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White chocolate cake with lemon butter cream

Even though I love baking I don’t like spending hours in the kitchen and I have to admit I’m scared of lots of recipes because they look so complicated. I just feel I won’t be able to achieve a decent result. If you are a little bit like me you’ll love this cake: it’s incredibly easy to prepare but looks way more complicated that it actually is. Besides, it would be the perfect end to last week’s menu.

Homemade pizza margherita

I’ve eaten tons of pizzas in my life, but none has ever tasted better than my mother’s homemade pizza margherita. She has this theory: to really know if a place serves really good pizza, you have to order marguerita, the most humble and simple version of pizza. Well, she knows what she’s talking about because she makes the BEST margherita. And you are lucky: she is sharing her recipe (which was my grandmother’s recipe) with us today!