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Back to the gym. How to.

If last week we spoke about improving our cooking and eating habits because we are in September hence we are all about new resolutions, this week we have to speak about going back to the gym. Of course. There are two types of resolutions: food related and fitness related, right? In fact we did went back to the gym last August, or more accurately we changed gyms. We were so eager to have our new resolutions up and running that we started in August. Wow. We now go to a fancy schmancy gym and we have a trainer and we kind of like it. But I still go to the gym with the oldest t-shirt and the most unflattering pants you will ever see because I might go to the gym twice a week and maybe, just maybe, I might enjoy it but there are things that aren’t going to change and me wearing the ugliest, comfiest clothes to the gym is one of them. So, how did I get motivated? Obviously the buy cute …

30 days of yoga

During a few years I practised Hatha Yoga. It was a quite strange time in my life and I suffered from insomnia. The real insomnia, though, the one that only lets you sleep two hours per night. The one that makes you feel miserable and scared during those terribly long hours that you are awake, alone in your bed. Yoga helped a lot. I really loved yoga, though I was terrible at the most physical part of it. The breathing control techniques were the ones that really helped me to achieve a calmer state of mind and, therefore, a better sleep. Of course, once I felt better and my life got organized, I stopped doing yoga. The breathing techniques, however, stayed with me and have helped me over the years to go through nerve wracking situations, terrible physical and emotional pain and stress at work. Somehow, at the end of 2016 I got back to yoga thanks to Adriene. It was a mix of factors: the horrible weather made the perspective of going to the …

We survived the Kayla Itsines’ BBG

If you don’t live under a rock, you’ll know Kayla Itsines. Together with her boyfriend she has created a series of guides – the Bikini Body Guides – that are supposed to take you from coach potato to beach babe. So last October we decided to give them a try. Just look at the hashtag #bbgprogress on Instagram and you will be, at least, intrigued. Well, after completing the first round (there are three of them) I have my own thoughts about this famous fitness programm.