New beauty staples

16 Jun


Even though we are BB/ CC cream fans, we know that sometimes we have to step up our game. Our dearest friends’ wedding this weekend might be one of those rare occasions. After watching a few (ok, maybe thousads) of beauty tutorials on You Tube we decided to give the Armani Luminous Silk Foundation a try. And we loved it. It matifies the skin but it brightens your complexion at the same time. The finish is absolutely flawless, even more when applied with the Beauty Blender, and it is beautifully longlasting. It has no scent, feels fresh on the skin and blends like heaven. We’ve also heard that it’s the best foundation when you are having your picture taken, so we’ll see if that’s accurate after the wedding!

We’ve introduced another change in our makeup  routine. And it involves colour. Whaaaat??? Yes. We, eternal neutral palette lovers, have been using this creamy,  soft, realy green eye pencil: the Clarins Crayon Khol in Intense Green. It’s brilliantly multitasking: you can use it as eye liner to add a pop of colour to a fresh natural makeup or you can blend it with the natural hair brush applicator and turn it into a sort of cream eye shadow. For a more daring look, I have even used it only under my bottom lashes, leaving my top lashes clear and nude. Not for everyday, but surely fun for one of those days when you feel adventurous (if only makeup-wise).

So these are our Spring / Summer beauty staples. Now we only need the good weather to stay here with us…

Calzoni alla vicentina

15 Jun

Calzoni_alla_Vicentina_1Last week we had the pleasure of collaborating with Callwey’s blog. The amazing coffee-table-books editorial asked us if we could prepare a nice recipe to share with their readers. And we decided to recreate a delicious Italian staple: Calzoni alla Vicentina. We made them from scratch, dough included! So head over to Callwey’s blog, if you’d like to learn how to prepare these simple yet scrumptious treats that will make your stomachs jump with joy!

5 things to do during long layovers

11 Jun


Next week we’ll be flying to Seville. We are really excited because we’ll be attending a fabulous wedding, we’ll be visiting friends and family, we’ll enjoy 35ºC and we’ll be eating tons of jamón and drinking litres of gazpacho. But we’ll have a 5 hours layover in our flight back. Aiuto! It was either that or adding a couple of connecting flights to our route. So 5 hours in Munich airport it is! Today we thought we could share with you our main hobbies to survive long layovers and maybe you could tell us yours?

 1. Duty free attacks: as a confessed beauty addict, duty free shops are paradise on Earth to me. I could easily spend the five hours in Munich browsing and swatching my way through the counters.

 2. Foreign magazines stravaganza: we love buying foreign magazines and spending hours reading and commenting all the articles and gorgeous pictures. Our favorites are Conde Nast Traveller (we’re subscribed to the UK edition, the best one in our opinion), Forbes and Elle.

 3. Chocolate and coffee tasting: Combine the huge chocolate packages in the airport shops with the endless possibilities of (usually terrible) airport coffee and you’ll get some pretty decent treats. M&M’s affogato or Toblerone capuccino, for example.

 4. Trying perfumes until you get dizzy. This could be dangerous when mixed with turbulences in your next flight, but it’s really fun.

5. Watching (almost) a full season of a TV series. I think this time we’ll be going for House of Cards… But I’d love to watch How to get away with murder again. Have you watched it? Isn’t it great? Oh, we’re so looking forward to season two!

What about you? Any tips or tricks to suvive #airportboredom?

Southbank Centre market, London

9 Jun

Southbank_market_4We would love to tell you that we had planned a visit to this little market because we know all the best food markets in London, but the truth is that we stumbled upon its lovely colourful stalls during a random walk. But aren’t these surprising findings the best moments while travelling? Continue reading


5 Jun

Granada_8Granada_5We actually can’t figure out why the crew of Game of Thrones has not fell in love with Granada and invent a whole new kingdom to simply praise its beauty. Granada is a mysterious, unique, historical meeting point of civilizacions. The architecture is undeniable Arabian, the vegetation goes from Mediterranean to Tropical and the kitchens burst with the best Spanish flavours. Granada has made thousands of people fall in love, but it will always remain unknown. Continue reading

Reiss SS2015

3 Jun

reiss4So this year it looks like we won’t have a proper Spring. And frankly, we have no hopes for Summer. Let’s say we will go from Winter to Autumn and back to Winter. That’s why we hate all those shops with white dresses, embellished sandals and bikinis in every corner. This is Germany. We don’t need that! What we do need is a transitional wardrobe that can look a little bit Summery while helping us coping with cold mornings and the occasional rain showers.

