We need this! Hoss Intropia

12 Nov

h2We are struggling here. We don’t want to start talking about Christmas yet, but look what arrived to our mailbox today: The new collection of Hoss Intropia, perfect for a casual, relaxed but really fancy Christmas. Continue reading

Autumn table

12 Nov

Autumn_table_10While we can’t stop thinking about Christmas, we know we should stick to the present and enjoy what is left from Autumn. We’ve been having the most amazing weather lately: cold crispy air and bright blue skies. This year Autumn is more beautiful than ever! And to celebrate that, we’ve prepared a lovely but very simple Autumn table to inspire you. Gather a couple of friends and enjoy a cosy lunch at home! Continue reading

Natural Autumn Make up

11 Nov

Clarins_Make_upIf you follow us (which you should) you already know that we are a tiny bit addicted to Clarins. We love their approach to beauty and their sublime yet natural shades. So, before everyone gets crazy about Christmas special editions, let’s take a moment to admire their beautiful Autumn collection. As soon as I saw that eye shadow I knew I had to have it. I know, I know, I said I would never buy any new eye shadow again but this one is the perfect brownish / taupe / greyish colour. It really is. And you apply it with your finger. Simple as that! It’s a cream to powder texture that looks beautifully matte and delightfully subtle. So, it has it all: quick application, perfect colour and dreamy texture. It’s the shade Rosewood and it’s been my go to eye shadow this month.

And talking about natural and appealing shades, I can’t recommend you the Rouge Eclat lipstick enough. We got it in Strawberry sorbet, which far from being a bright Summer pink as the name would suggest, it’s the most amazing barely there natural shade. (And yes, you got it right: we both got it) But that beautiful colour is not its only virtue: it claims to protect lips against dehydration and boosts collagen, it has Vitamin E that protects against free radicals and 100% plant waxes which provide instant comfort. Well, all those words mean that it’s supposed to be anti-aging. I will tell you if it is in a couple of years, but it sure feels great when you apply it and it’s silky but not sticky. It’s fantastic. I’m thinking about getting it in Passion Red for Christmas…

mmm… Monday! Butter biscuits

10 Nov

butter_biscuits_3Autumn is officially baking season and since I’ve been quite obsessed with biscuits lately, yesterday I decided to spent the morning baking some nice classic butter biscuits. There’s nothing better than a sunny cold Sunday morning in the kitchen. Well, maybe a sunny cold Sunday afternoon on your sofa with a blanket, a cup of coffee and some one bite butter biscuits.
Continue reading

Weekend style icons: Lisa

7 Nov

jaSo this weekly section has turned out to be one of your favourites. We actually really enjoy preparing these posts every week because while doing so, we have discovered amazing, talented (and sometimes very young) ladies. And now we always know what to wear on Saturdays. That was the point, actually. Anyway, one of our more recent discoveries has been this girl. She has an amazing style and killer hair. At first we thought she was one of those scandi beauties, but it turns out she comes from Canada! You can find her blog here.
Continue reading

Schloss Heidelberg

6 Nov

Heidelberg_Castle_20When tourist visit Heidelberg castle they expect a dark medieval dungeon, but they are welcomed by a curious mixture of different styles that create a wonderful ensemble, which has been known as the epitome of Romanticism.  In any case, it’s the highlight of any trip to Heidelberg. Once you go up there with the funicular train you will feel transported to a magical and beautifully quiet era. The views are spectacular and just a walk through the gardens will be enough to make you fall head over heells for the place. Continue reading

We need This! Madewell et Sézane

5 Nov

mad2We hate Madewell because it only ships to USA, Canada and Japan. We feel abandoned. But we realy love their clothes. Specially this season. They have collaborated with the French brand Sèzane to create a beautiful collection inspired by Paris street life, with a touch of sexy tomboy attitude and the right amount of casual American vibes. The result is an understated mix between Paris and New York.
Continue reading

Moodboard: Japan

4 Nov

Moodboard_Japan_2Do you remember this post? Well, since that day we have been thinking about Japan a lot. Four years ago we planned a month long trip to Japan: we were going to start in Tokyo and we were going to end our trip in Okinawa. We were really excited. But our life changed drastically and we had to move to Germany. So our Japanese adventure was cancelled. Moodboard_Japan_1But our desire to visit Japan is as strong as ever. I’ve only been there once and it was a work related thing so I didn’t have enough time to enjoy the experience. Should we take the plunge and pick our plans up from where we left them?

PS. Since some of you have asked, all our beautiful moodboards are made by Pilar Fernández.

mmm… Monday! Torta rustica

3 Nov

torta_4This is good old comfort food Italian style. Full of flavours, full of cheese, full of deliciousness. Though best consumed warm, it would be a great Autumn picnic treat. Should we get started? Continue reading

October Favorites

3 Nov

onion_mushroom_burger_3October was a very nice month. We’ve worked more than ever, but we also found the time to relax and celebrate my birthday! We did a nice little trip to Heidelberg, my mum was here to visit and the weather was astoundingly merciful allowing us to enjoy some beautiful Autumnal walks. Anyway! We start our favourites of the month with this amazing burger. A real highlight! Continue reading


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