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Weekend style icons: Anne

2 May

This weekend we want to introduce you to Anne, the lovely German girl behind the blog Les Attitudes. She has an amazing casual wardrobe that we hope will inspire you this weekend!
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Living abroad

27 Feb


Yesterday was our third German anniversary. We’ve been living in Germany for three years now. I just can’t believe it. We arrived in Bremen a really cold night after missing our connection at CDG airport. We were exhausted, angry and sad. My grandfather had had a heart attack the day before our departure so I was worried sick. I remember thinking: tomorrow everything would be better. (Scarlett O’Hara style).
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The Christmas market

11 Dec

I love Christmas!!! I adore it!! That’s why, for me, the first day we visit the Christmas market in Bremen is one of the happiest days of the year. It’s so beautiful!!! The little shops, the hot chocolate, the lights, the music, the people all happy and… well, drunk, but happy! So I thought I have to share with you some pictures of our first visit to the Christmas market. I hope you like it!
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mmm… Monday! Birthday Breakfast

28 Oct

Last week we have a belated birthday celebration. We decided to try breakfast in one of our favourite restaurants in Bremen, Presse.

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Spaguetti ice cream

18 Jun

PS: our article about spaguetti ice cream here

mmm…Monday! Presse, Bremen

14 Jan

Living in a small town has its pros and cons. One of the cons is that there are just a few nice places: a few nice restaurants, just four or five interesting shops, a couple of fun clubs… But the huge pro is the rush you experience when you discover a new place!!

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Out of a fairy tale

14 Nov


Just an Autumn Sunday afternoon in Schnoor, Bremen.

Embracing the Autumn

16 Oct

German trains

6 Jun

I have a problem with German trains. I used to think they were the epitome of the perfect railway system, but they are not. They are expensive, have lots of delays, even the high speed trains!!! And they could use a little bit more of cleaning… Germany has lots of amazing things, but trains are not one of them!

Since we lived in Germany we have suffered serious delays and had lots of problems, once we even had to get off a train in the middle of nowhere with -10º and waited for 45 minutes until another train, full of people, of course, came to rescue us. The worst thing of all was that no one told us what was going on, they just left us there, waiting.

During our last trip to Bruges we lived a surreal situation. We bought two tickets for the high speed train Köln – Brussels – Köln because we thought that would be the most comfortable train of all… but we were so wrong. We were told that we should book our seats too… strage, isn’t it? Thank God we did! Did you know that when you buy a ticket but you don’t book an actual seat you may be standing the whole trip? On a high speed train! Well, the day we travelled from Köln to Brussels there were like 20 people standing in our coach! Isn’t that dangerous? I don’t know why they sell more tickets than seats…  well, I guess it’s a good way to get more money…

So here you have a tip: if you take a train in Germany, book your seat. Always. Those 4 euros are a good investment, believe me.

Have you ever experienced something like this? Do you have any other tips to avoid this kind of situations? Don’t you think something like that can ruin a vacation?

Image via… unknown. Sorry!

A day at the beach

29 May

Last weekend we went to the beach. That’s one sentence I never thought I’d say in Germany!


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