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10 essencial wardrobe pieces for a relaxed weekend in Ibiza

11 Jun

Ibiza_styleAfter our holidays in Ibiza we’ve learnt two things about its famous laid-back style. One: people don’t dress in Ibiza, they dress up. As in disguise. And two: you only need a few pieces to look amazing.

We were shocked about how people dressed the part: tunics, flowers and thousands of accessories (apparently Woodstock was taking place on the beach), total white looks (beach wedding much? Linen stravaganza?) or neon tees and ultra short shorts with a famous logo (bonus points for club merchandising).  We  doubt those people wear those styles back at home. They were simply dressing up. They were in Ibiza, so that meant they have to look like it.

Well, we obviously adapt our style to the places we go. But there is a line that you should not cross. Even more, when all you need is some basic pieces to look fantastic. That, your sunkissed skin and a nice cocktail in your hand while staring at the bluest sea. So the next time we escape to Ibiza, this is all we will put in our suitcase:

1. A little white dress: the essence of the island. Transition from days at the beach, to nights at the beach. Yes, that’s all you are going to do. Stay at the beach, all day long. Because time flies and you will forget your sophisticated outfits the second night in Ibiza.

2. Denim shorts: they are perfect for the beach, mornings at the market and little boat trips.

3. A comfy cardigan: for that sea breeze that makes nights colder.

4. A neutral pair of sandals: they go with everything and they will stay beautiful after crossing those sand paths that will take you to the most beautiful little coves.

5. Sunglasses: obviously.

6. An statement bag: Even though baskets are the most popular bags in the island, this fantastic and colourful bag would be our only concession to the pseudo-hippie style. It’s beautiful, it’s bold and it’s huge. It’s perfect.

7. A nice top to match those denim shorts.

8. A cute bikini: even though you will learn to love nudism. Wait, what?

9. Jelly shoes: some of Ibiza’s most amazing beaches are full of rocks.  So if you don’t want to get hurt or step out of the water like a drunken clown you will need some of these. Believe us, we learnt the hard way. Besides, they will make you feel like a child again. And childhood, as well as Ibiza, is all about freedom, right?

10. And we’ve saved the most important thing for the last: a beach wrap. Ibiza is all about chilling out. And you won’t be able to do it without this sheer, light, multifunctional piece. Choose stripes or prints but always, always, choose soft colours.


In my suitcase: Holiday make up

20 Dec

holiday make up
Tomorrow we are flying back home for Christmas and we couldn’t be more excited. Our suitcases are almost finished, the only thing that we haven’t prepared is our make up bag. Here you have some products that we are taking with us… and some others that we wish we could add last minute to look our best this Christmas:

1. Adult Content Blush Palette by NARS. This is a limited edition with the four iconic NARS blush and highlighting blush shades. I’m hoping to get hold of it in Spain, since they don’t sell NARS products here.
2. Le Teint Touche Èclat: my favourite foundation to achieve glowing skin.
3. No 7 Skin Illuminator Fluid: perfect to add that extra yet subtle glow without being too shimmery.
4. Ombres Matelassées: limited edition eyeshadow palette by Chanel with the most beautiful colours to get several effects, from the glamourous shimmer to the matte finish. This is what I’ll be looking for at the duty free tomorrow!
5. The Porefessional by Benefit. I use it every day. With or without make up. It’s just genius!
6. After school boy blazer by Essie. I love this nail polish brand. The quality is amazing and the colours are beautiful. This one is my new obsession.
7. The new Naked palette by Urban Decay. Who doesn’t want it? This edition is perfect for rosie young looks.
8. Helthy Mix Serum by Bourjois. This foundation will resist all the festivities with a great finish and moisturise my skin while doing so.
9. My favourite eyeliner ever. The Long-Lasting 12HR Wear Eye Liner. The easiest way to achieve the perfect cat eye. And it really is long-lasting. I promise.
10. Recently I posted a great holiday makeup tutorial on our Facebook. The star of it was this intense gold eyeshadow.
11. I want my skin to glow, but not to shine. That is why I treasure my Mineral Veil by Bare Minerals. It gives my skin a velvety touch.
12. There is no Christmas without a beautiful fancy lipstick. The new Diorific collection has great strong shades. DIVA is my favourite
13. Secret Camouflage by Laura Mercier to conceal imperfections. Fantastic for sensitive skin.
14. Even though I’ve been more adventorous lately, I always go for classic red nail polish when I have any event, party or celebration. Opi has great red shades.
15. My mom gave me this mascara for my birthday and I love it. It really gives you super long and full eyelashes. I’ve been using it non-stop since October.
16. I’ve never used a bronzer even though I’m really pale and my face is super round. It’s about time, right? I will try to contour my face with this classic by Bourjois.

Lots of products, I know. Do you understand why our beauty bag is always the heaviest item of our suitcase?

Happy weekend!

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In my suitcase: house slippers

13 Dec

According to magazines, blogs and advertising campaings this is the season to dress up, go to sophisticated parties and surround yourself with equally elegant people. We’ve already put in our suitcase velvet blazers and festive clutches and we will probably include some nice dresses, a pair of black pants and some fancy shoes… but the truth is that our holidays consist mostly of tv marathons, huge lunches with the family and lots of procrastination. And for that, we just need pijamas and house slippers. But they better be cool!

1. These super warm and cosy moc style slippers are what P. and I wear every day at home. They were a present of Nikolaus last year.
2. A soft fluffly nest for your little feet. They can make you feel like a child again, don’t you think?
3. For all of you who want to look like Olivia Pope at home, creamy elegant ballerinas.
4. Velvet slippers. I love them so much that I would wear them on the street! Well, pijamas were super fashionable last year, right?
5. What about these fierce yet homey boots? They would look amazing with a total black onesie ;)
6. The cutest reindeer slipper boots. Fur interior for extra comfiness.

