My Naked Palette

10 Feb

Naked_palette_2I might be the last person on the planet to purchase the famous Naked Palette by Urban Decay, but remember this Sephora clearance? Well, I that’s when I thought now or never! I wanted it for a long time but I always doubted about which one would be the best for me. I know, I know, #firstworldproblems.
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mmm… Monday! Roast carrots and avocado Winter salad

9 Feb

winter_salad_11This weekend has been all about nesting and, even though we wanted to indulge into all the junk food in the world, we have managed to stay quite healthy-ish (apart from the occasional chocolate debacle on Sunday). However, we’ve still had some delicious dishes on our table. This wonderful warm salad feels like a treat although is full of vitamins, proteins and nutrients. It’s our take on one of Jamie Oliver’s recipes from this book. Our version is a little bit lighter than the original because we have avoided the bread and the soured cream and have added a little bit of protein in the form of crispy grilled chicken. Here you have the recipe…
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Weekend style icons: Rima

6 Feb

fire1 This is an ode to black and denim. If you happen to love one of them (or both) here you have your inspiration for the weekend: Rima or Fire on the head. Continue reading

Nyhavn under the snow

5 Feb

Nyhavn_3A freezing cold weekend in January might not be the best time to visit Copenhagen… However, we enjoyed the most beautiful Winter postcard thanks to a small snow storm and the beautiful colours of Nyhavn.  Continue reading

We need this! Universe Sézane

4 Feb

sezane4We love brands that not only sell clothes, or makeup or furniture… we love brands that sell a lifestyle, an attitude. They might connect with you or they might connect with the aspirational idea of what you want to be, but in any case they seduce you with a whole universe. Sézane is one of those brands. Browsing their website we have fallen in love with simple pieces for our wardrobe, delightful stationery and beautiful understated decor. Continue reading

Rosy cheeks and red lips

3 Feb

clarins_newChocolate and Clarins are my biggest addictions, so when I saw that the Sephora next to my mum’s house was having a clearance I run. Fast. I’ve had my eye in these two items for a while. Did I need them? No. That’s why I only got them when the price was pretty reduced.

I chose the Blush Prodige Illuminating Cheek Colour in the shade Soft Peach. While the name suggests coral undertones and reminds you of a Summery colour, the truth is quite different. It’s a sheer pink that gives you subtle healthy rosy cheeks, which in my opinion is the epitome of Wintery makeup. This small blush palette has different shades that combine perfectly to achieve a really natural yet radiant result.

The lipstick it’s not so natural. In fact it’s a pretty bright red. It’s from the Clarins’ Rouge Eclat collection, which we discovered last Autumn. If you read this post, you’ll now that the shade Strawberry sorbet has become our absolute favourite. It’s ridiculously nourishing and  looks beautiful on the lips. Well, back then I spotted the shade Red Fuchsia and I loved it but decided not to buy it. Now I’m very happy with my purchase: it’s the perfect mix between red and burgundy. Again, the name it’s not very accurate…

These two products are my Winter staples. I just add this CC Cream, YSL Touch Éclat and a good layer of Charlotte Tilbury’s Full Fat Lashes mascara to my the mix and I’m ready to face these icy temperatures!

PS: The earrings are AB Antonio Bayona and the necklace is from Aristocrazy.



mmm… Monday! Gorm’s, Copenhagen

2 Feb

Gorms_1We discovered Gorm’s a while ago while strolling around Torvehallerne. The pizzas looked delicious: super thin crust and fresh natural toppings. So last Satuday  we were delighted to bump into their restaurant in the heart of Copenhagen, Nyhavn. In the middle of a little snow storm, the warm candle light, the scent of oregano and the prospect of a nice glass of rosé seemed heaven on Earth. Continue reading

Weekend style icons: Kayla

30 Jan

not1The weather this week has been COLD. We have a couple of very warm coats that are really practical but, let’s face it, they make us look like Eskimos. While looking for some coats online (let’s see if we can find something super warm yet stylish. Difficult task!) we discovered Kayla’s blog, Not your standard. Apparently she lives in Berlin, so she has to understand the terrible German weather, and she has a quite impressive coat collection. Besides, she is the epitome of beautiful glowy skin. Winter inspiration much? Continue reading

Out and about in Vesterbro

29 Jan

Vesterbro_2Vesterbro is the hipster area of Copenhagen so that means it is probably the hipsterest place on Earth (apart from Austin, Texas). You would expect beards, plaid shirts and lots of bikes. Well, you’ll find thousands of bikes, but that’s normal in Copenhagen. However, no abundance of beards or obvious trends in sight. Oh no. They are cooler than that.

Subtle, relaxed and extremely polite. That’s Vesterbro.
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We need this! Alexa Chung for AG Jeans

28 Jan

agIf you don’t live under a rock you’ll know that Alexa Chung has created a collection for AG Jeans. To be honest, I don’t know if I really like it or if I like it because it has the Alexa Chung’s stamp on it. Does this only happen to me? Well, I guess this blurry line between what we really like and the aspirational image we dream for ourselves is what makes this kind of collaborations between brands and “It girls” so successful.
In any case, besides the slightly overpriced basic tees there are a few pieces I would love to add to my Spring / Summer wardrobe, being the sweatshirt that she is wearing in the picture above one of them. The collection has a few denim dresses that are pretty cool: this loose fit dress looks super comfortable and sweet. I love Alexa’s naive allure and that dress ticks that box. On the other hand, this little number will be ideal for Summer nights and has a Man Repeller feel to it, don’t you think? (Picture it with statement accessories and you can have a Leandra Medine’s kind of look). Finally this retro inspired dress is the epitome of Alexa’s style, and I’ll admit that’s why it’s my favourite.
What do you think about this collection? Would you buy something? And if so, would you buy any of these pieces if you saw them in H&M or Zara? Are we only seduced by the personality of these “It girls” or do we really like their work? Let us know in the comment section!


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