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We need this! Whistles Autumn / Winter 2014

20 Aug

wEven though the Autumn / Winter Lookbook on Whistles website is just a teaser with only a few looks, we have fallen in love (yet again) with its clean cuts, minimalistic silhouttes and monochromatic palette. Continue reading

We need this: Mango

13 Aug

mango3You know that we are longing for Autumn… but how can we not when we see images like these? Don’t you want to wrap yourself in a comfy cardigan, feel the cold in your rosy cheeks and enjoy a hot strong cup of coffe? I personally can’t wait. The new Mango lookbook is so inviting… it simply makes you want to buy everything and live in an eternal Autumn.
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We need this! Maje Fall / Winter 2014

6 Aug

I’m back from holidays so it means it’s Autumn for me. I don’t care if we have almost a Summer month left. I have my eyes on September and I’m getting ready for it. Actually it’s a matter of survival: if I don’t think about Autumn I’m going to be depressed because everyone is still on holidays and I’m stuck at work. So! Let’s start reviewing Autumn collections! Maje is one of my favourite brands and I’m always looking forward their new collections. A friend of mine once said that they offer always the same pieces, different takes on basics and plain colours but… That’s exactly why I love it! They do wearable. And wearable is what I want.
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We need this! Marc Jacobs beauty

30 Jul

marc jacobs make up allI love this brand just because of the packaging. Don’t you think it’s gorgeous? These are the new additions to the Marc Jacobs beauty line. They say it’s luxury reinvented and judging by the wonderful reviews on the beauty channels, it has to be true. Of course I want it all. I have to admit that I’ve been a little obsessed with make up lately but those Kiss Pop lip colour sticks are so cute and bold! And I want all the shades of those Twinkle Pop eye sticks. All of them. Besides, don’t you think they are really compact and perfect for travelling?

They are a little bit difficult to find, but you can buy them online here. And watch all the little videos where Marc Jacobs himself explains something abut each product! What a touch!

PS: don’t get me started on the beautiful (and limited edition) nail polishes!

We need this! Summer coordinates

23 Jul

Matchy-matchyI’ve always liked to match my lipstick and my nail polish.  The towels in my bathroom have the exact same shade as the blue tiles on the wall. The pillows on my sofa have to match the rug under the dining room table….What can I say? I love symmetry. So now that matchy-matchy outfits are back and coordinated bags and shoes are fashionable again, I just can’t be happier. Here you have my Summer coordinates picks amongs the lovely selection of JCrew.
Matchy-matchy2From tan leather to stripe fabrics, coordinated bags and shoes always give your look a more polished finish. I know, I know, this is not exactly avant-garde, but it looks pretty and it’s easy to wear. You don’t have to struggle mixing prints or colours! For a lazy dresser like me, this trend ticks all the right boxes.

We need this! Toubab Paris

16 Jul

Toubab Paris

We love tiny delicate jewellery.  That is what we wear… if we wear any jewellery at all. But I have a thing for statement necklaces. I just can’t help it. I think they immediately dress up an outfit, make it look more polished, 0riginal and edgy. I love them.  Last week I discovered this brand, Toubab Paris, and I thought I had to include their work in this section because I really need one of its pieces. I really do. They look exotic… but they actually are hand-made in France. The designer, Maud Villaret, creates unusual pieces that bring together travel treasures, symbols, poetry and colour. And they are absolutely stunning. Don’t you think they would be the perfect accessory for your Summer looks?

They are launchig their on-line shop shoon. In the mean time check here their points of sale!

We need this! The one piece

2 Jul


I love one pieces. For me, they are always better than bikinis. More elegant, flattering and comfortable. But I’m not going to lie: I think that if I had a killer body I would prefer bikinis ;) Anyway, here you have the one pieces that I would love to add to my Summer suitcase. Continue reading

We need this! Isabel Marant

25 Jun

isabel marant
I know, I know… we don’t want Autumn to be here yet, but let’s take a moment to admire that wonderful coat, those textures and those beautiful shades of green. Am I the only one who is already looking at Autumn / Winter collections?

