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Eggs Benedict

So we made eggs benedict for breakfast this weekend. Or at least we tried. We’re talking about a first here… We had never poached an egg before and, well, let’s say we needed a few attempts, ehem, but we finally got a couple of nice eggs benedict. And they were soooo good!! We chose bacon this time, but they would have been great with slices of smoked salmon too. Maybe next weekend? Here you have our recipe, but I warn you, preparing this dish can be quite stressful. Everything happens at the same time, so you’d better have a partner in crime!


There’s nothing better than a fresh baked croissant with a nice cup of coffee to start the day. That’s why I’ve always wanted to prepare my own croissants but it seems so difficult… it’s scary! So when I saw this recipe (with gifs!) I thought I could try…

Hotel Balanguera, Palma de Mallorca

When we decided to visit Palma we were looking for a nice boutique hotel with personality. Being Palma such a tourist destination we didn’t want to end up in a huge hotel full of noisy drunk people. And we were lucky because we found a little gem. Hotel Balanguera is a heaven of peace with an impressive design.


Our trip to Bruges was a last minute decision, but we were really lucky and booked the last room in Ter Duinen hotel. Usually we try to avoid the big hotel chains because they are a bit impersonal and when you get up you really don’t know if you are in London, Cape Town or Buenos Aires… they all look the same. That’s why we always look for nice charming hotels with something different. Well, this hotel was definitely a great choice.


Going out for breakfast is one of may favourite things in the world. I love trying different types of breakfast wherever I go and the last weeks in Seville I ate one of the best breakfast EVER at Bar El Comercio