees.
Black velvet and black satin equals elegant and super sexy party look. Pair it with a pencil skirt or sharply cut pants.

4. Splurge in a classic piece that will last forever, like this midnight blue blazer. The colour is amazing and it will make you look like a million dollars!

5.  For a casual vibe, wear this printed velvet blazer with and a knit sweater underneath, skinny jeans and some good tan leather boots. Or Converse/Supergas if you are lucky and you don’t spend your holidays in a very cold place. If that’s the case: we really envy you!

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