Don’t worry, we’ve found the perfect collection for us, poor Northern Europe inhabitants! (#firstworldproblems, I know)
Continue reading

Better skin

2 Jun

Clarins_Masvelt_Biotherm_BBMilk_1-2See that picture? I will never have that body. Partly because I hate working out, partly because I have no will power when it comes to chocolate and partly because I have a full time corporate job, plus I have a blog, plus I write for a couple of magazines. That means I don’t have a lot of free time and when I do have it, I prefer spending it on the sofa with a good book or one of my favorite TV series.  The only sport I’ve been practicing lately has been the long walks in London and Copenhagen. My favorite kind of sport, if you ask me. So, now that we got that out of the way, let me tell you that when the temperatures are warmer I do panic and I do care about how I’ll look with no huge coat to cover everything. Like every other woman on the planet. Do I start working out like crazy? No. Do I quit chocolate? Of course not. I turn to cosmetics and beauty treatments. Obviously, they are not as effective as exercise and a strict diet, but they help a little bit. And that’s fine by me.

I’ve tried different treatments during the last years (clic, clic) but I’ve finally found something that works. Again, with this I don’t pretend to get a #BodybyIza (be careful if you look up that hashtag on Instagram!), but I do achieve a toner, enhanced skin. And that makes showing my legs a little less scary. If you are in your early twenties, don’t bother. Your skin is fine and you don’t need to tone or redefine. Enjoy your skin as it is, you’ll have plenty of time for beauty treatments later.

But back to women in their 30’s with sedentary jobs: First I apply the absolutely wonderful Clarins Body Shaping Cream. With its heavenly texture and subtle scent, this cream makes every morning lighter. But the secret is the Self-Massage Body Shaping Method that comes with it. It takes just five minutes but makes a huge difference. This method encourages drainage so you will notice that your legs, waist and arms are smoothed after a week. I swear. Do you know that ugly inner part of the knees? Well, maybe yours is not ugly. Mine is. But no so much lately, thanks to this cream and those massages.

After that, I apply the new Biotherm BB Milk. It smells like lemons, so it feels really Summery. It basically acts like a face BB cream. It magically adapts to your skin and unifies the general tone. If you don’t like bronzers, like me, this product is for you. It will make your skin look better: not tanner, not shinier. Just better. I let it dry for a couple of minutes before dressing and I’m done. My skin looks smoother, nicer and smells amazing!

Geist, Copenhagen

1 Jun

Geist_8You might be surprised to read this but that picture is not an avantgard painting. That is the most beautiful lobster tartare: look at that texture, those colours! Well, we think this picture represents Geist perfectly, our favourite restaurant in Copenhagen: Geist is surprising and innovative, full of personality and unexpected combinations. Continue reading

SP34 hotel, Copenhagen

29 May


Any visit to Copenhagen should be focus on design, excellent food and long walks or bike rides. The city has a smart casual code, is friendly yet sophisticated, open but walkable… it’s simply one of those places that makes you fall in love and think about how real life would be living there. But since travel is phantasizing, you should look for an accommodation that gives you that illusion, that makes you feel like a local in the know, that exudes the personality of the city where it’s located.  Hotel SP34 provides that experience. It will make you believe that you are one of those young, tall, smart, total black outfit wearers, cool bike Danish riders.
Continue reading

Eiger Gallery

27 May

Thief Knot PendantA few weeks ago we met our friend Alba at the London Design Museum cafeteria.  After a cup of coffee (properly instagrammed here) and a little bit of chit chat, she introduced us to her new project. Alba is quite the creative type, so we expected something original, unique. And she didin’t disappoint. Together with Terence Woodgate, designer of lighting and furniture, Alba Bayona is taking jewellery to the next level.
Continue reading


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