The slow pace

Copenhagen: our 10 favourites

Now that we are putting the finishing touches in our next trip, here you have the last post about our recent stay in Copenhagen. These are the 10 things that we recommend every time someone asks about tips on this gorgeous city. Our musts. Our favourites.

1. Tea and/or coffee at Cafe Norden. We’ve mentioned this gorgeous café several times and that’s because it’s cosy, cosmopolitan and has a gorgeous understated fashionable clientele that makes it perfect to people watch. Besides, their coffee, ginger and lemon tea and chai latte are delicious. And their cinnamon buns won our personal “best cinnamon bun in CPH” contest. The location is perfect, central and just in front of the luxurious department store Illum.


2. Walk by the water: whether the weather is sunny and bright or grey and foggy, a walk along the water is mandatory. There’s nothing as relaxing as a slow walk along the canals and the inner bay. We’ve been going to CPH frequently for the past 5 years and this area has improved a lot, offering lots of leisure, gastronomic and cultural possibilities.

3. Breakfast at Atelier September: there’s simply no best place in town for a quiet, slow-paced breakfast. It’s been our favourite since 2015, you can read our review here. The atmosphere is fantastic. It has the coolest clientele but you will always feel welcome and comfortable. It’s simply a happy place.

4. Bakery hopping: if you follow us on Instagram, you’d follow along our very “best cinnamon bun in CPH” contest, which winner we’ve mentioned at the top of this post. If you visit CPH you have to forget about all those carbs nonsenses and try every pastry that comes along.


5. Chase façades: most of Copenhagen façades are colourful in a subtle and adorable way. If you love photography chances are that you can’t put your camera away. But if you just appreciate beauty you won’t be able to look down. Get lost in all the alleys because you will find the most beautiful urban landscapes. Beware of the bikes, though!

6. Geist: our favourite restaurant in the world. It’s always surprising, delicious and as soon as we cross its door it puts us in a good mood. Their work with vegetables is outstanding and they serve our favourite dessert,which mixes wasabi with toffee and it’s the most delicious dessert we’ve ever eaten. Read our review here.

7. Parks and gardens: our two favourite parks in the city to take a deep breath and forget stress and problems are the Rosenborg castle gardens and the Library gardens. The first one is big and open and full of families and children and people running but still it’s calm and feels like a fairy tale. The second one is secluded and hidden in the heart of the city and maybe you come across the Royal family while enjoying this little gem of garden. Yes, that happened to us!


8. Get inspired by the beautiful, Nordic interiors: everywhere you go, shops, restaurants, markets not to mention museums and cultural centres, you will be overwhelmed by the gorgeous interiors and minimalistic yet special decor. Everything looks picture perfect, cosy and inviting. It’s impossible not to get inspired to play with decor when you go back home.


9. Christianhavn: this area full of small islands and charming canals has plenty of life but it also feels quiet at the same time. Home to the Copenhagen Street Food Market and the Copenhagen Opera House, Christianhavn hosts one of our favourite shops in CPH: the Ganni outlet!!! ;)


10. Coffee: Copenhagen is the city where we enjoy the best coffee. Our favourite place has to be Kent Kaffe Laboratorium, but the coffee culture is so important and well established here that you can find a pretty nice cup of jo everywhere you go. Just grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the moment.

Copenhagen is a city that needs to be savoured in small, lazy sips!