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The T-shirt edit

Before Summer ends, and here in Germany it’s supposed to end today, we wanted to dedicate a post to our T-shirts.  One would think that as years go by our wardrobes would change into sophisticated collections of suits, heels and pencil skirts. But nope, we still go crazy for a nice, comfortable, soft T-shirt.


There’s something about the comfort, the effortless look and the cuteness of a T-shirt that made us wear them again and again. You can say they are a staple in our wardrobe together with blue shirts and jeans. We usually pair them with blazers for an upgraded T-shirt look and this Summer I’ve been wearing tees with long or midi skirts on repeat. That combo has made me feel a little cool, even more when combined with sneakers. Anyone else stalking Jeanne Damas’ Instagram this Summer?  Well, wearing cute T-shirts + flower printed skirts has been my way of recreating some of her looks. The constant rain has made espadrilles impossible, but white sneakers were a nice substitute. At least in my mind. But the truth is that I wore it because the result was absolutely comfortable and that’s the only rule in my wardrobe. If it’s not comfortable… it’s not for me.

The white “Les vacances” tee that you can see pictured above is one of my latest purchases. I bought it in July and it was my way of following the “French words on a white T-shirt” trend without making it obvious. Did I succeed? I don’t know but I find it really cute and the quality of the fabric is outstanding. It’s from & Other Stories. If you are interested in buying it, size up!


And while browsing & Other Stories website I came across this navy little number which came home as well. You can see that I’ve broken my one month /one piece rule. Oh well, the update of that post is going to make you laugh. I have scheduled it for November. It’s going to make me want to cry instead because it will show my absolute lack of willpower, but hey,  we are always honest here. And I’m human. And I love navy and the T-shirt is really cute. I don’t find it in the website any more so I guess it was a limited edition or something and it totally justifies the purchase.

Do you remember this one? It appeared in this Summer capsule wardrobe. In one of every two pictures of our days in London, Ibiza and Mallorca, she is wearing it so… total success! Fantastic when paired with shorts it’s going to be a great transition piece with black jeans, boots and a black blazer. Carine Roitfeld moodboard mode on. As you can see, lots of French inspiration lately… I’m going back to French lessons on Monday so this must be my way of studying French.

And now, let’s go with our basics. Two classic versions that are always in our wardrobe drawers: The Jacksonville T-shirt from American Vintage and the striped 3/4 sleeve T-shirts from COS.

The_TShirt_Edition_5 The_TShirt_Edition_2

We discovered the American Vintage Jacksonville T-shirts in Paris (Oh, France again… mais oui!) and it’s been our absolute favourite since then. We have in it white and black and it’s one of those pieces that we wear until it has holes in it. And then we buy it again. You won’t find a softest fabric and the cut is unbelievably flattering, loose in the waist/hip area and more fitted in the shoulders and chest.

And what can we say about the COS tees? We have them in every possible colour and they are so versatile and comfortable that, again, when they get old, we buy new ones. And the price tag is ridiculous.  They prove that basics are the best pieces.

So as the end of Summer approaches, we are trying to make the most of our Summer wardrobe. There are plenty of things we planned for the season that we haven’t made: update our terrace (it will be ready for Autumn so that we can’t use it. That’s so us), a day trip to Lüneburg (one day we’ll have to tell you the story of how fate plays with us everytime we plan a visit to this town) or wear sandals at least once. None of those things has happened but hey, fingers crossed for an Indian Summer in September!

PS: check the links to these T-shirts in our shop!

Yellow bird coffee

We love breakfasts and since we moved to Bremen, finding the best breakfast in town has been one of our hobbies. Honestly, there’s not much you can do in this little town, but the breakfast scene is getting quite good.  In fact, breakfast in Germany is really special. Maybe the terrible weather is the reason why so many people get together for a nice breakfast out instead of dinner but meeting for breakfast is really popular and most restaurants, bakeries and cafés offer different options and usually booking a table is necessary.


We discovered The Yellow Bird coffee, a hipster style, Instagrammable goldmine café at the beginning of the Summer and we’ve been going back almost every weekend. The coffee is spectacular, the atmosphere is lovely and the breakfast options are healthy-ish and absolutely delicious. Plus, we finally have avocado on toast in Bremen!! Yes, I know, that’s so 2015 but hey, the trend just arrived to Bremen.

