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Non Fiction

Is there anything better than a good book that you can’t put down? Maybe, but books are pretty amazing, even more during these Winter dark, cold afternoons. Add a pair of fluffy socks, a cosy blanket and something to nibble and you have the perfect plan. However, we’ve noticed a different pattern in our reading habits lately. We barely read fiction nowadays. Our favourite book from 2016 was this one and although its content can feel like science fiction sometimes (the things humans do for power…) it was completely the opposite.  And that’s the trend that our bedside tables have been witnessing for the last few months: nonfiction. Maybe the reason is that the world is so surreal lately, that we have been looking for truth and wisdom rather than fantasize with stories or tales. Whether it is a biography or a history book, we feel that we’ve been learning a lot and we certainly had a great time doing so. Non Fiction is fun!  These are some of the books we’ve loved lately and a couple …

Books that make you happy

I’ve been wanting to speak about books for a while now. Do you like reading? We love it. In our shelves you can find any book that Haruki Murakami has published, all kinds of travel diaries … but also a fair amount of bestsellers. We read almost everything that falls into our hands and we are not ashamed to admit that we love us some bestsellers! During a quite obscure period of my life reading kept me sane. I remember devouring Ken Follet’s  The Pilars of the Earth all bundled up in bed in order not to think about my problems. And it really helped! But if there’s an author that has made me happy, that’s Marian Keyes. I know that she is one of the epitomes of the so called chick lit and lots of women deny reading that kind of books, but I find her novels quite inspiring, funny and uplifting. Sushi for begginers is my favourite. If you are having a rough time, I can’t recommend her books enough. The last book that …


This is how our bedside table looks like lately. Plenty of books to read! I absolutely love reading in bed, in my opinion it’s one of those simple pleasures that make life nicer :) This picture was taken last weekend and since then I have already read one of those books… Persepolis is an amazing graphic novel that I just couldn’t stop reading! I highly recommend it! Do you have any book recommendations? We’d love to know!