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Post-holidays glow

8 Jan

Face_Mask_1After our stay in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Madrid and Sevilla, Germany has welcomed us with temperatures of -16ºC. You can say that our skin has been and is suffering. Add the lack of sleep, the flights, the holidays, the big meals … and you have two dull faces fighting to look good with the help of makeup but actually looking like this instead. So in order to make things right and, you know, #newyearsresolutions, we’re trying to stick with a nice weekly ritual that involves these two masks.

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2 Dec

Lately I’ve been wearing this look on repeat. Basic and neutral. Perfect for extra long days at work. November has been crazy and I just didn’t have the time or energy to get creative. So almost every morning, I’ve chosen my Max Mara glasses (retro vibe), my leo print scarf (neutral as goddess Jenna Lyons said) and my two new makeup essentials (yep, makeup again!).  Continue reading

The Autumn edit by Nails Inc

11 Nov

During a short visit to Sephora in Copenhagen I spotted a cute box with this three beautiful Autumn shades, which were part of the Autumn Alexa Chung collection for NailsInc. I loved it… but didn’t buy it. Obviously, I regreted it afterwards. That’s so me. But on my birthday someone thoughtfully remembered that I wanted it and got it for me. Insert heart eyes emoji here.
I’ve been using these three shades on repeat. Not only are the colours gorgeous, as you can see, but the formula is outsanding. I’d say it’s the best one I’ve ever tried! It’s really longlasting, the application can’t be easier and the color is ridiculously rich.
Oddly enough my favourite shade is that dark green with grey-ish undertones. It’s called Battersea Park and it looks smarter than I would have thought. Instagram Exhibit A. Grosvenor Crescent is a deep aubergine shade that was the star of my Halloween week. Instagram Exhibit B. And finally you have the sweet pink/light browk, Uptown. My least favourite of the pack, but still pretty lovely. Instagram Exhibit C.
So there you go, your weekly beauty fix!

Hammam, by Rituals

4 Nov

Hammam_Rituals_1Do you remember my thoughts on Spinning? Well, one of the few reasons why I like it (sort of) is that glorious shower that comes afterwards. You enter the shower feeling all miserable and achy and go out refreshed and relaxed. Actually, I’d say that’s my favourite thing about sports. That and the feeling of “oh, it doesn’t matter I just went to the gym” when you’ve just finished your third (meaning thirteenth) cookie. You needed the sugar, after all.

For that “I’m a new person” shower we’ve been using the Hamam line by Rituals and it’s so good and we love it so much that we had to talk about it to the void/ auditorium that the Internet is. We started using the Hamam hot scrub, which is simply a spa in a jar. And then we added the shower paste. Let me describe the scrub: it smells deliciously minty with a tad of ginger, it’s the right amount of rough (salt scrubs are the best I think) and leaves your skin super moisturised. It reminds me a little bit of this scrub, which used to be my favourite. It’s the closest thing to a Moroccan Hammam experience you’ll get inside your shower.

But now we’ve added the Ultra Hydrating Shower Paste. It’s basically a shower gel but denser and you don’t rinse it directly after applying. You use the shower paste, then scrub and, finally, rinse. And then you are as fresh and smooth as a mint ice cream. And afterwards, you can curl up in your pijamas and have your cookie(s). You’ve earned it.

Mauve eyes

28 Oct

Taupe_Eyeshadows_1I’ve been loving mauve shades lately. They are neutral, they pair beautifully with brown eyes and they feel so Autumny. From the lighter shades to the depeest berry, I think they are just what you need for everyday looks. Oddly enough and just for once, my favorite products are from the drugstore. So I thought that we should celebrate the fact that you don’t have to spend much to get these gorgeous colour combinations!

The Bourjois ColorBand duo that you can see in the picture is my go-to for Mondays,when I just can’t be bothered to use any brush. I apply them directly and blend with my fingers afterwards: Rose Fauviste for the upper lid and Mauve Baroque for the crease. They are waterproof and stay put the whole day. As I said, perfect for Mondays.

Then we have another fantastic and longlasting shade from Bourjois’ Color Edition range: Petale the Glace, a light and a little bit shimmery mauve. The texture is fantastic, it goes from cream to powder, so it makes a great base. And you can find it on sale here! I personally like to wear it together with the rich and lovely Metallic Pomegranate from Maybelline’s Color Tattoo 24hr. This combination would also be great for a night out, just intensify the colour and add black liner.

I think these shades can make any eye colour stand out without being too dramatic and they are neutral without being too boring. They will simply make your working beauty looks different yet still wearable. Have I convinced you yet?


Frizzy hair?

14 Jul

Moroccan_Oil_1 I’ve always had terrilby frizzy hair but things have gone crazy since I chopped my mane into a medium bob. I used to get Brazilian keratine treatments but sadly the one that really worked wonders for my hair was removed from the market. Apparently it was dangerous for the person applying it. Something about ashtma. Bummer. So I’ve been fighting with hair straighteners for the last few months. Even though my arms seem more toned, I’m exhausted. Good news, though: I’ve recently found Smooth Collection, the new line that Moroccan Oil has launched to help people with crazy hair like mine. Infused with argan oil and argan butter, it strengthens and aligns hair’s natural keratin structure.  It doesn’t deliver like my beloved toxic keratin treatment, but I really like it. And, again, it’s not toxic.

I use the shampoo, the conditioner and the smoothing lotion. I have to be honest: it doesn’t make my hair look like silk immediately but it does help to tame my locks. And it smells like heaven. I even don’t use perfume the day I wash my hair so that nothing covers that clean, fresh, amazing scent. And what I really REALLY love is applying the smoothing lotion on second day hair. I don’t know how it does it, but after applying a couple of pumps into my hair, it suddenly has a beautiful volume, looks more polished and, again, it smells unvelibably good!

