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Chanel Le Rouge Collection : Candeur et experience

So Autumn is here and it’s time to revisit the usual suspects: tartan, berry lips, pumpkin lattes and velvet. I love the crispy air and the traditions that come with it, so I can’t be more excited. However, this year Autumn brings something new beautywise, Le Rouge Collection by Chanel. And what did I pick from the whole collection? An eyeshadow quad, of course. The beautiful Candeur et experience multi effect quadra eyeshadow. After reading lots of reviews I decided to buy it but obviously it wasn’t that easy. Finally I did find it during a short layover in Amsterdam Schiphol airport (one day we’ll have to talk about the correlation between the number of layovers per year and the number of beauty products bought per year). Hurrah! It was mine! All I had to do was wait until any occasion to wear red, brown, warm eyes. I didn’t find it because the weather has been quite nice, oddly enough, and I ‘m trying to make the most of the sun and the Summer colours …


Summer colours

Summer, we refuse to say goodbye. Even though we have already turned on the heating a couple of times during the last week and we’ve started pinning idilic images in our Autumn board, we can’t let go of you. 


Beauty oils, travel edition

Our first experience with oils goes back to four years ago, when we first used the famous Midnight Recovery Concentrate by Kiehls (check the post about it in baby Slow Pace 2012 here). Just like every other girl, we were afraid of greasy T-zones but soon we discovered that oil not only did not leave any grease trace but also made our skins feel nourished and super soft. Since then, we’ve been using and testing a few oils from different brands. However just a few have secured a place in our beauty bags and just three of them are coming with us in our Summer trips. Since hair suffers so much on the beach, we are taking these cute travel size bottles of the all time classic of oils: Moroccan Oil (in the light version) and the more affordable but still very nice L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil. We alternate both of them, finding the Moroccan Oil perfect to condition our hair after washing it and the L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil better to spray constantly on the beach. Both of …


Summer bronze

It’s that time of the year again… when our pale skins stand out in a sea of dewy, tan faces. The Snow White look is not exactly the best to rock in Summer. So in order to hide our sad, almost green white skin tones we reach for our trustworthy bronzers: the ones that we use in the search of that caramel, golden Beyoncé bronze… or  at least help us have a healthier and summer-ish look. 


Find your red

How strange… we’ve featured a palette that’s not an eyeshadow palette? Yes, sir. The minute I saw the first ad of this beautiful, all kinds of red palette I started the hunt. I bought it, admired it, photographed it and tested it.


MAC Diva

To be honest, I don’t really like MAC. Sure, it was one of my favourite makeup brands a few years ago: it was so innovative, forward-thinking, so edgy… But suddenly it was too much for me. Now I prefer a subtle, easy going make up and, somehow, this brand doesn’t seem to represent what I am. I know that’s how branding and marketing work… and well, it works. For I feel more related with other brands’ images. However, every time I feel daring I visit a MAC counter. So a few weeks ago I headed to my local MAC looking for a deep berry, almost purple lipstick. I wanted something dark to pair with my new eyeshadow palette. Bright, soft eyes and a dark lip is the Winter look par exellence, isn’t it? And I found the gorgeous and ultra matte Diva (02). The name is so MAC! The formula is surprisingly soft and doesn’t live my lips dry. The color is quite long lasting and you can build it up, so you can have …


Blushed nudes

I know, I know… another eyeshadow palette? Well, this one was an accident. But a very happy one. The kind of accident that happens when you are just browsing in your drugstore, when you don’t want to buy anything, you are making time because you are meeting your mum in fifteen minutes. But then you see something. It looks appealing. You grab it, open it, swatch, realise it’s absolutely gorgeous, look discreetly the price tag and then you shout: no way, it’s ridiculous! And, of course, you buy it. Because, #yolo!


Post-holidays glow

After our stay in Cortina d’Ampezzo, Madrid and Sevilla, Germany has welcomed us with temperatures of -16ºC. You can say that our skin has been and is suffering. Add the lack of sleep, the flights, the holidays, the big meals … and you have two dull faces fighting to look good with the help of makeup but actually looking like this instead. So in order to make things right and, you know, #newyearsresolutions, we’re trying to stick with a nice weekly ritual that involves these two masks.



Lately I’ve been wearing this look on repeat. Basic and neutral. Perfect for extra long days at work. November has been crazy and I just didn’t have the time or energy to get creative. So almost every morning, I’ve chosen my Max Mara glasses (retro vibe), my leo print scarf (neutral as goddess Jenna Lyons said) and my two new makeup essentials (yep, makeup again!). 


The Autumn edit by Nails Inc

During a short visit to Sephora in Copenhagen I spotted a cute box with this three beautiful Autumn shades, which were part of the Autumn Alexa Chung collection for NailsInc. I loved it… but didn’t buy it. Obviously, I regreted it afterwards. That’s so me. But on my birthday someone thoughtfully remembered that I wanted it and got it for me. Insert heart eyes emoji here. I’ve been using these three shades on repeat. Not only are the colours gorgeous, as you can see, but the formula is outsanding. I’d say it’s the best one I’ve ever tried! It’s really longlasting, the application can’t be easier and the color is ridiculously rich. Oddly enough my favourite shade is that dark green with grey-ish undertones. It’s called Battersea Park and it looks smarter than I would have thought. Instagram Exhibit A. Grosvenor Crescent is a deep aubergine shade that was the star of my Halloween week. Instagram Exhibit B. And finally you have the sweet pink/light browk, Uptown. My least favourite of the pack, but still pretty lovely. …