The slow pace

A walk in Norrebro

Everytime we go back to Copenhagen we discover something new. As chiclé as it sounds, there are so many beautiful charming little streets to discover. During our last visit to the happiest city in the world we spent a fair amount of time walking and discovering the most delightfully cool side streets, due in part to the amazing weather we were lucky to enjoy.  One day, armed with comfy sneakers and wrapped in our coats we headed to Norrebro, where we found the hippest street of Copenhagen.

Norrebro is quite a big area and even though some guides say that it’s not walking distance from the city center, we did walk from Indre By, the central area where we were staying, to Norrebro. The truth is that walking in Copenhagen is a pleasure: the sweet colours of the façades, the beautiful architecture and the wonderful people watching make any walk truly entertaining. Just beware of the cyclists, the real queens and kings of the city! After a nice cup of coffee in Toverhallerne Market, we walked along Norrebrogade where we found a surprisingly multicultural atmosphere. Sari shops, Mexican restaurants, people of every race and nationality… The area shows a remarkably different character to other neighbourhoods in Copenhagen.

Once we got to the Assistens Kirkegard Cemetery we turn left to enjoy the peace and quiet of this green space which was full of mums with kids, people walking dogs and other happy family images that you certainly won’t see in a Mediterranean cemetery, so different from the ones you can find in the North of Europe. The green avenues were slowly turning ochre for the new season so we really enjoyed the walk.

We left this singular graveyard behind and headed to Jaegersborggade, a small residential street that has become one of the most fashionable places to see and be seen in Copenhagen. This quiet street hosts exquisite shops, art galleries, cafes and restaurants. The buildings have the characteristic symmetry and colours of Copenhagen and here you can find the most stylish locals buying cacti, organic produce and sipping freshly roasted coffee.

Some of the most famous foodie addresses of Copenhagen are here to be found: the Michelin-starred restaurant Relæ, the famous Coffee Collective, the trendy porridge cafe Grod, or Istid, where you can try fresh organic ice cream made with liquid nitrogen.

After a stroll along this inspirational and aspirational street which looks right of a cool Pinterest board, we made our way to the city center again, walking along Horsholmsgade and crossing the beautiful lakes.

Even though this area might not be found in your average Copenhagen guide, it truly deserves a visit. It’s different but it has that peaceful, pastel coloured, imperfect, perfect charm that makes Copenhagen, Copenhagen.