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We need this! Adidas Gazelle

4 Mar

adidas_gazelleWhile preparing this post I’ve found out that I have quite a collection of sneakers. Browsing our Instagram feed I’ve found my custom made Stan Smith, my basic black Nike , my Converse (of course), my Supergas, my New Balance , my polka dot Nike Airmax and my neon Adidas (that I only wear to the gym). Apparently I love sneakers. I never really was a sneaker person but I guess living in Germany has made my style more casual. I’ve always loved flats and I always will but I wasn’t aware of this little addiction of mine. Anyway, I have my reasons: you can wear them with just about everything and by doing so you’ll add an immediate cool factor to your look. I just want to buy more and more pairs. Oh my.

My last target are the classic Adidas Gazelle. They remind my of my first year at Uni, when I wanted to be a skater girl and rock a sporty but tortured look. If you weren’t a teenager during the late 90’s you will not understand but, believe me, Gazelles were the coolest shoes you could wear. And now, here they are again. You can spot them in almost every fashion website. I’m not going to resist this new “it shoe” trend. Oh no. The black version is my favorite, but I’ve already have my black Nikes, which make me feel like a Copenhagen girl. The light grey pair is beautiful but super high maintenance. The navy Gazelles could be perfect for Summer but I’m tempted to create my own custom made pair in red (by the way, the customize section of Adidas website is dangerous!). They could be a great pop of coulour in my otherwise black / grey/ navy outfits. And I don’t have any red sneakers in my collection. And they are pretty. And comfortable. And I like them. And I want them. Ok, now I need them.

We need this! Malmo bag

25 Feb

malmo3 It’s been a while since we felt the urge to buy something. Of course we feel really tempted by the Spring Summer collections that are starting to appear in our inbox (exhibit A, B & C) but we haven’t felt that urge, that itchy feeling in our wallets for a while. Then, we found out about the bag that Berta Bernad has designed for Bucarelli and we were sold.
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Michael Kors Fall Winter 2015

20 Feb

mk1We loved his Pre-Fall 2014 and we adored his Spring Summer 2015 collection, so it’s not surprise that we just can’t stop looking at Michael Kors’ Fall / Winter 2015 collection. How can he mix the tomboy vibes with an elegant 30’s charm so beautifully?
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We need this! Olive Clothing

18 Feb

Olive_clothingWe first read about this brand in Cristina’s blog. She used to wear a few Olive Clothing pieces in rotation and we love her style. Then we discovered the brand’s Instagram and we were sold. We basically love every outfit they post. Their simplicity is refreshing and they feature stripes in almost all of the looks. We know that this season high street brands are looking back to the 70’s for inspiration but that’s not our cup of tea. We want to stick to the simple classics that we love and Olive Clothing has some very nice pieces to offer. And most of them are navy. What’s not to love? Continue reading

We need this! Sandro Spring Summer 2015

11 Feb

Sandro_P5042E-11_V_1Yes, we are talking about Sandro again. But it’s one of our favorite brands so we can’t help it. We love the continuity in their collections: you know that a piece is Sandro when you see it. They don’t design with the new trends in mind, we think. The brand has its own personality. Continue reading

We need this! Universe Sézane

4 Feb

sezane4We love brands that not only sell clothes, or makeup or furniture… we love brands that sell a lifestyle, an attitude. They might connect with you or they might connect with the aspirational idea of what you want to be, but in any case they seduce you with a whole universe. Sézane is one of those brands. Browsing their website we have fallen in love with simple pieces for our wardrobe, delightful stationery and beautiful understated decor. Continue reading

