The slow pace

Harbour coffee

Even though we enjoy terrible weather during the whole year, the start of this new seasons makes us longing for proper cold mornings and rainy afternoons in little cafés. Cue Harbour Coffee.

The older we get, the more we love coffee. And since we live in one of the European capitals of coffee (Did you know that decaf coffee was invented in Bremen?) you might think we’ve drunk the most amazing coffee during the past six years. But the truth is that we’ve suffered terrible cups of dirty water called coffee. However, there’s a new and improved food and coffee scene in Bremen and one of our favourite new places is this tiny cafe, Harbour coffee.

Located in a side street where you can find lots of interior design shops (a stop in HAY after coffee is a must), this black and white, minimal, maritime inspired, cute cafe has been a surprise for all of us who love a great cup of coffee. The flat white is the best in town and the latte macchiato, a German favourite, feels like a warm socks after a rainy day out. They also serve fantastic cinnamon buns with sweet cheese frosting, flaky croissants and bio ice cream. This is the cool area of Bremen, so of course there has to be a “bio” somewhere. Cool Germans live for their “bio” produce/living/I swear I’ve seen “bio” bikes.

But we have to admit that they had us at horchata. Yes, they serve horchata too! Our childhood Summer drink of choice is now available in cold, wet, windy Bremen. You won’t see us horchata in hand in the next months, but we sure will be looking for shelter in this pretty cafe this Autumn!

And now, excuse us, we are going to grab our second cup of jo of the day…