Happy weekend!

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In my suitcase: the festive clutch

6 Dec


Last week we started our holiday suitcase with a velvet blazer and today we are choosing a festive clutch that can be our best friend during the holiday season. Essential for parties and special dinners it can also dress up a more casual outfit.

1. This Lanvin clutch can be a great investment piece. Its print will add the best twist to the most serious attire.
2. Sweet and rock-ish. This delightful clutch would be perfect for the youngest ladies in the house. Those first Christmas parties…
3. Zara always has something for you. This baroque clutch would be the perfect way to light up a total black look.
4. A modern classic. Alexander Wang Tri-Fold texture-leather clutch which happens to be on sale. 55% off!
5. Another black clutch that can be wear as a crossbody bag too. The golden chain ornament makes it festive but not overly so.
6. We’ve already talked about this clutch on our Facebook page. Isn’t it lovely?
7. And finally, the most festive of all the clutches: a gold extravaganza by Zac Posen. You can find it now at The Outnet with a 50% off!!

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In my suitcase: the velvet blazer

29 Nov

Velvet Blazers

This month is going to be all about series! Apart from our Xmas series, we will be adding a weekly post about those items that we think should be in your suitcase this holidays.

Lets start with an old classic: the velvet blazer. This piece will dress up a simple jeans and white shirt look, it can be the perfect way to warm up your party outfits and adds a lovely masculine touch that makes every girl look cooler. It’s like the grown up fancy sister of the leather jacket!

1. Black velvet and black satin equals elegant and super sexy party look. Pair it with a pencil skirt or sharply cut pants.

2. If you are looking for comfort and a boho party look try this blazer together with an embroidered vintage top and harem pants. Add a lovely strappy sandal to achieve that festive look.

3. This is the basic version. Perfect with jeans, shirt and a pair of loafers. Great for family lunches and Christmas shopping sprees.
Black velvet and black satin equals elegant and super sexy party look. Pair it with a pencil skirt or sharply cut pants.

4. Splurge in a classic piece that will last forever, like this midnight blue blazer. The colour is amazing and it will make you look like a million dollars!

5.  For a casual vibe, wear this printed velvet blazer with and a knit sweater underneath, skinny jeans and some good tan leather boots. Or Converse/Supergas if you are lucky and you don’t spend your holidays in a very cold place. If that’s the case: we really envy you!

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Travelling light. Tips and paranoia.

4 Oct


I’m terrible at packing. I love travelling and I love organazing, but packing is something that goes beyond my organization skills. I blame the weather: there are so many pieces of my wardrobe that I just can’t wear here, that every time I travel I need to take them with me and show them around. It’s my only chance! I also have to admit that I’m a little bit paranoic and anxious so I just can’t help but thinking about all the possible scenarios. What if? Yep. That’s the infamous question.
As you read this we will be travelling to Dublin (yaaaay!!!) taking just one trolley with us. Each. I mean, one trolley for two people… that’s not even possible, right? We are only staying for the weekend so I’ve tried my best to stop thinking about possible indian summers, floods, sudden invitations to an Embassy or unexpected trips to the spa (just to name a few of the things that come to my mind when packing). I think this time I got it right. The suitcase weighs just 8,5 kilos!!! That leaves 1,5 kilos for shopping ;) I documented the process and here you have my tips.
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In my suitcase: bags

16 Jul

I am a bag person. Actually, I’d love to be a shoe person because I love shoes too, but I have ridiculously tiny feet that make almost impossible for me to go crazy and buy tons of shoes. So bags it is.
On holidays I usually choose clutches. I don’t carry all the things that make my bag weigh two tons in my everyday life. Just my purse, my phone and some lipstick. In fact, holidays are the only time I get to wear clutches. These are my fave for this season.
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In my suitcase: white nail polish

9 Jul

I used to hate white nail polish, but it started to grow on me… It was everywhere and I started to like it. That’s so tipically me! No personality, I guess. Anyway, I decided to give it a try. I went for Essie’s Marshmallow because it has a light pink undertone that helps to avoid the Tipp-ex effect. I’m going to take it with me on holidays because I like the result, what do you think? I guess that it will look even better with a little bit of a tan. I have to admit that I don’t even know me anymore. I’m really surprised, I’ve never thought I would wear anything like that on my nails… What’s next? Black? Who knows! ;)

PS: Summer nails.

In my suitcase: Toms

3 Jul

The count down has started. In about two weeks we will be leaving for our Summer holidays in Spain. That means that we have to prepare our big big big suitcases… and leave some room for the things we want to bring back with us ;) This involves what can be called a hard engineer work and a great capacity to analyze and synthesize, which truth to be told, I don’t have.  In my suitcase series are back!
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Dresses for Paris

12 Mar

polka dot
If there is a place that inspires me to dress up is Paris. Even though the super stylish French girls wear mostly skinny jeans and basic tees and blazers in plain colours, when in Paris I always feel like wearing prints, fluffy pastels and bright lipstick. I guess that’s because I’m not a cool stylish French girl. Anyway, it’s my Paris and I overdress if I want to! For me, the best way to feel girly, pretty and comfortable for a day wandering though the streets of Paris is wearing a beautiful dress.

Asos has an amazing selection of affordable dresses for this Spring. This polka dot dress would be perfect for a morning walk around Saint Germain des Prés, sigh! Here you have my favourites… maybe I give you some ideas for your next getaway!
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