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We need this! Marc Jacobs beauty

30 Jul

marc jacobs make up allI love this brand just because of the packaging. Don’t you think it’s gorgeous? These are the new additions to the Marc Jacobs beauty line. They say it’s luxury reinvented and judging by the wonderful reviews on the beauty channels, it has to be true. Of course I want it all. I have to admit that I’ve been a little obsessed with make up lately but those Kiss Pop lip colour sticks are so cute and bold! And I want all the shades of those Twinkle Pop eye sticks. All of them. Besides, don’t you think they are really compact and perfect for travelling?

They are a little bit difficult to find, but you can buy them online here. And watch all the little videos where Marc Jacobs himself explains something abut each product! What a touch!

PS: don’t get me started on the beautiful (and limited edition) nail polishes!

Beauty favourites

9 Jul

beauty_favourites_1We’ve been using these products over and over again for the last month, so we might as well share them with you because they are absolutely fantastic. We are not beauty experts but, from not beauty expert to another… do you want to have a look? Continue reading

Make up gurus

18 Jun

make up
It’s been a long time since I wanted to publish this post. Don’t you love make up youtoubers? Watching make up tutorials in You Tube is one of my guilty pleasures. I find it oddly relaxing! besides you can always learnt one thing or two. These are my favourite make up gurus:

1. Michelle Phan: she was the first person I watched in You Tube. I don’t know how I got to her channel, probably through some blog. Anyway, she has evolved a lot and has created her own make up brand. Some of her videos now are crazy and involve Manga characters, but she shares thousands of useful tips and she is sweet.

2. Vivianna does make up: she has that girl next door vibe going on and I love it. I think we could be besties. She is fun, normal and does weekly vlogs that I can’t stop watching (which makes me feel like a stalker, to be honest). Anyway, I love her channel.

3. Lisa Eldridge: She is the queen of make up. She works with celebrities and magazines, this is another level. She makes everything looks so easy and doable… that I just feel the need to buy all the products she uses. Now I’m absolutely obsessed with her last tutorial with Alexa Chung.

What about you? Do you also find make up tutorials totally hypnotic? Any You Tube channels we should be aware of?

Image via Garance Dore

In my suitcase: Holiday make up

20 Dec

holiday make up
Tomorrow we are flying back home for Christmas and we couldn’t be more excited. Our suitcases are almost finished, the only thing that we haven’t prepared is our make up bag. Here you have some products that we are taking with us… and some others that we wish we could add last minute to look our best this Christmas:

1. Adult Content Blush Palette by NARS. This is a limited edition with the four iconic NARS blush and highlighting blush shades. I’m hoping to get hold of it in Spain, since they don’t sell NARS products here.
2. Le Teint Touche Èclat: my favourite foundation to achieve glowing skin.
3. No 7 Skin Illuminator Fluid: perfect to add that extra yet subtle glow without being too shimmery.
4. Ombres Matelassées: limited edition eyeshadow palette by Chanel with the most beautiful colours to get several effects, from the glamourous shimmer to the matte finish. This is what I’ll be looking for at the duty free tomorrow!
5. The Porefessional by Benefit. I use it every day. With or without make up. It’s just genius!
6. After school boy blazer by Essie. I love this nail polish brand. The quality is amazing and the colours are beautiful. This one is my new obsession.
7. The new Naked palette by Urban Decay. Who doesn’t want it? This edition is perfect for rosie young looks.
8. Helthy Mix Serum by Bourjois. This foundation will resist all the festivities with a great finish and moisturise my skin while doing so.
9. My favourite eyeliner ever. The Long-Lasting 12HR Wear Eye Liner. The easiest way to achieve the perfect cat eye. And it really is long-lasting. I promise.
10. Recently I posted a great holiday makeup tutorial on our Facebook. The star of it was this intense gold eyeshadow.
11. I want my skin to glow, but not to shine. That is why I treasure my Mineral Veil by Bare Minerals. It gives my skin a velvety touch.
12. There is no Christmas without a beautiful fancy lipstick. The new Diorific collection has great strong shades. DIVA is my favourite
13. Secret Camouflage by Laura Mercier to conceal imperfections. Fantastic for sensitive skin.
14. Even though I’ve been more adventorous lately, I always go for classic red nail polish when I have any event, party or celebration. Opi has great red shades.
15. My mom gave me this mascara for my birthday and I love it. It really gives you super long and full eyelashes. I’ve been using it non-stop since October.
16. I’ve never used a bronzer even though I’m really pale and my face is super round. It’s about time, right? I will try to contour my face with this classic by Bourjois.

