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AB NATURAL, the new collection by Antonio Bayona

Today we are thrilled to wellcome in our blog the new collection of Antonio Bayona: AB NATURAL. After two fantastic collections: AB Colours and AB Basics, AB goes back to the roots of the art of jewellery: precious metals and natural gemstones. AB Natural consists of four pieces made of sterling silver and plated either with rhodium or 18K yellow or rose gold. The principal elements are the high quality gemstones, also handcrafted in Spain. In this collection two new designers collaborate with AB: Inma Soria and Sonia Carmona. Alba Cuallado and Alba Bayona repeat their succesful collaborations with the brand.

AB line by Antonio Bayona

Today I want to talk you about something unique. In a world where everyone buys, eats, wears and does the same things, we have found someone who believes in real affordable exclusivity. Two weeks ago we met Alba, the life an soul of AB, in an improvised East London showroom and we immediately fell in love with this new jewelry line, AB by Antonio Bayona. Antonio Bayona has worked as an artisan jewlery maker since 1970. Now he has teamed with a group of young designers to create this little but oh so nice line with 10 different rings. If you order your own AB ring, it would be made just for you. Literally. This is not a huge shop where thousands of rings are waiting to be bought… this ring would be made thinking about you. From scratch. And in about a week you will receive this little avant-garde black box. But you know what I love the most about this rings? It’s not the amazing design, the über cool package or the fact …

Rosy cheeks and red lips

Chocolate and Clarins are my biggest addictions, so when I saw that the Sephora next to my mum’s house was having a clearance I run. Fast. I’ve had my eye in these two items for a while. Did I need them? No. That’s why I only got them when the price was pretty reduced. I chose the Blush Prodige Illuminating Cheek Colour in the shade Soft Peach. While the name suggests coral undertones and reminds you of a Summery colour, the truth is quite different. It’s a sheer pink that gives you subtle healthy rosy cheeks, which in my opinion is the epitome of Wintery makeup. This small blush palette has different shades that combine perfectly to achieve a really natural yet radiant result. The lipstick it’s not so natural. In fact it’s a pretty bright red. It’s from the Clarins’ Rouge Eclat collection, which we discovered last Autumn. If you read this post, you’ll now that the shade Strawberry sorbet has become our absolute favourite. It’s ridiculously nourishing and  looks beautiful on the lips. Well, …


We’ve been collaborating with Antonio Bayona since 2012 and we always get super excited everytime their launch a new line. Today we can finally share with you their fabulous new collection. And oh it’s pretty! Tiny dainty handmade jewellery inspired by geometry. Disclaimer: after reading this post you will feel the urge to buy one of these pieces. Just saying. But scroll down to know how to get a 15% off ;)

AB: new season, new colours

You know we love the work of our friends at Antonio Bayona Jewellery. We have collaborated with them for almost two years (Wow! Time flies!) and we love how they have grown. Not every day we have the chance of witnessing the creative process of an exclusive brand that only produces handmade pieces! Today, we want to show you the new colourful pieces they have added to their collection. The days are longer, the temperatures are warmer and we are all longing for this new season! Even us, monochromatic all-black-sometimes-grey-or-navy girls, want to add some luminosity to our wardrobe. And this pieces are the perfect way to do so. Pops of colour to cheer up your looks. Besides, how gorgeous are those rings? Oh, and the bracelets are customizable: you can choose your favourite enamel colour and go all matchy-machy with your other AB pieces. The best part? Today you can get a 15% off in all AB pieces!!! Head to their shop and treat yourself! PS: If you prefer tiny delicate jewellery, they have …

Valentine’s Flash Sale!

Valentine’s day is getting closer and wether you are in a relationship o not, it can be complicated. But you know what? Any excuse is good when it comes to celebrate and look for a nice present. So…. Looking for a little somethin’ somethin’? Our lovely friends from Antonio Bayona Jewellery are willing to help all the lovers with good taste and all the girls who fancy a little treat this 14th of February! They are offering a very special flash sale with a 20% discount on selected items in all their collections, ONLY FOR 2 DAYS! The promotion will start on Monday 3rd February at 9:00am and go on until Tuesday 4th February at 9:00pm. I personally would love to be surprised with these rings! PS: Stay tuned for our Weekend Style Icon post this afternoon! It’s all about French chic!

Best of 2013

2013 has been a little bit difficult for us. But it has had fantastic moments too, of course. We’ve travelled a lot, we’ve started new exciting projects and we’ve been great together, that’s the most important thing of all! Here you have our 2013 in images. Grab someting to drink because this is going to be a loooong post!

AB BASICS: new new new!

Today we are really proud to introduce you to the new collection of ANTONIO BAYONA JEWELRY, AB Basics. After a great collection of statement pieces, they have created a new minimalistic line which finally includes earrings! These pieces can be wear on a daily basis adding the perfect touch to your everyday looks. All designs are based on the geometric silhouettes of Antonio Bayona’s logo. Do you want to have a look? They are pretty amazing! Besides, there is a surprise for you at the end of this post…

Weekend style icons: Julia

We’ve just discovered Julia thanks to Alba, the designer of our beloved AB Jewellery, and it’s been love at first sight. And by just I mean yesterday! Alba announced on her Facebook that she was meeting her and we got super curious. Alba is one of our references when it comes to trend spotting so we had the feeling we will love Julia’s blog. And we did! We’ve been browsing Stylonylon all morning and we thought we absolutely have to share it with you. In a few hours she’s become one of our favorite bloggers ever! She is a photographer, writer and pretty much everything what we would love to be.  

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! We hope you are enjoying the holidays with your family and friends! That’s what we are doing and planning to do in the following days, so we have decided to take a little break from blogging. Anyway, we will keep you updated on Twitter and Instagram! Lots of love from our family to yours! We wish you the best of times surrounded by your loved ones. PS: see you next week! And remember that you can get a 5% off in the most fantastic pieces of the AB jewelery line until Monday with the code TSP2013! Image via Julep