The slow pace

Only You Boutique Hotel, Madrid

Could this be the most beautiful hotel we’ve ever been to???

Possibly, it could be. The first thing that caught our attention when we arrived at Only You was the fabulous décor designed by the talented Lázaro Rosa Violán. Every space, every room, every corner was full of surprising details, the kind that made us gasp and wonder if we could adapt the style of our home to make it look like this hotel.

From the moment we were greeted by the charming doorman, escorted by two wonderful white and blue vases that set the tone of what was waiting for us inside, to the nostalgic goodbye from your taxi as we saw the building disappear behind us, our stay was flawless. The hotel is a traditional Madrid palace wrapped in the most beautiful, colorful paper. The content, however, is as charming as the looks, since the staff was fantastic and the services outstanding.  Fresh white and blue hues get along with warm shades, different ambiances, a tad eccentric at times, classic and formal at others… There was a surprise behind every door. A wonderful surprise, that is.

After a welcoming check-in, we headed to our room to rest. We were up since 4 a.m. so we felt terribly grateful when we arrived shortly before noon and the room was ready for us. Another surprise: the elevators are covered in all kinds of books, which guarantees fun elevator rides trying to guess how many of those books the guests have read. Following the softest carpet, we arrived to our room. Stylish as it could be, with a manly vibe that felt elegant, calm and clean, the room was perfect. The art on the walls, the beautiful textures (that dark blue headboard!), the two balconies with lovely views, the white and black bathroom, the Hierbas de Ibiza amenities, the giraffe print bathrobes, the fun complementary slippers…  Again, surprises, surprises. However, being as vane as I am, I have to admit I felt touched when I saw the straighteners in the bathroom. We just couldn’t ask for more.

We had two days planned with lots of meetings and appointments, but Only You proved to be the perfect headquarters. Located in the heart of the city, its proximity to the best shops (Salesas area), the Museum triangle and the liveliest streets makes it perfect for every plan you might have if you visit the city. To be honest, we tried to go back to the hotel as much as we could, since we felt terribly bad for not enjoying their premises more.

The delicious á la carte breakfast deserves a chapter on its own. Four different options always accompanied by a gourmet table with the best Spanish cold meats to bright up your mornings in a beautiful inner courtyard. We both chose the healthy breakfast: yogurt with granola, fresh fruits, turkey, whole wheat bread… and a wonderful coffee served in a big mug. A mug! We loved it.  It’s in the small details…  We love our good coffee in the mornings, so we usually find those little hotel coffee cups that you have to refill again and again quite annoying. So coffee and breakfast lovers: you are in for a treat.

Of course, the hotel offers different catering options: the fancy Only You restaurant, with a delightful, almost hidden terrace,  and the temperamental El padrino wine bar, where you can have the most stylish afterwork Italian aperitivo on Tuesdays. Sadly we didn’t get to eat in any of them, but on the second night, when we were just too exhausted to even think about leaving the room (seven hours of sleep in two days!), we ordered room service. And what a service! Two scrumptious sadwiches, the most creamy croquetas and complementary homemade candy that was absolutely delicious. Easy, lazy food perfect to enjoy in the bed while watching a film.  So whether you want a formal, elegant dinner or a naughty snack in your room, the hotel has you covered with the best quality food.

We sincerely hope Only You Boutique Hotel won’t change because it epitomizes the importance of detail. It feels exclusive without being too pretentious and it has a strong character. We would say that we will return the next time we are in Madrid, but we are intrigued to discover what its baby brother, Only You Atocha, which will open its door in the next months has to offer! Hopefully we will be staying there at Christmas, so we will report back. However, we find almost impossible for Only You Atocha to surpass the incredible experience that we had at Only You Boutique Hotel!