The slow pace

Moodboard: Tallinn

We probably shouldn’t say this, since this is (partially) a travel blog, but this year doesn’t look very promising travel-wise. You can say that life has gotten in the way of our exploring plans and we are in a travel limbo. We hope we can squeeze some weekend getaways in our schedule, though.

The main problem that we face when planning weekends away is transport. Since there are not many direct flights available from/to our city, the possibilities for a quick weekend away are very limited. And before you ask us: what about trains? No, German trains are not an option. We love travelling by train as long as it’s not German.

So when you have just a few destinations to choose from, you start thinking about places you’d never thought of before. Like Tallinn, for instance. And since there is a direct flight to Tallinn that makes a Friday to Sunday trip possible, we are seriously considering give it a go this Spring.

Have you ever visited Tallinn? If you have, tips and recommendations are welcome! We have seen a few nice accommodation options like the Three Sisters hotel, The Telegraaf hotel or the picturesque Villa Hortensia and we’ve been surprised by the beautiful images we’ve come across of Tallinn’s old town. We’ve read that there is this cafe, Maiasmokk, that has been opened since 1864 so that is in our list. And so is a dinner at Sfaar and drinks at Butterfly Lounge. And apart from visiting the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and walk along the Town Wall, we sure would like to take a bunch of pictures of St. Catherine’s passage. And did you know the Estonian’s parliament building is painted in a beautiful shade of pink? In general, the city seems the perfect setting for a Wes Anderson film!

We’ve seen there’s a Estonian food festival and also a flower festival in May, so that might be a good moment to travel to Tallinn… but will we be able to survive such a long time without one of our beloved slow -paced weekends away?