The slow pace

Homeslice, London

Today we go back to London for a slice of pizza, and what a pizza! 
Located in the colourful Neal’s Yard, the heart of Seven Dials, Homeslice is the place to go when you have pizza cravings, a group of friends and 20 pounds. The concept is simple: 20″ pizzas for 20 pounds, a blackboard with the toppings of choice and a cosy, relaxed and fun atmosphere.
Covent Garden is one of our favourite areas in London and now that it has became the destination of so many beauty brands, even more. So after spending a fair amount of time in the new Charlotte Tilbury shop and strolling around the market, we were terribly hungry and wanted something naughty. After all, it was a girls day out and there’s nothing better than pizza to celebrate.When we arrived we were told that we had to wait about 20 minutes to be seated but the delicious smell – that wonderful mix of freshly baked dough, oregano and melted cheese-, made us agree and wait patienly (after all there was a Benefit shop 20 meters away and there’s always Instagram…) However, five minutes later we got the call and a very nice waitress led us to our table.
The options were just a few but all of them extremely tempting. Since you can split your pizza 50/50 we opted of a traditional salami, rocket and parmesan topping and a more adventurous mushroom, ricotta, pumpkin seeds and chilli topping. A few minutes after there we were, stuffing our face with pizza, eating with our hands (no cutlery was offered, no cutlery was needed) and laughing like little kids. Pizza party mode on!Both toppings were amazing, but the traditional salami, rocket and parmesan won our stomachs! The other one was a little bit too sweet for us, but we ate it all, though. It was very nice, maybe not as authentic as the other option. However, we have to come back to try the caramelised onions, calamata olives and anchovy pizza. It sounds out of this world!

Next time you are in the area or even if you are not but you want a really good pizza (the dough, which is always the tricky part, was perfect) don’t hesitate and pay a visit to Homeslice! There’s always an intimidating queue but it will be woth the wait!