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Beauty basics

Even though we love discovering new beauty products, there are a bunch of items that we’ve been using for years. We are extremely loyal to them and while we love watching You Tube videos or Instagram mini-tutorials about fascinating, new beauty launches, the truth is that we always go back to our basics. In fact, we bet that every woman has her beauty basics, those no one talks about, those products that aren’t fancy but give her that special scent that identifies her, that beautiful shine in her hair or the softness of her skin. Those little things that make us… us.

In my case, that’s the Irresistibly Smooth Nivea body lotion, the light blue one as I always call it. It has changed its name and packing during the last few years but the lotions is always the same: lighter than the original Nivea body lotion and softer, with a warmer scent. In fact, that’s the scent most people identifies me with. It’s great for dry skin and its non greasy formula makes it fantastic for those mornings where you just have a few minutes to get ready. You can get dressed right after applying it. It’s the only body lotion I use (apart from those few weeks when I think about Summer and I use this). To sum up: I can’t live without it (I probably could, but my skin will feel definitely worse).

And since Nivea is a German brand, we’ve been using more of their products during the last years. One of our favourites and the only one that has always a place in our shower is the Creme Care shower gel. Oddly enough, here we prefer the classic version, the dark blue one. It leaves your skin soft and, again, it smells amazing.  We’ve tried the fancy mousse and other cool interpretations, but this one works better for us.

Before you start wondering if this is a sponsored post, let’s talk about other brands. When it comes to cleaning our faces, there are two products that we always use: the Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with Shea Butter in the mornings and the Avene Micellar Lotion at nights to remove makeup (though we sometime use this if we are wearing lots of makeup or the day has been pretty messy). We have a very special relationship with the Clarins Cleanser because we start using it during our honeymoon and even today, when I wash my face every morning with my eyes closed (obviously),  the scent takes me to the small bathroom of our hotel room in Ravello and I can listen to the sea through the window, I feel relaxed and happy. Besides, it’s the only cleanser that doesn’t leave our skin tight like sandpaper. We can change our face skin care, but this cleanser never changes.

And last, but not least, our trustworthy hand cream: Excipial Repair Sensitive.  As you might have noticed we have extremely dry skin and this cold weather doesn’t help, so when our dermatologist recommended this hand cream we bought it reluctantly, thinking it was just another sticky, useless hand cream. But we were wrong. It’s a little bit sticky, yes, but just for a minute. Then it sets and protects your hands like iron gloves. We use it twice: in the mornings, before heading out the door, and just before going to sleep. So if you are looking for a hand cream that really works, try this one.

Now it’s your turn: which are your beauty basics? Those little touches that make you feel better? We know you are there, because we see you in our stats, don’t be shy and let us your comment below!