The slow pace

Thinking about Christmas presents?

So, have you thought about Christmas presents or do you leave them for a little bit of last minute paranoia fun? We usually gravitate towards the latter, but this year we’ve been very good and we’ve already bought a few gifts for friends and family.  Thanks, Black Friday deals. But do you know what we would never choose as a present? A perfume.  It’s something so personal, however just in the UK 49% of all perfume sales take place in November and December. Perfumes are a very popular Christmas present but we still don’t know how you can get the scent right, even for someone you love and know very well… Maybe the fact that one out of two commercials during the months of November and December is dedicated to some kind of perfume has something to do with that huge increase in sales? By the way, we love how brands tie perfumes to ideals and types of people. It’s fascinating. I could never be a Dolce & Gabbana perfume girl, because I will never identify myself with such sexyness, but I love Jo Malone aesthetic because it’s smart, a little bit serious, neutral and for some people quite boring. See? For me that’s Dolce & Gabanna 0, Jo Malone 10. I will never see myself as a hot woman that can turn heads around, but I can definitely see myself as a serious, a little bit boring but still smart person.

But, in case you are one of those “Uhm, I’ll buy her a perfume” kind of people, here you have a couple of ideas from two very, very, very picky noses. This is our very own Jo Malone collection.

First, our latest purchase: the basil and neroli cologne. Well, this is STRONG in our standards but it’s very nice when used cautiously. This is not the perfume we will wear during a flight, for instance, but it smells fresh and a little bit manly and it’s amazing when layered over one of my personal favourites, the wood sage and sea salt cologne.

This scent is like a warm, huge knit in a crispy Autumn windy day by the sea.  It’s fresh, feels cosy and the sea salt notes make my nose itch in a nice way, if that makes sense. We reach for this pretty bottle mostly in Autumn / Winter season but it smells wonderful all year around.


This limited edition fragrance, the leather and artemisia cologne, could be borrowed from the men section but we do love masculine scents, so it can’ be nicer for us. It does smell like leather and since the artemisia combines perfectly with sage, it layers wonderfully with the wood sage and sea salt perfume. It adds a little bit of freshness to the rich scent of the leather. When used on its own is comforting and spicy and rich, but it’s not overwhelming. It’s just so very nice.

And, finally, the best fragrance, the one we can’t never get tired of, the I just need another bottle in case I finish the one I’m using scent, the queen of them all: the nectarine blossom and honey cologne. Light, fresh a little bit floral, not overly sweet, with just the right amount of spicy notes. Wonderful. Oh, boy we love this fragrance.

So, if you dare to choose a perfume as a present, here you have our favourite picks. But beware that the success ratio is usually very low. Just saying. In fact, forget family and friends. Pick one for yourself and choose a pair of socks for them…. or maybe opt for the only gift we  recommended last year?