The only problem: I have to wash my hair more often, so even though it’s recommended for all hair types, I wouldn’t use it if my hair was on the greasy side.

It’s been raining non-stop for the past few days but, humidity: I’m not afraid of you anymore!

Coral is for Summer

1 Jul


I’m sure that if all the beauty addicts in the world had to choose just one color for Summer, 99% would choose coral. And I’m one of them. I’m that original! However, finding the perfect coral shade it’s not easy (#firstworldproblems). Most of the so called coral shades in the market are too orange, eventually turn into a sort of tomato red and others are almost neon and make your hands look dirty… After a whole morning interrogating all the experts in the beauty counters of my local department store, here you have the results of my field study. Dior has the perfect, bright, coral shade. And yes, I went for nails and lips because once you find it you have to stock up, am I right?

For the lips I bought the Dior Addict Fluid Stick in Adventure. It’s gorgeous and pretty longlasting. It’s quite poweful when applied directly on the lips, but if you blend it a little bit you can have a more subtle color. You can have a bold lip or you can blend it away until you have a sheer coverage.  With this lipstick you have your vacations covered, both day and night looks.

And let me tell you that I’ve found the Holy Grail of nails. This nail polish does not chip. Ever. Two coats and I had my nails sorted out for a week. A week? That’s the equivalent of 100 years in beauty time. The formula is smooth and applies heavenly. And well, my toes just love that shade. It even makes you hands and feet look a little bit tanned.  Gorgeous.

So even though we still have a month until our Summer holidays, we’ve been feeling the vacation vibes . Everyone knows that if you wear coral, you’re almost on holidays!

PS. Vintage straw bag bought in Venice, vintage silver bracelet bought in Madrid and turquoise bracelet bought in Positano.


Better skin

2 Jun

Clarins_Masvelt_Biotherm_BBMilk_1-2See that picture? I will never have that body. Partly because I hate working out, partly because I have no will power when it comes to chocolate and partly because I have a full time corporate job, plus I have a blog, plus I write for a couple of magazines. That means I don’t have a lot of free time and when I do have it, I prefer spending it on the sofa with a good book or one of my favorite TV series.  The only sport I’ve been practicing lately has been the long walks in London and Copenhagen. My favorite kind of sport, if you ask me. So, now that we got that out of the way, let me tell you that when the temperatures are warmer I do panic and I do care about how I’ll look with no huge coat to cover everything. Like every other woman on the planet. Do I start working out like crazy? No. Do I quit chocolate? Of course not. I turn to cosmetics and beauty treatments. Obviously, they are not as effective as exercise and a strict diet, but they help a little bit. And that’s fine by me.

I’ve tried different treatments during the last years (clic, clic) but I’ve finally found something that works. Again, with this I don’t pretend to get a #BodybyIza (be careful if you look up that hashtag on Instagram!), but I do achieve a toner, enhanced skin. And that makes showing my legs a little less scary. If you are in your early twenties, don’t bother. Your skin is fine and you don’t need to tone or redefine. Enjoy your skin as it is, you’ll have plenty of time for beauty treatments later.

But back to women in their 30’s with sedentary jobs: First I apply the absolutely wonderful Clarins Body Shaping Cream. With its heavenly texture and subtle scent, this cream makes every morning lighter. But the secret is the Self-Massage Body Shaping Method that comes with it. It takes just five minutes but makes a huge difference. This method encourages drainage so you will notice that your legs, waist and arms are smoothed after a week. I swear. Do you know that ugly inner part of the knees? Well, maybe yours is not ugly. Mine is. But no so much lately, thanks to this cream and those massages.

After that, I apply the new Biotherm BB Milk. It smells like lemons, so it feels really Summery. It basically acts like a face BB cream. It magically adapts to your skin and unifies the general tone. If you don’t like bronzers, like me, this product is for you. It will make your skin look better: not tanner, not shinier. Just better. I let it dry for a couple of minutes before dressing and I’m done. My skin looks smoother, nicer and smells amazing!

Clarins Double Serum: the game changer

20 May

Clarins_double_serum Do you know those products that promise radical and almost immediate changes in your skin? I never trust them. So many disappointments… That’s why the first time I applied the Clarins double serum I was shocked. But I waited. Trust issues. However, after five weeks using this multi-award winning serum twice a day I can finally confirm it: this product really changes your skin. I’m even a little bit afraid of how much I love it because I know that from now on I won’t be able to live without it (#firstworldproblems, I know). And I can tell you that because last weekend, while we were in Copenhagen, I didn’t take it with me and oh, I’ve suffered. Suddenly my moisturizer didn’t seem enough.

This serum makes my skin feel absolutely nourished. It doesn’t eliminate wrinkles or pores completely (it’s not surgery!) but the skin looks brighter, glowy… alive! If you are in your twenties, don’t even think about it. Your skin is fine. Don’t worry. In ten years you’ll miss how firm, juicy and fresh you look now. But if you are in your 30’s, you work long hours, you’ve started noticing that your skin looks duller, drier and more tired… Run and buy this serum! It feels extremely soothing and comforting and from the moment you apply it you can feel it taking care of your skin. It’s brilliant!

Off to Copenhagen!

14 May

heck yesWe’re off to Copenhagen! Even though this time of the year we usually head to the beach, we are travelling to our beloved Copenhagen to improve our slow-paced guide. Since we know you are here to read nice content, not to read us brag about our next destination, we’ve compiled some old posts that you may have missed!

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