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The Summer edit

25 Jun

We sometimes feel overwhelmed by the huge range of products that on-line shops offer nowadays. Possibilities are endless and we end up tired of scrolling down and seeing so many different styles. For someone who struggles to make up her mind about pretty much everything, on-line shopping is a nightmare. So when we see an edited collection we jump in immediately. That’s why we love Net-a-Porter’s Summer shop. And here you have our wishlist! Four different looks for four different Summer destinations.

For the Tropical beauty: a bright orage palm print one-piece paired with a handmade crocheted cotton tote and this gorgeous Rosantica’s ‘Spiaggia’ bracelet. Feeling more Mediterranean? We have three more looks for you if you’d like to see…
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The travel bag

17 Jun

Longcham_travel_bag_Le pliage We are weekenders, so a nice travel bag is something we really need/want during our European weekend getaways. It’s perfect to spend a couple of days away and travel in style. Because, let’s face it: trolleys are practical but they don’t look that good. There is something about a good old leather travel bag that says “well-travelled person”. So looking for a nice, good quality, but not overpriced option we’ve found Le Pliage Cuir, by Longchamp. It’s light, spacious, folds up when not in use and comes in a huge range of colours. Obviously our favourite is the classic Mocha, a dark brown with masculine vibes.

This bag is made to carry your striped tees and black ballerinas in a romantic road trip along the Amalfi Coast. Or maybe boho dresses and tan sandals for a weekend in Ibiza. And why not jeans and light blue shirts to discover Cornwall? Do you sense the seaside theme here? Well, we do miss the sea breeze in our hair…

Pic via Longchamp

Reiss SS2015

3 Jun

reiss4So this year it looks like we won’t have a proper Spring. And frankly, we have no hopes for Summer. Let’s say we will go from Winter to Autumn and back to Winter. That’s why we hate all those shops with white dresses, embellished sandals and bikinis in every corner. This is Germany. We don’t need that! What we do need is a transitional wardrobe that can look a little bit Summery while helping us coping with cold mornings and the occasional rain showers.

Don’t worry, we’ve found the perfect collection for us, poor Northern Europe inhabitants! (#firstworldproblems, I know)
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Eiger Gallery

27 May

Thief Knot PendantA few weeks ago we met our friend Alba at the London Design Museum cafeteria.  After a cup of coffee (properly instagrammed here) and a little bit of chit chat, she introduced us to her new project. Alba is quite the creative type, so we expected something original, unique. And she didin’t disappoint. Together with Terence Woodgate, designer of lighting and furniture, Alba Bayona is taking jewellery to the next level.
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Lena Hoschek

12 May

Lena_Hoschek_NightOur dearest friends are getting married in a month and we still have nothing to wear. Panic. They have planned a classic glamourous night wedding that is going to be so much fun. We just can’t wait! But again, we have nothing to wear. Well, I know that P. is going to find a stunning gown the minute she looks for it. She is tall and slim and everything looks just perfect on her. Unfortunately, that’s not my case. I’m curvier and petite. The result? Shopping is not easy for me. But after looking and looking (and looking a little bit more) I’ve found a brand that embraces femininity: Lena Hoschek.
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May wish list

6 May

We went to London last weekend. We had a wonderful time, but my back was killing me most of the time. Why? Because I carried a huge bag with me. The problem is that when I look for/buy bags I only think about my everyday life from Monday to Friday and always forget weekends. So I end up with tote bags or huge purses where the 1.500 things I need on a daily basis fit perfectly. And since I don’t have any nice medium/small size bag for the weekend, I usually carry around all that stuff on weekends and trips too. Bad, bad, bad. (Does that happen to you too?)

That’s why if I have to spend my money on one thing this month, that’s going to be a medium-sized bag. And here are my options:

1. The terribly trendy Drew bag by Chloé: I got the feeling that it’s going to become a classic. So the cost per wear will justify the splurge.

2.  A very similar version within a more affordable price range. Claire by Michael Kors.

3.  The “absolutely not my average choice but oh I just love it” bag. Emmanuelle by YSL.

4.  Another bag by YSL. Pretty discreet and wearable. But is it too discreet for that price tag?

5.  This one just goes with just about everything and it’s so Spring-y, isn’t it?

6. A pretty color to bright up my otherwise monochrome outfits.

7. The fun bag for holidays and Spring / Summer getaways. It makes me think about Ibiza.

8. And finally, the bag that I really, really want.


The overall

29 Apr

overall5During the last couple of years we’ve been seeing overalls everywhere. It started as a shy trend that only fashion victims would wear without looking like toddlers. We saw it in action during Paris Fashion Week 2013 for the first time (look at the fourth picture in this post) but now we can see beautiful, flattering overalls basically in every high street store. So the trend, once again, has become popular among all of us and no Spring/Summer wardrobe seems to be completed without an overall. That’s why we have put together some ideas, so that you can choose the perfect overall for you. Continue reading

Slightly boho

22 Apr

hakei1 We are not fans of the 70s trend that is taking over the shops this season. It’s just feels like a disguise. However, the looks that Hakei has put together for Spring take the boho extravaganza to a wearable level. This we can do. A muted 70s style mixed with casual basic pieces. Continue reading

The basic Spring wardrobe: AYR

15 Apr

Good morning! The sun shines, the temperatures are warm and right now that’s all we need to be happy. That, and a fabulous Spring wardrobe to go with it. Of course, by fabulous we mean monochrome, basic and wearable. No flower prints, no pastels, no 70’s looks for us. That’s why we wanted to share with you the new pieces that AYR has added to its collection. AYR is one of those brands that we absolutely love. Its motto is: good design is always in season. And that’s pretty much what we want to have in our closets. Good quality pieces and edited essentials that last. Continue reading

The sandals

8 Apr

whistles-aralia-toepost-sandal-tan_06whistles-aralia-toepost-sandal-tan_032 degrees this morning. I mean… 2 degrees! We just can’t stand it anymore. We want sun and over 20 degrees temperatures. Is that too much to ask? Since we moved to Germany I think we have been able to wear sandals twice. Twice in four years! Obviously, that doesn’t stop us from browsing our favourite websites and shops in search for the perfect pair. Is there anything happier than two feet with bright toenails inside a pretty pair of sandals? No, there isn’t.

We love mixing bright nail polishes with neutral leather sandals and, in order to rock that look, we need this minimalistic but really nice pair of sandals by Whistles. Don’t you love them? We think they can look perfect with just about any outfit. You can dress them up with a nice little black dress or you can simple wear them with shorts (we are talking denim here, of course) and a tee.

Well, we will be visiting London soon so a stop in a Whistles branch is guaranteed… Even though we won’t be able to wear them frequently, at least we will be prepared for Summer (last year was a Friday, sigh!).


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