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Christmas party ideas

These days everyone seems to be either going or coming from a Christmas party. Good food, fun drinks and old friends… what’s not to love? Well, all the mess that comes with it, even more if you are hosting one of those get togethers. But we have you covered: here you have 3 very simple recipes that your guests will love and you can prepare in no time! This is our informal Christmas party menu: goat cheese salad, kale chips and smoky walnut and cumin muhammara. A non traditional yet light and spicy menu that is different from what your guest would expect and is perfect to share. Lets start with the muhammara, that takes a tiny bit more time. We found this recipe in the wonderful book A modern way to eat, by Anna Jones, which we have already mentioned before in this Salted caramel brownies recipe and this Coconut and vanilla cake recipe. You will need: 75 g walnuts (plus a few more to decorate) 1 tsp cumin seeds 3 roasted red peppers, …

The only gift guide that you’ll need this Christmas

During the last few weeks my inbox has been full of wonderful gift guides. From stocking fillers to luxury items, the most beautiful things all listed and ready to buy, just a click away. And as much as I love shopping for others and, well, for me, this year there is only one item in our gift guide. And I would be very grateful if you could share it and include it in your gift guides as well. Do you remember the hilarious Ice Bucket Challenge that was all over the Internet last year?  Well, it was created to promote awareness of the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. I watched every Instagram video that appeared on my feed, even more if it involved some gorgeous celebrity. My guess is you did too. But I didn’t donate. I can imagine that most people did the same, though I truly hope that if you saw those challenges you did donate. I truly hope you are a better person than I. ALS is a …

Christmas Cards DIY 2016

This post is a holiday tradition for us. If you follow this blog, you’ll know that every year we sit down and prepare our Christmas cards for our family and closest friends. It’s fun, it feels good and it marks the start of the holiday season for us. If last year’s DIY was the easiest, this year it’s almost cheating.   We bought two different boxes of gorgeous Christmas cards by My mind’s eye and some matching decorative brads and we played with them until we got our simple yet lovely and über festive Christmas cards. By the way, if you like stationery even a little bit, check My mind’s Eye web. Their products are adorable, beautiful, joyful… I just want to live inside that web. It’s an event organizer’s dream!   The process is ridiculously easy. Just pierce the cards with the decorative brads and write your best wishes. It doesn’t matter if your caligraphy isn’t the best, it’s the thought that matters. This uncomplicated DIY is perfect for clumsy types and people that …

A scent for Christmas

On Monday we shared with you one of our favourite Christmas’ scents: spicy, buttery, dip in white chocolate cookies fresh from the oven (recipe here!). Today, following with the Christmas aromas theme, we wanted to introduce you to a wonderful cologne that could be a great present for Christmas. Jo Malone is one of our favourite brands: we love its philosophy (the scents are made to be mixed with each other) and the fragances are always unconventional. Besides, it’s very easy to find the one for you: they have different categories (citrus, floral, spicy…) so that you can quickly and easily gravitate to the bouquet that you prefer. This one on the picture is our absolute favourite: Nectarine Blossom and Honey. I think this is our third bottle! It’s the right amount of fruity, not overly sweet and a tad spicy. Just perfect. Even one of our best friends couldn’t resist and bought one during her last visit! But we also love the Wood Sage and Sea Salt cologne, a quintesessential Wintery scent.  It smells like cosy afternoons by …

Christmas cards DIY 2015!

During the past few years we’ve been making our own Christmas Cards. It’s part of our Advent ritual: we buy our Advent Wreath, we listen to classic carrols and we prepare the cards we sent afterwards to our best friends and family. (We’ve shared the ones we did last year, and the year before that, do you remember them?) However, we thought we weren’t going to make it this time. With lots of work, even of weekends, we hardly had time for anything. But in the end we made it! So here you have our Christmas Cards DIY 2015!

Cinnamon Rolls

I’ve always been afraid of baking cinnamon rolls. I know, it’s stupid, but I always thought it was something complicated, sticky and doomed to failure. But it turned out to be quite easy! While I still want to improve the recipe and I know I need more practise, I was quite happy with the result. Continue reading for a foolproof cinnamon roll recipe!

Let the festivities begin!

The Christmas season has well and truly arrived and therefore we are packing our suitcases (last minute, obviously) and heading to Spain tomorrow. We’ve already planned lots of meetings with friends and family and we just can’t wait. We won’t forget the blog, though. We will change our routine a little bit during the next days, but expect at least three post per week.  You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for daily updates. You know the drill: lots of pictures of food, nice places, pretty landscapes and the occasional ootd ;) Have a wonderful weekend!!! Picture via Pinterest

This Christmas…

We would love to… Have cup of hot chocolate in Angelina Paris and then go for a long afternoon walk in Montmartre. Skate along the frozen Dutch canals in Kinderdijk. Experience an authentic Winter wonderland dream in Putevny, Czech Republic. Indulge to high tea in London (at the Claridge’s, if posible). Ski in Switzerland (that means watch other people skiing while we sip a hot chocolate mocktail in a cosy wooden cabin). Wander through the almost deserted alleys in Venice. Observe the Northern lights in Lapland. Go Christmas shopping in Copenhagen. Take my mum to Scotland for a whiskey tasting. Visit all the traditional cafes in Vienna and eat lots of Dobos Torte… or escape from the cold weather and head to the Canary Islands. A girl can dream! Do you have any travel dreams for this Christmas? Picture via Pinterest.