We doubted about sharing this place in the blog for a while, but we realized that if we have found it in London or Copenhagen we would have written a post about it a long time ago. So the only thing that was holding us back was its location, our little, provincial Bremen. However, lately a new bunch of cool, nice, hidden gem kind of places have been opening in the city and we’ve been enjoying the process of discovering them, so we might as well share it here! The core of our slow-paced philosophy is enjoying our life as simple as it is. So we live in Bremen, then we are going to share more about it.


The Yellow Bird coffe is located in Neustadt, the “new town”. This area of Bremen has a very nice main street with nice restaurants, cafes and a good amount of gourmet shops. And is in this street where you will find The Yellow Bird. The decor is absolutely trendy and could be the role model for a lot of Pinterest boards: wooden tables, white chairs, delicate flower or herbs arrangements in every table, lots of tiny details and a counter full of bio, eco, cool product for sale: from homemade Nutella to craft beer. And absolutely everything comes in a picture perfect  package.


The atmosphere is quite laid back, quiet and very nice, perfect for those who need a moment before they have had their first cup of coffee. The clientele is a mix of little groups of young mothers with perfect eyebrows, flawless manicures and adorable chubby blonde babies, cute couples, groups of friends with great haircuts (something quite strange in Germany, to be honest) and the odd Spanish girls (that’s us and since we are becoming regulars I thought I would include us in the description).  The staff is nice and very eco / bio / modern Deutsch.


But let’s focus on what’s important: the food and the coffee. We usually order the avocado toast with spinach and scrambled eggs, which are actually a sort of very thin omelette but it’s absolutely delicious. It’s a little bit spicy, the bread is incredible and has the most crunchy crust… we always want a little bit more when the plate is empty. That’s why we always order a side of their granola to share, which is our favourite granola in the world and always makes us want to order one each (but we restrain ourselves because food comas are not nice). They also offer great looking smoothies and you can come for a simple, light lunch. We stick to breakfast but, who knows? Maybe one day we will change our beloved Saturday routine (power breakfast + farmers market + afternoon in the sofa) and come for lunch instead.


The coffee has that sweet, warm, almond aftertaste that we love about coffee in Copenhagen. Really, really nice. And it’s not only the coffee that reminds us of Copenhagen. This place is so cool and the food is so nice, that it could be easily be mistaken for one of those independent, laid back coffee shops in the wonderful capital of Denmark.

After six years in Bremen we love how the city is changing and opening up to the world without losing its particular character. Bremen is still Bremen (angry cyclists, terrible weather, weird people complaining because Zara opened here and, therefore, the city is losing its personality) but at least we have a decent avocado toast to post on Instagram while you hear locals complaining about globalisation and eating the same avocado toast and posting the same picture on Instagram. Oh, globalisation… We love to hate you.


Feeling beautiful, feeling fine

I have to admit that during most of my life I’ve been ashamed of being a beauty addict. Of course I know that watching Lisa Eldridge’s makeup tutorials and getting excited about the latest Charlotte Tilbury lipstick doesn’t make me forget all the books that I’ve read, all my working experience and, under no circumstances, erases any neuron of my brain. But forgive me, I doubt about myself and feel stupid if I get passionate about a new eyeshadow palette or a friend laughs at my obsession with smooth hair. What can I say? Maybe I’m stupid, maybe I’ve been influenced by a society that encourages women to be ultra girly/ feminine only to make fun of them for it afterwards. Notice that just as I was writing this I’ve spent a fair amount of time thinking whether in this context the words feminine and girly could be understood as an insult/offensive/ chauvinist. Or if by saying feminine here I’m implying that other women who don’t like makeup or skincare are less feminine. Obviously, they are not. Ugh. This whole thing makes me nervous…

Feeling Fine_3

I want to be me and talk for hours about face masks, jump and shout a little when I come across a Sephora and share my excitement when I found a miracle product that makes my hair less frizzy but I also want to be taken seriously and ultimately I don’t want to be ashamed of myself if I write a long post about beauty products. Ugh. I am my worst critic and I know most of the women that read this blog (according to Google Analytics you are 75% female, 25% male) have had that feeling at some point. Why do I have to look beautiful but then feel bad for caring about it?

