The slow pace

Southbank Centre market, London

We would love to tell you that we had planned a visit to this little market because we know all the best food markets in London, but the truth is that we stumbled upon its lovely colourful stalls during a random walk. But aren’t these surprising findings the best moments while travelling?

The Southbank Centre has launched this little food market where you can eat just about every kind of street food you can imagine. From burgers to bratwurst, from crepes to samosas, almost every country is represented by its best street food. The atmosphere is quite laid back and you can see all types of people enjoying their food while the London Eye witnesses the feast with envy. Of course, there are tourists… this is London! But I’m sure all the people working in the area spend their coffee and lunch breaks savouring the world’s most famous treats on the wooden tables that are placed in the heart of the market.

We are sure that this Summer, the Southbank Center market will help lots of people to improvise scrumptious picnics by the river. Whether you want to satisfy your sweet tooth with a nice cup of cofee and a moist, intense brownie, or you want to devour a spicy paella and wash it down with a refreshing sangría, this market will have your cravings covered.

Small, simple and easy going. Find more information about the Southbank Center market here.