We need this! Alexa Chung for AG Jeans

28 Jan

agIf you don’t live under a rock you’ll know that Alexa Chung has created a collection for AG Jeans. To be honest, I don’t know if I really like it or if I like it because it has the Alexa Chung’s stamp on it. Does this only happen to me? Well, I guess this blurry line between what we really like and the aspirational image we dream for ourselves is what makes this kind of collaborations between brands and “It girls” so successful.
In any case, besides the slightly overpriced basic tees there are a few pieces I would love to add to my Spring / Summer wardrobe, being the sweatshirt that she is wearing in the picture above one of them. The collection has a few denim dresses that are pretty cool: this loose fit dress looks super comfortable and sweet. I love Alexa’s naive allure and that dress ticks that box. On the other hand, this little number will be ideal for Summer nights and has a Man Repeller feel to it, don’t you think? (Picture it with statement accessories and you can have a Leandra Medine’s kind of look). Finally this retro inspired dress is the epitome of Alexa’s style, and I’ll admit that’s why it’s my favourite.
What do you think about this collection? Would you buy something? And if so, would you buy any of these pieces if you saw them in H&M or Zara? Are we only seduced by the personality of these “It girls” or do we really like their work? Let us know in the comment section!

We need this! Maje New Arrivals

21 Jan

maje1We know, we know… Winter is still here and it will be around for a couple of months more but everytime we receive Maje‘s newsletter with their new arrivals we get excited. Always. We adore this brand.
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We need this! The impossible shoe

7 Jan

AW13_FLORISA_SC_BLA_BLACK_SUEDEaSo I’ve been looking for the perfect wearable pointy mid heel black shoe for a very long time. I decided that the sales would be the perfect moment to finally purchase this gorgeous basic.  We all know that timeless basics are THE pieces to buy on sale, no? But I was wrong. Terribly wrong. You see, I have tiny feet. I know that in some cultures that is beautiful, but since I don’t live in Japan nor travel there to get me a pair of shoes (I wish!) I’m forced to wear child shoes most of the time. I love flats, so… well, not bad in that department. But what happens when I want to buy something that a 36 year old woman would wear to work? I find nothing. And what happens if I try to find it on sale? I always get this: “With those feet you should buy your shoes at the very beginning of the season” (Add a patronizing smile  and that kind of pity look only a sales assistant can give). Well, as a member of a minority with a limited amount of rights in numerous countries in the world, I do not like that kind of answer.  Now I can’t have my shoes with a reduced price like every other girl????? But this time I was feeling hopeful. I saw exactly what I wanted in one of the Wardrobe icons Issues. The discreet but still gorgeous Florisa shoe by L.K. Bennett. I did my research and found out that L. K. Bennett does EU 35 or UK 3. During my last trip to London I tried to find them (not on sale!) and I didn’t. Well, I thought, bad luck. Let’s wait until the sales are here and I will track them down. Guess what? No luck. Desaparecidos. I got in touch with the L. K. Bennett customer service and they answered really quickly (great customer service by the way) telling me that they don’t produce that shoe in my size and have no plans to do it. Basically, they destroyed my hopes. Sigh.

So, I’m still searching. Because as much as I want, sadly there’s no way I can change my feet. No plastic surgeon has that covered. Anyway… Goodbye Florisa. Sad face.

We need this! The Christmas on the sofa edition

17 Dec

So, we’ve shared with you some beautiful party dresses and the sexiest shoes to get you ready for your Christmas parties. But since we have no social live and we love the granny lifestyle, today we want to show you a more accurate version of our holiday wardrobe:

1. A fluffly soft robe. This is essential to keep you warm and hide your I’ve had chocolate for breakfast belly.

2. We need this tee. Just because we are addicted to Instagram. (By the way, follow us here).

3. A natural remedy to get a better sleep. Because after spending ten hours on the sofa, the bed doesn’t look that appealing.

4. JCrew flannel pajamas. The tartan version is also on our wishlist. Have you heard, Santa????

5. The perfect lounge pants. Relaxed, soft, baggy… plus elasticated waistband.

6. A cute pair of slippers. Shoes are key in every outfit. Always.

7. The best candle for a Christmassy atmosphere. It does count as an accessory.

8. And more cute slippers because we couldn’t choose just one pair.


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