I guess the answer is simple: if feeling beautiful makes you feel good about yourself, there’s nothing wrong about it. And please note that I’m writing this to believe it myself. It’s difficult to face those patronizing smiles at work if, during my lunch break, I get caught talking with a fellow colleague about a new mascara or if I mention that my no longer available yet beloved keratin treatment made me spent more than 4 hours in the salon and someone shouts at me: whaaaaat??? 4 hours in a salon??? The big project at work I successfully carried out is forgotten, now I’m the woman who spends 4 hours doing her hair. EXCUSE ME BUT I CARE ABOUT MY HAIR!!! #sorrynotsorry. Am I, though?…. See? Feeling stupid again. Ugh. It hurts even more if such a comment comes from another female. I don’t know why but it does. Maybe it’s because lots of times those talks about hair, make up and other bits and bobs are the secret to start a great female friendship, a sort of secret camaraderie.

By the way, this post is one of the most popular on the blog and it addresses my hair so I guess we all care about hair here. THANK YOU.

What I’m trying to say is that I don’t want to hide the things that I like. Whether it’s hair, makeup palettes, contemporary dance or geopolitics. And since I believe that one has to be the change he or she wants to see in society, I’m going to try and feel better about all this. Starting right now with three things that make me feel better.

Feeling Fine_2

First thing, OBVIOUSLY, an eyeshadow palette. My gorgeous ABH Modern Reinassance. How beautiful is this palette? It’s funny how pink-ish shades were the worst a few years ago and now they are everywhere. I love that this palette makes beautiful sunset-like eyes for Summer and those berry shades are going to help me transition to Autumn like a nice fluffy sock slides into an old soft leather boot. I love it so much that sometimes I just stare at it for a few minutes. Those colors! The pigments! Oh, I love it. Besides I’ve already mentioned here that those ten minutes I spend putting on makeup every morning are my very own meditation. I’m alone at home, the house is quiet, I think about whatever I have to do during the day and I’m surrounded of pretty things. I feel safe and fine at that moment.

Feeling Fine_5

This lipstick has became my favourite. As much as I love a power red, my lips are not cooperating lately and every time I apply it I turn into the Joker. However,  since I was a kid I’ve found that lipstick has something powerful and reassuring, it’s like a good coat, something you put on before leaving the house that makes you feel prepared to face whatever is outside that door. Red lipstick is the valyrian steel of lipsticks, of course, but since the older I get, the more difficult it’s for me to pull it off (those little wrinkles around my mouth absorb all the pigment! Ugh) this subtle pink matte lipstick has been my go to. It looks like you are not wearing lipstick, but you now you are. It’s a self-confidence lipstick.

Feeling Fine_4
Finally, the scent that both of us have been using on repeat for the last month. It’s supposed to be for men, but we love it and who cares? If we like it, we wear it and most of our favourite scents come from the men section. My favourite smell is clean (clean hair, clean sheets, clean house, clean clothes… clean, clean, clean) and Loewe’s SOLO CEDRO smells like clean grandpa. Wait, it sounds weird, I know but bear with me. It’s absolutely one of the best smells in the world: a little bit manly but not overly so, woody yet fresh, with a hint of lavender, therefore smells like a fresh, safe, warm hug. Like a grandpa! Again, it feels good.

And if you feel good, you’ll feel beautiful. And if you feel beautiful, you’ll feel fine. So I’m determined to feel good about myself and if that means talking about eyeshadows, I’m going to talk about them! And it feeling beautiful means smelling like a grandpa, bring it on! Whatever it takes!

Ca Na Toneta

Ca Na Toneta is one of our favourite places in the world. To understand why, we have to walk down memory lane a little bit. In 2009 we started planning our wedding and looking for venues and vendors in Mallorca, where our destination wedding would take place. Food has always beeen really important to us and we were determined to have the best food we could afford for our small wedding. We started looking for caterers but finding what we were looking for turned out to be a nightmare. Lots of caterings offered really snob, fusion style, neon-coloured finger food options… but we were looking for delicious, authentic, natural food without any artifices. Our wedding was simple, rustic and very relaxed… just how we like our food! And then we found Ca Na Toneta. A small restaurant where two sisters were revamping traditional local food. A couple of mails later, they agreed to prepare our wedding menu.

Ca Na Toneta_1

In February 2010 we visited the restaurant and met them. We LOVED the food, but we also fell in love with Ca Na Toneta, a simple space where every detail was well-thought-out. We sensed a philosophy behind it, a new way to understand food in the island, giving importance to local produce. Our wedding took place in May 2010 and we couldn’t have been happier with the menu, the attention, the kindness of María and Teresa… In the last seven years we’ve seen Ca Na Toneta evolve and appear in so many specialized magazines, books and even TV shows so we feel really lucky and honored to have had them as such an important part of our wedding.

