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Neighbourhood, Copenhagen

16 Jul


Copenhagen is full of fantastic places to have breakfast. And God knows we love a good breakfast! This is our last discovery to spend a lazy morning with great food, gorgeous fellow foodies and cool background music. Continue reading

Ugly little pies

18 May

Ugly_pies_2Did we mention that we love brunch? Oh maybe we did a couple of times… (Exhibit A, B & C). It might be the sun shining a little bit these days, or the fact that after two crazy weeks at work we finally have a few days off, but we are looking forward to preparing huge Spring brunches for our friends. We’ve been testing some recipes and this one is the real winner. They might not look like much, but these little bacon, egg and cheddar pies are perfect. Tender yet a tad crunchy, soft but with a nice spicy kick thanks to a small amount of mustard à l’Ancienne and really easy to prepare. That’s exactly what you are looking for if you are having guests over, isn’t it?
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Brunch salad

4 May

brunch_salad_3Oh brunch… We know you are considered so out of style lately, but we still love you. And even though we tend to load up on carbs like crazy, we sometimes want you healthy and fresh and guilt free. For those (rare) occasions we always prepare this lovely crunchy salad with creamy runny poached eggs and a zingy lemony dressing. The perfect combination! And yes, you’ve guessed it right: with just a few ingredients and really easy to prepare… because this is how we roll. Hair flip.

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Sunday brunch

17 Mar

Hello there! How was your weekend? We had a great one. On Saturday we got to know a new area of the city we live in, ate in a wonderful Syrian restaurant and spent the afternoon watching terrible but funny movies all bundled up in our sofa because, sadly, Winter is back. Sunday was all about brunch! Here you have our basics for Sunday brunch and a brand new recipe if you’d like to see…

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Café Norden, Copenhagen

10 Mar

There is nothing better than a delicious brunch on a lovely sunny Sunday morning. Waking up to a wonderful blue sky, next to the person you love in a beautiful city is pure joy. That could be one of those moments in life when you are just happy and grateful for the simple fact of being alive. That kind of happiness can only be improved by… a great brunch! Quick shower, subtle make up and my favourite coat. Ready to enjoy!
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DagH cafe, Copenhagen

10 Feb

Let’s put our healthy lunches aside for a moment and focus on one of the best things in life: brunch. I read about this place here and I immediately knew it would become one of our favourite spots in Copenhagen.
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Three great places to eat in Dublin

14 Oct


Today we want to recommend you three great places to grab a bite in Dublin. These are our friend’s favourites, we didn’t discovered them by chance nor read about them in any guide. They are tested and approved by our friends who live in Dublin, so good quality is guaranteed!
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Dublin diary: friends, design shops, parks and amazing pizzas

9 Oct

Last weekend we visited our friends T. and G. in Dublin and we had the BEST time. The weather was fantastic (bearing in mind it was October and Dublin), the company couldn’t have been funnier and the city was amazing. We visited Dublin a couple of years ago and we have to admit that back then we didn’t really liked it. But this time we really loved it and enjoyed it. We shared with you some pics via instagram (@theslowpace) but we thought we could show you a little bit more about our Irish experience, which involved a fair amount of cocktails, long walks, great conversations and hipster pizzas.
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Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon

8 Apr


Good morning! This weekend we enjoyed a little bit of sun and blue skies. It seems that Winter is finally leaving for good. We were so happy that we decided to celebrate with a nice brunch. This is by far our favourite recipe to start the weekend with energy!

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Paris London

11 Mar


Let’s begin our Paris themed week with one of our favourite things in the world: food! ;) We discovered this place by pure chance. Last week, after having a great time at Le Tuileries (clic) we were starving and freezing. We didn’t know where to eat and it was a little bit late, so we headed to Place de la Madeleine to visit its amazing gourmet shops and buy some nice little treats. But in our way we found this fantastic place. We were mesmerized. We liked it so much that we came back the next day for brunch!

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