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Lamb koftas with cauliflower rice salad

Today we had another post planned but, to be honest, we got caught up in the latest season of Grey’s Anatomy this weekend and when we tried to take the pictures we had planned for today there wasn’t enough light. So… here you have the recipe that we had prepared for Thursday. A recipe that is perfect for people who love TV marathons, crawling up in the sofa and procrastination. Sometimes you just need a quick fix and just as this post has sorted out today’s publication, this recipe can sort out your dinners or lunches when you don’t have a lot of time to cook but you still want something delicious and good for you. In fact this is a mix of two recipes we found in the book Chef on a diet. Fear not, the book has nothing to do with bland, boiled vegetables and boring, colourless food. Quite the opposite. It has lots of delicious, spicy, mouth-watering food. And every recipe in the book is great for you if, like us, you …

Raspberry and pistachio brownies

We are addicted to cookbooks. Our Amazon orders usually include at least a couple of them. In fact, I will dare to say that the cookbook section in Amazon is our favourite shopping spot. Usually when we get a new cookbook, we feel the urge to prepare all the recipes in one week. We get excited, choose the most appealing recipes and then cook, cook, cook. And eat, eat, eat, of course. If after that week we repeat most of the recipes at least three times, then the book is a success. If not… well, it  will sit beautifully in our little kitchen library. We never throw books away! So let’s say our kitchen library is not that little anymore… However, there is a cookbook that we’ve been using on repeat during the last few weeks. Right after tasting the first mouthful of the first recipe we made (icnredible chicken burgers with a delicious courgette and chilli salad), we knew it was going to be one of our favourites. And indeed it is! If you …

Quinoa and roasted vegetable salad

What a surprise, you might say. Another Hemsley & Hemsley recipe? Well, since we bought their book we have been hooked. The recipes are super healthy and extremely delicious. And they gave us an excuse to have this for pudding. Or this. Or even this. It’s all about balance, you know ;)