Ca Na Toneta_11

Even though we’ve kept in touch during these years and we’ve met María a few times, we hadn’t came back to the restaurant. But a couple of weeks ago we travelled to Mallorca and finally had dinner in their beautiful terrace. Coming back to Ca Na Toneta was quite emotional for us and we were amazed by how gorgeous everything was. The restaurant has grown and they now serve delicious cocktails in a tiny yet beautiful bar, they have opened the most amazing homeware shop and they even offer a lovely space for private gatherings and events… But all keeps that rustic charm, that unique atmosphere which made us fall in love with Ca Na Toneta in the first place.

Ca Na Toneta_5

María and her team have renovated their family home, just next to Ca Na Toneta, which now hosts a stunning homeware shop that doubles as cocktail bar and terrace to enjoy a few drinks before dinner. Following Ca Na Toneta’s philosophy, everything they sell in the shop is made by local artisans (we wanted to buy a couple of the gorgeous aprons they sell but ultimately forgot!) and all the cocktails and drinks they serve are prepared with Balearic spirits and juices made from local, seasonal fruits. We had a refreshing and alcohol free lemon and orange juice and a watermelon and gin cocktail. They were the perfect start for a wonderful night. We sat on the terrace and enjoyed that warm, Summer night breeze. Beautiful bougainvillea, light furniture and  white walls gave us a quintessential Summer feeeling.

Ca Na Toneta_3Ca Na Toneta_8Ca Na Toneta_7

 Ca Na Toneta_9We had the opportunity to chat with María and Teresa, reminisce about our wedding and even make plans for our 10th anniversary! The beautiful terrace overlooks a charming patio which can host private dinners, workshops and opens to a small kitchen and a cosy space with a traditional fireplace. Surely, that would be the perfect setting for Winter gatherings by the fire! There was a private dinner on the patio that night that gave us an idea of what our 10th anniversary party could look like… We loved the beautiful combination of Majorcan style with Scandi vibes!

Ca Na Toneta_10

But it was time to head to the main restaurant for dinner! We were kindly guided to a little table located in the terrace, under the vines. The atmosphere was subtly festive with every table chatting happily over candle lights. We loved how pristine everything was: from the flawless linen tablecloths to the uniforms of the staff. That white monochrome base is perfect to showcase the colourful work of Albert Pinya, a local artist who has transformed the space with its unique style.

Ca Na Toneta_13

You don’t come to Ca Na Toneta only to eat, as we have mentioned before there’s this philosophy and overall experience that deserves a visit, but of course the food is the star of the show! We couldn’t get the best shots of the menu because candle light is not the most appropriate lighting for food pictures, but hopefully you will enjoy them anyway.

The menu consists of three starters, a soup, a coca, one fish and one meat dish and two desserts. Expect seasonal produce, local specialties inspired by our ancestor’s eating habits and an excellent presentation. We started with an appetizer that represented the Majorcan countryside in Summer: figs, sweet almonds and fennel. If the guests haven’t felt that wonderful sense of place by now, this starter will remind them of everything the decor, the atmosphere and the location has been whispering at them since they entered the door. You are in a unique Majorcan village. Make the most of it.

Ca Na Toneta_12

This was followed by a delicious watermelon, anchovies and cheese salad with pine nuts, black olives and mint oil. Refreshing and light, these flavours contrasted with what could be one of our favourite dishes of Ca Na Toneta (and one of the appetizers in our wedding): Bread baked in Selva, a nearby village, with local olive oil (made by Pep Solivellas, María and Teresa’s uncle), sea salt from Ibiza and olives seasoned by their mum. Simple things are the best things.

Ca Na Toneta_14 Ca Na Toneta_15

It was time for the soup, which happened to be our favourite dish of the evening. It was a delicious cold tomato soup (not gazpacho!) with marinated bacora (tuna’s cousin, as we were told) and capers. It was zingy but rich at the same time and it was the only moment we regretted the small portions, wich otherwise are ideal to savour and appreciate every dish and leave the restaurant feeling satisfied but not achingly full.  The picture doesn’t make this dish justice, because it was utterly delicious and beautiful.

