The slow pace

Travel FOMO

Last month we spent our Easter holidays in Copenhagen. We love Copenhagen, in fact our first slow-paced weekend guide was dedicated to this delightful city. We rented an Airbnb and we ate in our favourite resturants, we took long walks in our favourite parks and we went back to our favourite pastel coloured streets. We had a fantastic time! It was our 13th visit Copenhagen.


Fast forward one month. We are planning a few leisure days on the beach, trying to decide on the destination. Sardinia is high up in our bucket list, Santorini has been under our radar for a couple of years as well, Maldives sounds like paradise… but finally we choose to go back to Ibiza.

What can we say? We love what we love. However, there’s always that question: Should we explore new places or should we come back to the destinations we already know and love? We have to choose: we are normal people and we don’t live in a perpetual vacation. Besides, do you know how much a trip to Maldives cost? I looked it up because, judging by Instagram, everyone and her mother has already been there so I thought it had to be pretty affordable. Turns out, it isn’t. I don’t know how people do it. Are we missing some kind of secret about travelling?


Back to our travel planning. We have to admit that deep down we suffer from travel FOMO. Even more when it comes to blogging. Inevitably, every time we travel we think about the content of the blog and we always fear that another post about Copenhagen or Seville won’t be interesting for our readers (hi, readers!!!!)  but at the same time, we want to stay true to ourselves and to our lifestyle. We have corporate jobs, we are expats, hence half our holidays involve travelling back to Spain to visit family and friends… again, we are normal people. We love blogging and while we always think about new interesting content, we don’t travel to get the perfect Instagram shot or to attract more readers. However, we are humans and everytime we see a fellow blogger checking a new country out of his or her bucket list we wonder: should we be more adventurous?


But, let’s be honest: now that everyone seems to be living out of a suitcase and a trip to Maldives is the equivalent of a weekend getaway… who doesn’t suffer from travel FOMO? We surely do. But, have you seen a sunset in a small cove in Ibiza? Have you spent a sunny morning having a delicious breakfast in Atelier September in Copenhagen? Have you felt the joy of flying back to your country and hug your mum after a few months apart? Have you seen the impressive Dolomiti Mountains in Cortina d’Ampezzo? Then you will understand why we forget our travel FOMO and go back to our favourite places again and again!