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This is how our bedside table looks like lately. Plenty of books to read! I absolutely love reading in bed, in my opinion it’s one of those simple pleasures that make life nicer :) This picture was taken last weekend and since then I have already read one of those books… Persepolis is an amazing graphic novel that I just couldn’t stop reading! I highly recommend it! Do you have any book recommendations? We’d love to know!

Another rainy weekend…

This weather is starting to get on my nerves. I need Spring… but real Spring, not this windy, rainy, sometimes even snowy, cold dark thing that the calendar calls Spring. We have to put up with another cold rainy weekend. Sigh! Oh, well, let’s make the most of it!!! Books, magazines and films are going to be our best friends yet another weekend. And who knows? Maybe I finally have time to finish a home project that involves paint, pictures and nails ;) Have a lovely weekend!!! E&P Image via Douce-France


I’m tired of Winter. I know, I speak a lot about weather lately but March and still snowing? Oh Please! Where’s the global warming? Anyway, it seems like this weekend we’ll stay at home watching tv series under a blanket, packing for our holidays next week and, who knows? Maybe I’ll go crazy and bake some cookies ;) What about you? Nice plans? I hope so! Have a lovely weekend! Image USA. New York City. 1974. (C) Elliott Erwitt/MAGNUM PHOTOS

Weekend, at last.

Hello! How are you? We are exhausted! This week has been reaaaaally long. Monday was just four days ago??? Seriously??? We are welcoming our beloved friend, the weekend, with open arms, a blanket, a nice film, a pile of books and lots of popcorn. Oh, Friday nights, you are the best! What about you? Any plans? Tomorrow we want to hit the sales and try a new restaurant. On Sunday we may go to the gym… but I can’t promise you anything ;) Wherever you are and whoever you are, have a nice weekend!!! Image via NaturallyElla

Let’s face it. Holidays are over.

We’re back in Germany. It rains. We get up at 7 a.m. again. We’re back in our gloomy offices. Let’s face it. Holidays are over. This year Christmas was particularly nice for both of us. It was a time for family, friends, tons of food and celebrations. Just like it should. We have chosen some of our phone pics to remember those wonderful times.

Christmas decor

Good morning! How was your weekend? We visited the Christmas market, had a French cinema Sunday afternoon and ate our weights in chocolate. It was a  great weekend :-) Our home is finally full of Christmas spirit. It’s warmer, cosier and brighter than ever! We decided that this year our decorations would be white and blue with warm wooden details, but the traditional bright red is inevitable! We’re very happy with the result. Adventkranz, another German tradition that we have adopted. Little pine cones in our Villeroy & Boch cake stand. Christmas tree and a lovely reindeer who has been with us for almost ten years.

At home, at last

Hi everyone! After a non-stop working week we finally get to spend the weekend at home. We can’t be happier! We will bake, watch some movies, read, try new nail polishes, maybe go to the gym and, the most important thing: we won’t set the alarm clock! Yay! What are you up to?