Ca Na Toneta_16 Ca Na Toneta_17

And there’s no visit to Ca Na Toneta that doesn’t involve a mouthwatering coca. This traditional Majorcan specialty is our favourite. This time we had a roasted peppers coca with Mahón cheese and grapes. We’ve never thought of combining roasted peppers with cheese and grapes but oh my, it was a match made in (Mallorca’s) heaven! We wondered if those grapes came from the vines over our heads… but we guessed they were.

And then the two main dishes arrived: mackerel with aubergine and fig sauce, followed but our second favourite of the night, an incrediby flavourful plate of chicken rice with Majorcan truffles. Both were excellent but the rice was outstanding! You could hear every table mmming and ooohing. We’ve just invented those words for that dish. So imaging how good it was.

Ca Na Toneta_18 Ca Na Toneta_19

Finally, it was time for dessert. We were a bit sad by then because the night was coming to an end and we didn’t want it to. The full moon was shining bright, we were happy, the breeze was light and fresh and we could listen happy people all around us. We had a delicious lemon cake followed by a refreshing yogurt and hierbabuena ice cream with cucumber soup. We ordered two coffees to stretch our dinner and they came with two tiny, scrumptious chocolate biscuits that left us with a bittersweet flavour. That feeling of happyness and nostalgia that comes when something that you have anticipated for a long time finally comes to an end.

Ca Na Toneta_20

Ca Na Toneta is always going to be a truly special place for us. Not only because they were a very important part of our wedding (and hopefully they will be part of our 10th anniversary!), but because it inspires us. Whenever we think about it, remember it, read an article about Ca Na Toneta in the press, try to recreate a recipe… we feel that sense of place, calmness and a tingling hope… maybe we can change our life and turn it into a Ca na Toneta way of life?

Obviously, this place is more than a restaurant. You should check it yourself.



Gluten free chocolate chip cookies

Last week we told you that we were obsessed with Madeleine Shaw and, well, this post proves that we were not lying. Here you have another delicious recipe from her book Ready, Steady, Glow. And yes, it’s another dessert/snack. What can I say? I have a sweet tooth and every time we purchase a new cookbook I tend to start trying out recipes with the dessert chapter… Even if it’s a healthy/ clean eating kind of book. If there’s something sweet in it, I will go for that first. It happened with this book as well (Killer salted caramel brownies, by the way).

Gluten free chocolate chip cookies_2

This recipe is fantastic because you can prepare a couple of batches of mouth watering, soft, chocolatey cookies in no time. Since you will be using rice flour and coconut sugar, the glycemic index will be lower and, therefore, you won’t get that sugar coma feeling. At least not if you eat just one or two. If you eat them all in one sitting (which can happen because these cookies are utterly delicious) your tummy will hurt. These may be healthier than your average chocolate cookies, but please don’t forget that they still are chocolate chip cookies!

You will need:
150 g unsalted butter
175 g coconut sugar
1 egg, beaten
1 tsp vanilla extract
100 g rice flour
1 tsp baking powder
Pinch of salt
150 g dark or milk chocolate chips

Gluten free chocolate chip cookies_3
Preheat the oven to 160º and line a baking tray with baking paper.

Cream the butter and sugar, then add the egg and vanilla. Mix until combined. Sift in the rice flour, baking powder and a pinch of salt and mix again until fully combined. Throw the chocolate chips into the dough and mix into the dough.

Roll the dough into little (or not so little) balls and place them on a baking tray leaving space between them because they grow big! Bake for 12 minutes if you like extra gooey cookies or 14 minutes if you like your cookies crunchy in the outside and gooey in the inside. Remove them from the oven and let them cool.

Gluten free chocolate chip cookies_4
My wife and my mum swear that these are the best cookies that they have ever eaten. The trick is in the chocolate: buy the best quality chocolate you can afford. It makes all the difference!

So I guess that from now on, these will be a must in our cookie box (yes, we have a cookie box, a jar is never enough). I promise that from next week we will return to savory recipes, mains and salads. But for now… let me grab another cookie!

The pink pepper tree hotel, Mallorca

A few years ago we fell in love with the rural, central area of Mallorca.  It epitomizes everything we love in life. The landscape, the proximity to the sea and the mountains, the subtle golden light that warmly lits the beautiful traditional houses… everything emanates serenity. Since then we’ve dreamt about buying a little house in the area. However, it looks like that dream isn’t coming true anytime soon, but we’ve found a little boutique hotel that feels like our very own home in Mallorca.

