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mmm… Monday! La Fromagerie

14 Apr

La Fromagerie_3

Today we are going to share with you our new favourite place in the world. The place where we had one of the loveliest dinners we’ve ever had. A couple of weeks ago, we were wandering through Marylebone village when we came across this cheese shop. We loved it immediately and when we saw a little poster saying that on Monday and Friday nights they open for cheese and charcuterie tasting we new we had a plan for the evening. It sounded so friendly: no reservations, just bring your friends.
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mmm… Monday! Four new recipes

7 Apr

The last couple of weeks I’ve been looking for yummy inspiration and found several amazing food blogs. They are huge, I know, but I’ve just discovered them! Today I wanted to share with you four recipes that I’m super excited to try! Let’s start with a beautiful Spring salad. Honey-roasted pecans, blackberries and blue cheese?? I’m in!
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The Admiral hotel, Copenhagen

20 Feb

This hotel is an exception in Copenhagen. No black and white minimal Nordic design. The Admiral hotel, a converted 18th century warehouse, is all about modern rustic comfort. This hotel gets everything right: from the location (a walking distance from the main cultural attractions and shopping areas) to its restaurant, Salt, where the modern Nordic cuisine combines the best traditional Danish products with a huge dose of imagination.
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mmm… Monday! DagH cafe, Copenhaguen

10 Feb

Let’s put our healthy lunches aside for a moment and focus on one of the best things in life: brunch. I read about this place here and I immediately knew it would become one of our favourite spots in Copenhaguen.
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mmm… Monday! Healthy lunch: cilantro lime cauliflower rice and roasted salmon

3 Feb


Last week we started our “Healthy Lunch” series and today we want to continue with a new delicious recipe that is tasty, low carb and really quick to prepare: cilantro lime cauliflower and roasted salmon.
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mmm… Monday! Healthy lunch: green beans and marinated chicken breasts

27 Jan

Good morning everyone! New Year resolutions are almost one month older. How is it going? We are trying… Eating healthier is always our number one resolution. That, and going to the gym regularly. We have gone to the gym once. Yeah… Nailed it. Oh, but we are having the healthiest lunches! We are really proud. That’s why we thought we could share them with you!
Yes, you can stop having crappy sandwiches at the office and start enjoying super tasty healthy dishes that you can prepare in aprox. 30 minutes the night before. Let’s start with our first menu: green beans with marinated chicken breasts.
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mmm… Monday! Mercado de la reina, Madrid

20 Jan

mercado_de_la_reina_1Back to Madrid to share with you another moment spent with friends around a table full of tasty food. This time we wanted to talk you about a lovely restaurant is placed in Gran Vía, the heart of Madrid, which offers the most delicious traditional food that I’ve eaten in a long time. The quality of the products is outstanding and that pays off on the plate.
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Best of 2013

31 Dec

hb_pd_pool_32013 has been a little bit difficult for us. But it has had fantastic moments too, of course. We’ve travelled a lot, we’ve started new exciting projects and we’ve been great together, that’s the most important thing of all! Here you have our 2013 in images. Grab someting to drink because this is going to be a loooong post!
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mmm… Monday! Nutella minimuffins

16 Dec

nutella_muffins_2Yesterday I wanted to prepare something sweet and comforting. I had some Nutella left, so I decided to look for a nice easy recipe to cheer up my Sunday morning.
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The Christmas market

11 Dec

I love Christmas!!! I adore it!! That’s why, for me, the first day we visit the Christmas market in Bremen is one of the happiest days of the year. It’s so beautiful!!! The little shops, the hot chocolate, the lights, the music, the people all happy and… well, drunk, but happy! So I thought I have to share with you some pictures of our first visit to the Christmas market. I hope you like it!
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