Year: 2015

Moodboard: Orient express

Today is Friday, the weather is crispy and there is a beautiful, faded sunlight that shines through the fog. Work has been hard this week but we’ve had great results and I’ve been able to balance all the crazynes with my French lessons. So after a couple of hard months, things are looking up. Besides, we are planning a little trip before Christmas so we are really excited. Our first thought was something like this, in fact one of the first posts of the blog, back in 2012, was about that fantastic resort. We were dreaming about a white Christmas, hot chocolate and soft blankets. But then we thought about other possibilities: what about a romantic train adventure? That’s when we remembered the most fabulous of them all, the Orient Express. This train has always been part of my travel phantasies: when I was a child I would see my mum reading old Agatha Christie novels and she would tell me about the misterious Orient Express, how sophisticated and elegant it was. Then it was …

Mauve eyes

I’ve been loving mauve shades lately. They are neutral, they pair beautifully with brown eyes and they feel so Autumny. From the lighter shades to the depeest berry, I think they are just what you need for everyday looks. Oddly enough and just for once, my favorite products are from the drugstore. So I thought that we should celebrate the fact that you don’t have to spend much to get these gorgeous colour combinations! The Bourjois ColorBand duo that you can see in the picture is my go-to for Mondays,when I just can’t be bothered to use any brush. I apply them directly and blend with my fingers afterwards: Rose Fauviste for the upper lid and Mauve Baroque for the crease. They are waterproof and stay put the whole day. As I said, perfect for Mondays. Then we have another fantastic and longlasting shade from Bourjois’ Color Edition range: Petale the Glace, a light and a little bit shimmery mauve. The texture is fantastic, it goes from cream to powder, so it makes a great …

Autumn breakfast

This year I’ve received lots of presents for my birthday (I’m a lucky girl!) and one of them was this amazing cookbook. Breakfast is my favourite meal so I was more than happy to have in my hands a whole book dedicated to it! This delicious and healthy (-ish) recipe was the first one we tried but I can guarantee you it’s not going to be the last one!

Copenhagen cruise

Copenhagen is a wonderful city that never cease to amaze us. Every time we’ve visited the Danish capital we’ve discovered new corners, restaurants, shops and things to do. A couple of weeks ago we got up early, wrapped up and headed to Nyhavn to board in a little cruise that showed us a majestic Copenhagen that we’d never seen before. 

Cock’s and Cows

Do you remember when we visited Copenhagen back in May? We stayed at the wonderful SP34 hotel. We had a great time but we didn’t get the chance of trying the award-winning burgers of the restaurant located in the hotel, Cock’s and Cows. Finally, a couple of weeks ago during our last holidays in Copenhagen, we had lunch in the first Cock’s and Cows that opened its doors in Copenhagen. Their success was so big that they have now opened two more branches in the city (one of them placed in the aforementioned SP34 hotel and the other one located in Osterbro district). We wanted to see where everything started, so one windy, cold Friday we took shelter in this cool restaurant and finally tried its burgers. Of course we took some pictures, if you’d like to see…

Tivoli, Copenhagen

Even though we have visited Copenhagen several times we never had the chance to spend a joyful day at Tivoli Gardens, the amusement park that has been there to make every adult and child in Copenhagen happy since 1843. During a few hours we were amazed by a wonderful little world of fantasy hidden in the center of the city. Here you have a few pictures of our the afternoon when we felt like childs again…

Oven baked fries

Autumn is the best season for comfort food. These first cold days are perfect for curling up in the sofa with a soft blanket, a good book or a good film and… something yummy, comforting and carb loaded, because if it has no carbs, it isn’t comfort food. Those first afternoons under the blanket and those first warm succulent bites are particularly nice now, mostly because they feel distinct and original, just like the smell of brand new books in September. This season this is our go to recipe when we feel peckish and we are in front of the tv or a good book. It can also be a great side dish for your Autumn meals and, even though they are the epitome of extra comforting, these fries are a little bit healthier than your average fries because they are not fried. They are baked!

Moodboard: York

We’ve just back from our holidays in Copenhagen and we can’t help but thinking about packing our bags and going somewhere else. Severe case of Wanderlust… And since Autumn is my favourite season I can think of million places where I would love to see the changing colours of the trees. One place that is very close to our hearts and that, for some reason, hasn’t been on the blog yet is York. We met in this magnificent city and we’ve never came back since then.

Almanak, Copenhagen

We are back from Copenhagen, where we have spent the most amazing ten days. We’ve had wonderful walks by the water, we’ve discovered new corners, we’ve been inspired by the always beautiful Danish design and we’ve eaten fantastic food, for Copenhagen is home of some of our favourites restaurants. And this one in particular, Almanak, was one of the highlights of our trip.