The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_34 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_18 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_25

The pink pepper tree hotel is hidden in Lloseta, a really small village off the beaten track. This hotel is a home hotel. This means that you are welcome to the kitchen to grab freakfast, that you will receive the keys to the main doors, that you can use the yoga room, the gardens and the swimming pool whenever you feel like it, that the owners will wave goodbye when you go and that, in general, you will feel that the stunning finca is your very own home in the island. And what a home! The decor is absolutely exquisite: natural, laid back, tasteful and cosy. You can buy some details for your home and, inspired by the gorgeous decor both in the rooms and main areas, we bought a little thing to bring back home and this weekend I’m going to try and replicate some of the art wall that we had in our room.

The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_55 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_39 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_57 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_26

The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_32

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Upon arrival we were taken to our beautiful room and Glynn, the owner, encouraged us to join the other guest for dinner in the beautiful patio.  No boring check in process. We were welcomed as you would welcome your family when they visit your home: here you have a copy of our keys, please have some fresh water and join us for dinner!

The cicadas were competing with the sweet, soft music that was playing on the background.  Jacqueline, the owner and cook, cooked a delicious, light, fresh dinner that we truly enjoyed: a nectarine and ham salad, turkey and zucchini burgers with a crunchy cabbage salad and an incredible date tart for dessert. She cooks dinner three times a week, so were lucky to arrive one of those days.

The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_9 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_7 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_10 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_11

The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_12

They grow their own vegetables, fruits and herbs, which happen to perfume the whole property. The scent of fresh mint, basil or sage, warm and rich under the sun was intoxicating. As the sun set, the lights in the patio were switched on, reminding us of a traditional Spanish Summer verbena, only with a quieter, more relaxing atmosphere. Conversations among guests were soft and intimate. We spent a nice amount of time in silence, enjoying the views, the scents, the peace and the amazing moon.

The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_33 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_48 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_24

The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_20

The following day we were encouraged to grab breakfast in the kitchen and once we were seated in the patio, two excellent cups of coffee and freshly squeezed orange juices appeared in front of us. During breakfast (amazing granola, cold meats and cheese and a fantastic selection of homemade jams) we had time to talk a little bit more with Glynn. He was absolutely lovely, really polite, friendly and kind. A perfect host. The personal attention is, no doubt, the signature touch at The pink pepper treee hotel.  After a delicious breakfast we headed to the swimming pool for the day. No pictures or words do justice to the aquamarine colour of the swimmingpool, surrounded by  white stone and dark wood. Walking along the little path that takes the guests to the swimming pool area we could feel our muscles relaxing under the scorching sun.

The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_27 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_28 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_54 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_31

And then we dozed off on the comfortable sunbeds under the shade of fruit trees, took dips and read for the rest of our stay. That swimming pool was our piece of heaven on Earth. Cowbells, cicadas and donkeys accompanied us from the distance, the scent of the herbs came with the breeze and we just left the swimming pool to enjoy simple but delicious lunches in the patio.

The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_52 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_56 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_30 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_44 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_16

This is luxury for us: chosen solitude, pears and promegranates just picked up from the tree, lunch under vines listening to the soothing sound of water, kindness, good manners, space and time to think, reflect and read, starry skies and silence. Of course, our wonderful room and its huge bed with Egyptian cotton bedding, the beautiful free standing bath, the incredible walk in shower, the natural, organic toiletries, the elegant yet rustic furniture characteristic of the sober traditional Majorcan style and the pristine wooden or stone floors that invite to walk barefoot truly helped to have that luxury feeling.

The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_41 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_4 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_53 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_49 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_2 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_51 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_42 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_3 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_43 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_21

Our short stay at The pink pepper tree was absolutely perfect and we can’t wait to come back and, maybe this time, stay a little bit longer and organize some day trips (they prepare picnics and beach baskets for guests) and yoga lessons. I’m sure sun salutations will feel even better in their premises.

The pink pepper tree‘s simplicity is its best asset. Everything is effortless, like a real holiday home or second residence: it may not look flawless, but it’s personal, welcoming, relaxed and different to anything else. It has personality and it gives you that easygoing holiday feeling that makes you smile, walk barefoot, appreciate the movement of the palm trees better than whatever appears on your cell screen and  recharges you in a way no other place will.

