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Festive makeup

After a whole day packing, which we both hate, we are about to head home for Christmas. That means we are going to meet our families and friends which we haven’t seen for what it feels like ages. That also means that we will be going out more than usual, which isn’t difficult because we usually go to bed at 10pm. And for me, that also means that I have more opportunities to wear makeup. Yay! You already know that I love makeup so any occasion to rock a red lip is welcome… but only if I can be in my bed by 10pm. So Christmas is perfect because you basically can wear the most insane red lip all day every day without anyone saying: uuuhhh, red lips… what are you celebrating? To which I usually answer: Life, you moron! But during the holidays if anyone remarks that I’m wearing red lipstick (in case I forgot the ten minutes I spent perfecting my lip liner, I guess) I can answer: Christmas! (You moron!) So today …

Everyday beauty

Lately I’ve been using a few beauty products in rotation and I’ve realized they are really affordable. All of them were recommendations of my favorite makeup gurus and they are really, really good. I have sensitive dry skin and I’m quite picky when it comes to textures and finishes, so I was surprised to discover such a fantastic quality for such a small price tag.