PS. Don’t you think this image has the best of two worlds? Perfect Summer hair and sunkissed skin, plus cosy Atumn/Winter attire…

We need this! Sales!

18 Jun

Summer sales 2014
This week is a joyful one: Summer begins and brings the sales with it! Even though we live in a neverending Autumn/Winter season, we always get excited with sales. It doesn’t matter that we don’t need sandals or light dresses. But! Since we are pragmatic (or maybe boring?), we try to look for basic timeless pieces. These are on our wishlist:

1. A girly dress: Isn’t this colour wonderful? I’m sure it looks gorgeous with a sunkissed skin. They also have it in black, which is also beautiful.

2. A white blazer: I’ve been looking for a white blazer and this one is fantastic. I love the classic cut and the faux snakeskin leather collar. It makes it different but still wearable.

3.  Statement earrings: I usually wear tiny earrings but these ones are so fun and Summerish that  I love them. I probably would feel a little bit Carmen Miranda wearing them, but still.

4.  This dress/shirt is sold out online. But I have to find it! I’ve seen it in lots of magazines and blogs but I don’t care if everyone wears it. I want it too!

5.  A basic white shirt: plain and simple. If this is not a basic timeless piece I don’t know what it is.

To be honest, we usually fell for pieces that are not on sale and we end up coming back home with a bag of new season items. Does that happen to you to? These next two pieces would be those not on sale finds that we would take home with us anyway.

6. The best camera bag: because we hate all those huge backpacks to carry our camera with us. This one is pretty, huh?

7. Leather espadrilles: this is a little bit of a splurge. But aren’t they beautiful? And basic? And timeless?

10 essencial wardrobe pieces for a relaxed weekend in Ibiza

11 Jun

Ibiza_styleAfter our holidays in Ibiza we’ve learnt two things about its famous laid-back style. One: people don’t dress in Ibiza, they dress up. As in disguise. And two: you only need a few pieces to look amazing.

We were shocked about how people dressed the part: tunics, flowers and thousands of accessories (apparently Woodstock was taking place on the beach), total white looks (beach wedding much? Linen stravaganza?) or neon tees and ultra short shorts with a famous logo (bonus points for club merchandising).  We  doubt those people wear those styles back at home. They were simply dressing up. They were in Ibiza, so that meant they have to look like it.

Well, we obviously adapt our style to the places we go. But there is a line that you should not cross. Even more, when all you need is some basic pieces to look fantastic. That, your sunkissed skin and a nice cocktail in your hand while staring at the bluest sea. So the next time we escape to Ibiza, this is all we will put in our suitcase:

1. A little white dress: the essence of the island. Transition from days at the beach, to nights at the beach. Yes, that’s all you are going to do. Stay at the beach, all day long. Because time flies and you will forget your sophisticated outfits the second night in Ibiza.

2. Denim shorts: they are perfect for the beach, mornings at the market and little boat trips.

3. A comfy cardigan: for that sea breeze that makes nights colder.

4. A neutral pair of sandals: they go with everything and they will stay beautiful after crossing those sand paths that will take you to the most beautiful little coves.

5. Sunglasses: obviously.

6. An statement bag: Even though baskets are the most popular bags in the island, this fantastic and colourful bag would be our only concession to the pseudo-hippie style. It’s beautiful, it’s bold and it’s huge. It’s perfect.

7. A nice top to match those denim shorts.

8. A cute bikini: even though you will learn to love nudism. Wait, what?

9. Jelly shoes: some of Ibiza’s most amazing beaches are full of rocks.  So if you don’t want to get hurt or step out of the water like a drunken clown you will need some of these. Believe us, we learnt the hard way. Besides, they will make you feel like a child again. And childhood, as well as Ibiza, is all about freedom, right?

10. And we’ve saved the most important thing for the last: a beach wrap. Ibiza is all about chilling out. And you won’t be able to do it without this sheer, light, multifunctional piece. Choose stripes or prints but always, always, choose soft colours.



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