The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_46 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_40 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_45 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_22 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_29 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_23 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_14 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_13 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_15

The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_8 The Pink Pepper Tree Hotel_17

PS: One secret perk of staying at this hotel is its proximity to one of our favourite restaurants in the world… But more on that next week!

Raspberry and pistachio brownies

We are addicted to cookbooks. Our Amazon orders usually include at least a couple of them. In fact, I will dare to say that the cookbook section in Amazon is our favourite shopping spot. Usually when we get a new cookbook, we feel the urge to prepare all the recipes in one week. We get excited, choose the most appealing recipes and then cook, cook, cook. And eat, eat, eat, of course. If after that week we repeat most of the recipes at least three times, then the book is a success. If not… well, it  will sit beautifully in our little kitchen library. We never throw books away! So let’s say our kitchen library is not that little anymore…

Raspberries and Pistacchio Brownie_4

However, there is a cookbook that we’ve been using on repeat during the last few weeks. Right after tasting the first mouthful of the first recipe we made (icnredible chicken burgers with a delicious courgette and chilli salad), we knew it was going to be one of our favourites. And indeed it is! If you like healthy, delicious recipes chances are you already own it. We are talking about Ready, steady, glow, by Madeleine Shaw. For us it has been a fantastic discovery! The recipe that we share with you today comes from that book, though we’ve changed a couple of details because we always do. These raspberry and pistachio brownies have become our favourite mid-morning snack. It’s the perfect treat to cheer up those tedious mornings at work when you are dreaming about your next weekend getaway! (Anyone dreaming about weekends getaways all the time?)

Raspberries and Pistacchio Brownie_3

You will need:
200 g butter
200 g dark chocolate (we used 70% and 85% cocoa)
200 g coconut sugar
1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
3 eggs, beaten
200 g buckwheat flour
A pinch of salt
200 g raspberries
100 g pistachios

Preheat the oven to 160º and line a baking tin with baking paper.
Place a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water (bain marie). Add the chocolate and the butter and let them melt. Stir every now and then. Once melted, take the bowl of the heat and let it cool for a little bit. The original recipe used coconut oil instead of butter, but we’ve used butter because we find coconut oil very difficult to work with when it comes to baking. The final textures are usually rougher when we use cocconut oil.

Now beat the sugar with the eggs and the vanilla extract. Add the chocolate and butter mix and combine. Sift in the flour and the pinch of salt and stir. Finally add half the raspberries and pistachios.

Pour the mix into the baking tin and scatter over the remaining raspberries and pistachios. Bake for 30 minutes.

Raspberries and Pistacchio Brownie_6

The result will be crispy in the outside but really gooey in the inside. Leave it to cool and then slice it into squares. Tip: wait to the following day to eat them. They are way better after two days! The acidity of the raspberries will set in and the gooey center will be slighty firmer. If you store them in an airtight container they will last a week. But we seriously doubt they will last a week. We bet you will eat them before!

Raspberries and Pistacchio Brownie_1
PS: Looking for more healthy-ish treats? Try these chocolate chip blondies, these sweet almond bites, these coconut chocolate bars or these salted caramel brownies.

The slow pace for Preferred Hotels

Good morning! We are thrilled to announce that this weekend we are taking over Preferred Hotels Instagram Stories to share with you our favourite corners of Seville.

We would be very happy if you follow along! Click here and enjoy a slow-paced weekend in Seville with us!

The blue shirt edit

Blue shirts are like striped tees for us. You can never have too many and there’s nothing more versatile. However, now that we are trying to edit our wardrobe and be more conscious about what we shop we’ve had to reduce our purchases, donate those pieces that didn’t spark joy for us (any Marie Kondo fans out there?) and keep just our favourite items. These five blue shirts passed the test and have proved to be essential to us. That means, we wear them all the time!

The Blue Shirt Edit_3

Starting on the right, this Equipment shirt is one of my capsule wardrobe: one month / one piece purchases, in fact it’s my favourite so far.  I’ve worn it at least once a week since I’ve bought it. With black pants and boots in Winter, under a suit for meetings, with skinny jeans and Stan Smiths… It’s really versatile. And the fabric is so soft that it feels like wearing pyjamas. You can find a similar version here.

Then we have a classic blue shirt with a twist. I bought this in COS a couple of years ago but it survived the wardrobe edit because the quality of the fabric is outstanding, it’s slightly oversized and the back is longer than the front. So, as I said before, it’s a classic but has a subtle edgy feel to it.