Lots of products, I know. Do you understand why our beauty bag is always the heaviest item of our suitcase?

Happy weekend!

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Our “no make up” make up

13 Nov

nude magique - loreal
We usually don’t wear foundation. On a daily basis we really like to sleep a little bit more, have a nice shower and a good breakfast before heading to work. That’s why we like to keep our make up simple and fresh. Yes, we are great fans of the “no make up” make up. We discovered L’Oreal Nude Magique BB Cream by pure chance but we loved it the minute we tryed it. It makes your skin looks FLAWLESS. Really, it’s way better that other pricey BB creams and light foundations. And it’s super easy to apply! It gives you an amazing natural glow.

After a year enjoying its benefits we were really happy to try the brand new products of the Nude Magique line: the BB Powder and the BB Blush. And we weren’t disappointed at all! The blush has a velvety texture that we just love and, again, it’s very easy to apply. You can start with a little amount and work from there to get the perfect light flushed-by-crispy-Autumn-air cheeks. The powder is great too. I have quite dry skin and powder just wasn’t and option in my make up bag. Until now. So light that you won’t barely notice it on your skin, but you surely will notice it on the image of the mirrow. The ideal finish to that “no make up” make up. Quick, easy… yet flawless.

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New in: Clarins-aholic

5 Nov

clarins_makeup_1My mother knows me well, that’s why she gave me these amazing new make up products from Clarins in my birthday. To be honest, I’ve just tested the Eclat Minute Embellisseur Lèvres and I couldn’t love it more. You can use it as a primer before you apply your lipstick or just by itself. I prefer the latter. The shade my mother got me was apricot shimmer and it’s just the perfect lip colour for a smoky eye look. It gaves that juicy texture that combines beautifully with a dark matte eye.  I’m looking forward to trying the Be Long mascara, which I’m sure it will take my eyelashes to another level.
clarins - makeup_3

And now that the party season is around the corner, this palette is going to complement my most festive looks. Since my eyes are boring brown, these violet shades will add a little bit of sparkle, don’t you think? Oh, and by the way, now that I’ve had a look at Clarins’ website, I need this desperately!

You can check my Clarins-mania here :)

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Weekend style icons: Vicky

1 Nov

Meet Vicky, the lovely girl behind Bikinis and Passports. She is a gorgeous German lady (we love her freckles!) based in Vienna who has created a lovely space full of nice looks, great recipes and pretty ideas: her blog is lovely!  She is our inspiration for the weekend with her classic basic looks with a twist.
Continue reading

Getting ready for Halloween

31 Oct


This beauty duo is one of our last discoveries. The Shisheido Perfect Rouge in PK343 and the Smoothing lip pencil in OR310 have become two of our favourite make up products for this Autumn.
Continue reading

Weekend style icons: Alix

18 Oct

Let me introduce you to Alix, The cherry blossom girl, the first blogger I ever followed. Back in 2008 I discovered her blog and she’s been in my blogroll ever since. I would define her style as pure femininity with a refine retro vibe. Her blog has evolved during these years but she has always managed to show her personality. She really pays attention to the quality of the pictures she shows and after a “peach filter” and super editorial period, she’s back with great colourful pictures in which she shows not only her amazing sense of style, but also a really special, almost dreamy, atmosphere.
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Black nails

8 Oct


Black nail polish is something that I’ve always liked but I never dared to wear. Last month I was brave enough to buy this nail polish, but it wasn’t until last weekend that I finally wore it. I have to admit that I really liked the result. I loved the contrast between my pale skin tone and the strong black shade. It makes a statement and it looks quite elegant. I have to mention that the quality of this nail polish in particular was unexpectedly good. I didn’t want to spend much because I knew it could end sad and lonely in the bottom of a drawer, so I went for a drugstore brand. But after three days it looks perfect! We escaped to Dublin for the weekend, so there were a lot of suitcase situations and everyone knows those are the worst for manicures. But no chips this time.  I’m really happy with it! I highly recommend it! Just one remark: use a base first. These dark shades can damage your nails, so in order to prevent it apply one layer of any base coat. I used this one from Essie.

It also comes in really handy for Halloween themed parties, dinners and outfits, don’t you think?


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