Autumn brunnette

23 Sep

BrunetteTwo weeks ago I decided to change my hair a little bit and I went a few shades darker. I thought that a silky rich chocolate-ish brown would be perfect for the new season. I don’t know why but when September comes I feel like I want to be a brunette. Summer is for sunkissed hair, but Autumn calls for soft hazelnut hair, right? At least that’s what I thought. These pictures found on Pinterest were my inspiration. So I took them to my hairdresser and he told me to go only a couple of shades darker. Let’s be cautious, he said. Well, he always is: the only hairdresser I know that only cuts 2 mm of hair if you say you want to cut just the split ends. Where I come from, if you say that they will cut 4 centimeters of your hair. At least. You may even lost your mane. Anyway, I went out of the salon all happy but the following day… well, I hated it. Epic fail. Instead of the warm autumnal glow I thought my new hair would give me I looked even paler. When I talked with my mum on Skype that night she didn’t even mentioned my hair. It is that bad. So I’m just waiting a little bit to go back to my kind of dark blond/caramel hair. It sounds prettier than it is, trust me, but that’s what suits me. No more brunette dreams for me. But I think that colour of hair is gorgeous and it would look perfect with tartan and velvet, that is, typical Autumn trends.  What do you think? Anyone has experienced something like that? Please tell me that I’m not the only one disappointed with her hair…

PS: These pictures got me thinking about bangs too but my hairdresser told me that my face would look EVEN fatter.

mmm… Monday! Tagliatelle ai funghi porcini

22 Sep

tagliatelle_funghi_2This is a simple pasta recipe that you can put together in no time and it’s beyond delicious. Authentic comfort food perfect for the new season. We prepared this dish yesterday: the smell of the fungui slowly cooking in white wine and the sound of the rain against the windows made our kitchen feel like Autumn. Whether you want to entertain your friends or family with a delightful recipe or treat yourself on a lonely rainy Sunday, you should try this beautiful pasta recipe: the strong flavour of the funghi against the smooth buttery pasta is simply exquisite.

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Radio Silence

19 Sep

Please excuse the radio silence this past two days. Work has been crazy! We’ll be back on Monday with our normal schedule, our final post about our trip to Amsterdam, a delicious recipe and much more!

Have the best weekend ever!

We need this! AYR Fall 2014

17 Sep

ayr3I’m just back from Italy. That means I’m rethinking my wardrobe. Should I wear more heels? More glittery accessories? Do I need a pair of Hogans? Are my boyfriend jeans my worst enemy? Should I make pencil skirts my uniform? I don’t know, everytime I visit Italy I want to be girlier, I want to dress up every day and Sofía Loren becomes my style icon. But then I go back to my normal life, see images like these and I remember that I am a casual style / flat shoes / messy hair kind of woman. Besides, now that I’ve discovered this brand, AYR, I’m thinking that the feminine Italian style can wait a little longer. Maybe until I turn 40? Continue reading

Moodboard: Munich

16 Sep


October (or should we say the end of September?) is almost here and we can’t help but think about Oktoberfest. Munich is a city that we have had in mind since we moved to Germany. We have thought a lot about that trip, but as you should know if you follow us, we haven’t made it yet. Yet. The key word! Now there is finally a good excuse to go: our friends have moved there and maybe it’s time to pay them a visit, don’t you think?

Munich_moodboard_2We are not specially fans of crowded places, so we probably will avoid Oktoberfest… luckily  there is a lot more to do in Munich!

New neutrals

16 Sep

I’ve been trying more beauty products lately. I used to be absolutely faithful to a couple of brands, but since I’m addicted to lots of beauty channels in You Tube now, I’m discovering a whole new world. And I’m loving it. Here you have a few new products that I’ve been loving lately:

This Summer I bought the Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter in a railway station. Am I the only one who buys most of her beauty products in transit? Airports, railway stations, duty free or not… I don’t care. Anyway, I used to love Body Shop during college but since then I think I ‘ve never used any of their products ever again. Well, after listening to lots of Youtubers claiming that Body Shop body butter was the bomb I decided I should give it another chance. Do you know that they have a gazillion versions now? When I was in college there were the olive oil, coconut and almond body butters, I think. That was it. Well, now you can choose between every fruit imaginable!!! But I chose chocolate. Because if I can choose, I always choose chocolate. That’s my moto in life. The truth is that this is the closest you’ll ever been to become a chocolate bar. It really smells like chocolate and it’s just as nourishing. It leaves your skin super soft, a tad shiny (but in a good way) and it was perfect after that glorious shower that makes Summer nights  a little bit better. You know, that moment when you finally get rid of the sand and you decide to let you hair wet and just go out to have some delicious dinner.  I liked it so much, that I will be using it again in Autumn.

The lipstick pictured is the Maybelline Color Sensational in Precious Beige. I wanted something like that since I saw this video. I love a good eye liner  and this lipstick is the best partner for a 60s look. Well, basically I try to copy the look from the video. The result… well, I’m getting there. I think it gives the sensation of fuller lips and has  a beautiful slightly glittery finish. So 60s.

Anna, from Vivianna does make Up , convinced me with her pretty videos that I needed the Clinique Chubby Stick Shadows in Fuller Fudge and Ample Amber. They are super easy to apply (I just draw a line and smudge it with my fingers) and I get pretty nice natural brownish smoky eyes. They have been my absolute favorites lately.   The last product today is the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla. That was Anna’s fault too. Here I have to say that for me nothing compares to Yves Saint Laurent Touch Éclat. That is my favourite beauty product of all times. But I was curious about this concealer. Mostly because some times you need something with more coverage. Well, if coverage is what you want, this is for you. I use just a tiny amount and blend, blend, blend.  I don’t wear it on a daily basis, though, but when I want to bring the big guns (and leave the dark circles under my eyes at home) this is what I’ve been using.

What about you? Any new beauty products? Do you buy things because you see them in others and like them? Are you addicted to beauty channels too?


mmm… Monday! A secret kitchen

15 Sep


Today there are no food pictures. How come will you ask… it’s mmm…Monday! Well, today it’s all about mystery. In Amsterdam we enjoyed one of the funniest, more exciting dinners of our lives. But we can’t show you any pictures or give you much more information because it took place in a secret kitchen!
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Weekend style icons: The fashion eaters

12 Sep

tfeAnother Friday, another scandi beauty. Lately we are fascinated by these girls that look amazing with just a couple of basic pieces. I guess they have that je ne sais quoi that turns a simple outfit to another level. That’s the key to personal style. Our inspiration today comes from the blog The Fashion Eaters.
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Michael Kors Spring- Summer 2015

11 Sep

KOR_0099Normally we talk about fashion on Wednesdays but… have you seen the amazing collection that Michael Kors presented yesterday in New York? As soon as I saw the first images on Instagram I fell in love. Absolutely gorgeous yet wearable. I’m sure you can picture yourself in at least three of the looks. I don’t think that you have to be a super model to look beautiful in these outfits, they seem to be designed for real women. Here you have my favourite looks, if you’d like to see. (And please take a look at the shoes! Flats!)
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Amsterdam: the sunset

11 Sep

Amsterdam_canals_14After a whole day of exploring, we decided to hop on a boat at sunset. It wasn’t planned, it just happened. We were exhausted but we curled up in an almost empty boat and enjoyed a peaceful, quiet cruise that showed us Amsterdam from another angle. The water was calm and we felt that we were the only ones wandering through the canals.
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