The Blue Shirt Edit_2

The polka dot blue shirt is my other’s half favourite. It’s fitted and has a cute gingham detail in the cuffs and collar. She bought it in Marc O’ Polo, a brand we discovered when we moved to Germany and has lovely basics with a sober style. Minimalists, this is the blue shirt paradise! Click here for a bunch of options.

In fact, the next blue shirt on the list is another little number from Marc O’Polo. This soft chambray shirt is tremendously flattering and can be dressed up and down really easily. Do you remember her Summer capsule wardrobe? Well, this shirt could be part of it if the weather gets chilly. Is there anything easier to wear than a chambray shirt? Well, maybe a striped tee but let’s leave that for another edit.

The Blue Shirt Edit_1
And finally, an oldie but a goodie, an oversized cotton blue shirt that I’ve been using as a beach cover up for the last couple of years. I didn’t lie when I said that I wear blue shirts all the time! I bought it in H&M, so it was really affordable. If I didn’t have it, I would buy this piece this year. Add a straw hat and a pair of tan sandals and you’ll have a great real life, holiday appropriate outfit that proves you don’t have to spend a lot or buy the latest trendy item on Instagram to look great. You just need a blue shirt!

Quesadillas, two ways

Can a tablecloth inspire a recipe? Absolutely! After buying a colourful tropical tablecloth this weekend, we decided to use it for the first time with a fun, spicy, colourful recipe. Because we love celebrating small things! If you follow us for a while you’ll know that we love our rustic minimalism, but we’ve been following Erica Davies on Instagram lately and she has infected us with her enthusiasm for colourful decor. Hence the tablecloth, which we bought on sale at H&M (you will find the direct link in our shop!)


But onto the recipe. Today we bring you a turkey and cheese quesadilla and a sautéed mushrooms and cheese quesadilla, with a side of green salsa and guacamole. Sounds good? Both recipes are so easy that basically they only involve assembling things! Well, the vegetarian option needs a little bit more work, but you can have everything prepared in 15 minutes.

You will need (serves 2):

Turkey and cheese quesadillas
2 tortilla wraps
Thinly sliced turkey (or ham, if you prefer)
A big handful of grated cheese
Two pickled green jalapeño chilli pepper, sliced
One spring onion, finely sliced
A few coriander leaves
1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)


Sautéed mushrooms and cheese quesadillas
2 tortilla wraps
300 gr mushrooms, thinly sliced
1 garlic clove, diced
A couple of fresh parsley leaves, chopped
A big handful of grated cheese
Two pickled green jalapeño chilli pepper, sliced
One spring onion, finely sliced
A few coriander leaves
2 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). One tablespoon for the mushrooms, the other one to brush the tortillas.


First, heat one tablespoon of EVOO over medium heat on a large pan. Add the garlic and sauté for a minute, then add the mushrooms and cook for 5 minutes. Sprinkle the parsley leaves and cook for another five minutes. Set apart.

In the meantime you can chop and prep all the other ingredients for your quesadillas and heat a ridge griddle.

To make the Turkey and cheese quesadillas: place the tortilla wrap on a plate and cover it with turkey. Over one half only, sprinkle the jalapeño slices, grated cheese, spring onion and coriander leaves. Fold the tortilla wrap in half and brush each side with the oil before putting it on the griddle. Grill for a couple of minutes each side.


Now, let’s make the sautéed mushrooms and cheese quesadillas: the process is the same, only change the turkey with the mushrooms. We told you this was really easy!

To serve, transfer the tortilla to a board and cut in two or three pieces. Eat with some salsa on the side. Salsa verde is perfect, but since we don’t find tomatillos here, we bought a jar of salsa verde in a local Mexican shop. Shop-bought salsa is fine. Homemade is better, though. But sometimes you have to do what you have to do!

You can have a side of guacamole as well. In case you have no will to live and therefore you have never made guacamole, here you have a very easy recipe because you haven’t lived if you haven’t prepared and eaten guacamole at least a thousand times:

Chop one tomato, one small onion, one red chilli pepper and a little bit of chive and coriander leaves. Mix all together with the juice of a lime, sprinkle over some sea salt and mix again. There you go, the easiest guacamole.


We know this is not a properly Mexican recipe (so please, Mexican readers, don’t get angry!) but it’s delicious and makes a wonderful easy dinner in front of the TV while watching Game of Thrones or a great festive lunch with a new, pretty tablecloth!