The slow pace

My hair journey. Seriously.

So in this post I’m going to share with you my hair journey and my latest hair tragedy. Because, honestly: is there anything more important than beautiful hair? I don’t think so.

I have to admit that I’m really obsessed with hair. I have a thing for smooth, caramel coloured manes. I know people that go crazy for pointy brows, shiny mani pedis or flawless skin. But hair is my jam. It might be because my hair has a history of looking like a mop, being curly when I wanted it straight, and straight when I wanted it curly. Humidity is to my hair what the sinister creatures inside the paralell world are to Eleven. It scares me like hell, but it also makes me fight back. And what do I use to fight back? Everything! No weapon is enough!  I will win this war! (Insert hair flip, obviously)

It all started thousands of years ago, when I was a teenager and the world worked without Internet. Just as inexplicably, my hair somehow worked without straighteners. However, I used to look like a mushroom most of the time, but… you know, the 90’s were difficult and humanity in general (except Cindy Crawford) looked quite poorly.  But time passed by and I met a wonderful hairdresser that did my hair beautifully. She was so very modern, she had been in Japan a few times and she even got married in Las Vegas. The definition of cool. During those years I reluctantly tried the most subtle highlights to cover my first grey hairs, went from cute short hair à la Amélie to a beautiful cut in gorgeous layers and lived happily working with what I got: slightly frizzy hair but still manageable. Then the real struggle began. When I moved to the perennial mix betweeen freezer and washing maschine that is Germany my hair basically went on strike. The poor thing was depressed because we had to leave our wonderful hairdresser in Madrid, my Vitamin D levels plummeted and all the worries made it almost completely grey. Drama.

I suffered from a severe case of Idon’tfindtherighthairdresserohGodhelpme. Then I went from fried blonde to shitty brunette, without forgetting a terrible carrot orange phase. Every time I went back to Spain I used to have this Keratin treatment done that was amazing… until it turned out hazardous for the hairdresser that applied it and just like that, my hair was sad and messy again. Hopeless.

Bear in mind that during all this time my hair was Pocahontas long because a couple of hairdressers in Germany told me that my face was so, so fat that shorter hair will never suit me. Happy times. But one day, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, I mean, hair salon. A really petite woman  was substituting my always angry hairdresser. She was very nice to me, she talked a lot (something quite strange in Germany compared to the usual chatterbox that a hairdresser in Spain is, something I love and miss terribly) and she suggested highlights, a nice shade of bronde and face contouring. Was I dreaming? Was this a Huda Beauty surprise Instagram video? I shily asked if I could try shorter hair…. and I left the salon with the most adorable bob!

She also recommended me Olaplex. And this is when my hair journey gets interesting, fun and smooth as silk. Oh, Olaplex. You beauty. This treatment has made my hair look less like a mop and more like a smooth, golden curtain. If you have damaged hair, frizzy hair or just coloured hair and you care about the health of your mane you have to try this treatment. It will make your life better, because nice hair makes everything better. Just like red lips or chocolate.

And talking about health… Vitamin D, guys. There’s nothing like Vitamin D to go from Cindy Lauper ‘s Girls just wanna have fun and no split ends to Julia Roberts’ Pretty Woman without a wig. I started taking my Vitamin D and even my amazing hairdresser noticed the change. Because even though two liters of water and 8 hours of sleep do wonders for it girls, I need medical help.

Last but not least: Moroccan Oil. I started applying a little bit to the midsection and specially the ends of my towel dry hair. Then I style it and then it swishes everythime I turn around to fall in slow motion afterwards. I feel like a Pantene girl. I can’t recommed this great oil enough. It was very famous a few years ago, but now nobody talks about it. I don’t know why because it’s amazing.

So now that my hair journey has turned from backpacking in Europe to vacations in the Maldives mode… My hairdresser gets pregnant. And she will be a whole year in medical leave. I got her flowers and all, but… a whole year without her???? Tragedy. So here I am, looking at my (at least for now) gorgeous mane (if I may say so myself) and wondering what will happen. Will I look like a mushroom again? After all, 90’s trends are back, aren’t they? Will my hair turn orange, purple or even blue? And before you ask, leaving my grey hairs au naturel is not an option. Even my hairdresser has told me not to do so: Apparently it looks fantastic in those young girls that want to look edgy, but if your hair is naturally grey, you are over 35 and your bone structure is average(ly chubby), chances are you will look like Mrs. Doubtfire.

I still have my lightsabers: my straighteners and my curling wand. I have stocked up on Moroccan Oil, I have Vitamin D prescriptions to last until June and I know where to find Olaplex. I think I’m prepared. But boy will I miss my hairdresser this next year. I have my last appointment with her in a couple of weeks. From that moment on, it will be a bumpy ride again. But I have experience now. I might not be able to let my grey hairs show, but the wisdom is within me! No more frizz! No more tyrant hairdressers that make me go Pocahontas again! The journey continues but this time, I’ll be driving!

Images via our Pinterest moodboard dedicated to hair. Follow along if hair is your jam too!