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You know that we are longing for Autumn… but how can we not when we see images like these? Don’t you want to wrap yourself in a comfy cardigan, feel the cold in your rosy cheeks and enjoy a hot strong cup of coffe? I personally can’t wait. The new Mango lookbook is so inviting… it simply makes you want to buy everything and live in an eternal Autumn.


Yes, finally! Finally a designer thinks about horrible Winter weather! Finally fashionable shoes that can face the Northern European weather! Let’s be honest here: I don’t know about you, but if I want to keep my teeth where they are and my lungs in good condition, heels, leather ballerinas or strappy sandals are out of the question in Winter. I hope the Nowles wedge boots become the next it shoe because this is the only kind of shoe we can wear in the North of Germany from November to February! Do they look like Santa Claus’ helper’s shoes? Maybe, but they look warm and hard enough for cold weather! Thank you, Isabel. You can buy them here!