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The slow-paced weekend guide to Ibiza

We’ve finally published our slow-paced weekend guide to Ibiza! We uncover for you the other Ibiza: the rustic, lonely, magical, calming island that we fell in love with a few years ago. From the most secluded beaches to the most picturesque villages, we have listed our favourite spots in the island. Check the Weekend Guides section in our front page… or just click here!

The slow-paced weekend guide to Ibiza

For years we thought that Ibiza was just a party island. We didn’t want to visit it, we just thought it wasn’t for us. But three years ago we spend a couple of weeks exploring Ibiza and our opinion changed completely. Since then, every time we go back we fall head over heels. We love Ibiza, the rural, quiet, lonely Ibiza. The island where you can spend wonderful mornings hidden in small coves, where you can get lost in the pine scented countryside, where pristine white little churches are all the monuments you need and where the energy is absolutely different from every other place in the world. With this guide we want to help you uncover the slow-paced, off season, charming and mysterious Ibiza that we love. HOW TO GET THERE Ibiza’s airport connects the island with the world. It’s a small airport that is being renovated at the moment and will welcome you with lots of neon tee-shirt tourists that won’t give you a very nice impression. Fear not, we will introduce you …

Ibiza’s secrets and legends

Three years ago we spent the most wonderful days exploring Ibiza. The rural Ibiza, the quiet Ibiza. Now that we are already thinking about our Summer holidays, this extremely popular yet truly unknown destination has made its way to the top of our bucket list again. There are so many corners we have to discover yet… Because Ibiza is not just a party island! It has the most magical atmosphere once you look beyond the surface. And when we found this book, we couldn’t help but immediately start looking for flight prices, accommodations and new routes in Ibiza. Wanderlust mode on! Even though we mostly rely on travel blogs, magazines and Instagram (as seen here, here and here) to plan new trips nowadays, the good old travel books are a lovely resource to go back to. And this book is a perfect example. It’s a collection of rare hidden places, mysterious tales and magical landscapes in the Balearic Islands. It uncovers the secrets of local legends and makes us want to keep on discovering that …

Ibiza’s top picks

This is going to be the last post about our days in Ibiza. We have tried to show you a different side of the island, the one we discovered and loved. Lonely coves, long walks in the countryside and candle light dinners in the old town. That was our Ibiza. And here you have our 10 top picks just for you:

10 essencial wardrobe pieces for a relaxed weekend in Ibiza

After our holidays in Ibiza we’ve learn two things about its famous laid-back style. One: people don’t dress in Ibiza, they dress up. As in disguise. And two: you only need a few pieces to look amazing. We were shocked about how people dressed the part: tunics, flowers and thousands of accessories (apparently Woodstock was taking place on the beach), total white looks (beach wedding much? Linen stravaganza?) or neon tees and ultra short shorts with a famous logo (bonus points for club merchandising).  We  doubt those people wear those styles back at home. They were simply dressing up. They were in Ibiza, so that meant they have to look like it. Well, we obviously adapt our style to the places we go. But there is a line that you should not cross. Even more, when all you need is some basic pieces to look fantastic. That, your sunkissed skin and a nice cocktail in your hand while staring at the bluest sea. So the next time we escape to Ibiza, this is all we …


Hi there? How’s everyone doing? We are having a great time in Ibiza! Today it’s raining (sad face) so we’ve finally found the time to sit and blog! Last Wednesday we drove to Ibiza and visited the old town. Here you have lots and lots of pictures of our day in the old town if you’d like to see…

Cala Olivera, Ibiza

Hi there! We are having a great time in Ibiza and we thought we could share with you a little bit of our holidays. We can’t promise to post every day, but we hope to keep you updated and give you some tips about this famous island.

Moodboard: Ibiza

Lately we’ve been dreaming in white and blue. We miss the sea and the sun. It happens every year around this time. Our muscles are tired of cold, our skin needs to be sunkissed and our spirits long for that boost that only the sea breeze can give. We want to spend some days in a quiet island… and Ibiza is constantly in our minds. Before the crowds invade the island for the high season, we would love to enjoy its authentic charm. Slow-paced breakfasts, lazy days discovering lonely sandy beaches and remote rocky coves, long walks in the quieter rural areas of the island… Pure bliss!

Capsule wardrobe: one month, one piece. An update

Since the year is coming to an end, I wanted to share an honest update on my capsule wardrobe and the resolution I made in January about buying no more than one piece for my wardrobe each month. Last time we spoke about this it was May and things were going pretty great. You can read the post here if you want to know why I wanted to edit my wardrobe and shop more consciously. In May I did buy something. A pair of Mango trousers. But it was a bad purchase. It was so warm when we visited Madrid and we were going to Ibiza afterwards (by the way, we made a slow-paced weekend guide to Ibiza if you want to have a look!)  and I just wanted some kind of flowy, comfortable pants. So one afternoon, walking around town with my mum, I made that impromptu purchase. The pants are nice and I like them, they were a fun way of incorporating the ruffle pant trend in a subtle way. But in spite …

Back to the gym. How to.

If last week we spoke about improving our cooking and eating habits because we are in September hence we are all about new resolutions, this week we have to speak about going back to the gym. Of course. There are two types of resolutions: food related and fitness related, right? In fact we did went back to the gym last August, or more accurately we changed gyms. We were so eager to have our new resolutions up and running that we started in August. Wow. We now go to a fancy schmancy gym and we have a trainer and we kind of like it. But I still go to the gym with the oldest t-shirt and the most unflattering pants you will ever see because I might go to the gym twice a week and maybe, just maybe, I might enjoy it but there are things that aren’t going to change and me wearing the ugliest, comfiest clothes to the gym is one of them. So, how did I get motivated? Obviously the buy cute …