The slow pace

Moodboard: Sardinia

Do you remember this post about travel FOMO, coming back to the same places over and over again and not being able to visit Maldives like a 20 year old Instagrammer? Well, we create these moodboards to encourage us to travel more and explore new destinations. And this time we almost made this moodboard came true before we even published it! Last month we spent a few lovely days under the sun in Ibiza (slow-paced weekend guide to Ibiza coming soon!) but the first destination we had in mind was Sardinia. The fact that it was almost impossible for us to get there without spending less than 12 hours travelling was crucial. So we went back to Ibiza, which we love. But we still want to visit Sardinia, specially the North of the island.

Let’s call these moodboards our aspirational motivation. That includes posing like an influencer with a towell glamorously wrapped around our heads at the beach, yes. Because how can you get a nice picture at the beach in real life? Respect for all the people who take gorgeous pictures without hair all over the face, a weird sunscreen stain in the most ackward place or an old man photobombing in his neon speedo. Because that’s how we look in all our beach pictures. But I digress! Let’s focus on Sardinia. Have you ever been? Any tips in case we finally make it? And, ehem… any tips on how to look good in pictures at the beach without looking like a croquette?